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Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I got for you guys is that we're going to talk about the Early Access download for season 1, early gameplay footage that I have for you guys in this article, as well as multiple other things to expect on the first and launch days of the Season 1 update.

I did upload a article earlier going over the operator crossover bundles, such as the two boys operator skins, two Dune bundles, some Tracer packs Ultra skins, as well as mastercrafts. All that will be down in the description. I've been uploading multiple articles, showcasing, and all these things over the last couple days, so if you missed those articles, I highly recommend you check them out.

Also, I did make a brand new YouTube channel for GTA news, so for those of you guys who plan on playing GTA, you saw that new trailer that dropped the other day.


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Season 1 early download & file size

Season 1 early download & file size

In the description, the season 1 update is going to be update 1.34. For PlayStation 4 and 5, the game size is going to go from 55.4 GB, which is the last update, to now 67.2. GB, and for PS5, it's going to go from 108.9 GB to now 129. So you can expect this update to range around 20 to 30 to even 40 gigabytes, so make sure you guys clear out that space.

It will vary depending on the platform that you are on, but usually seasonal updates are always massive, and especially with this one bringing in War Zone and all that new content that we've talked about, it's going to be a little bit bigger, so expect it to be around 40 to 50 gigabytes as of right now.

Unfortunately, this is only exclusive to PlayStation users. You usually get a couple hours before everyone else starts the download, and then you will need to wait for a playlist for this update to go live at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, which is the time that everyone else will have access to the update, and then you'll be able to do it the cool thing is.

Sometimes you are able to play offline, so you can try out the new maps. Try out the new weapons all in offline mode, but as of right now, it may end up being released at midnight the day of the update, or it could be just a couple hours before. I'm not exactly sure, but PlayStation has that exclusive, right where they get to download and update before it goes live, to give them a head start over.

Season 1 launch day new content

Season 1 launch day new content

Everyone else, but let's talk about everything that's going to be available on day one of this update. First off, it's going to be a brand new cut scene that will play; they sort of showed little snippets of it already, but it's going to be some sort of cut scene that's going to involve Nolan.

You'll get to see the storyline and side of things for this season, and then after that, you're going to be able to load into the lobby. Once you do, it's going to give you pop-up advertising and the brand new season 1 battle pass. If you have the Vault Edition, this is when the battle pass will be given to you and granted.

COD points or you can get black cell which will cost you $29.99. Other than that, you'll also have access to the brand new map, so here's a little bit of gameplay footage of them, but we have me as well as we have grease. These two are going to be available in the core 6v6 mode. I believe that's also going to be available on the first day, and along with that, there's the training facility map.

Season 1 warzone launch day content

Season 1 warzone launch day content

For those modes, you get the gunfight, and then you're also going to have all or nothing, and then after that, there's going to be brand new content that you're going to get for War Zone.

So for those of you guys playing War Zone right now, this is going to be the last day that you're going to get to play with that slow movement. Al M Your big map is the weapons that are only MW2. Weapons: everything is going to get changed tomorrow, and it's going to go live as soon as that update goes live, so from then on, you're going to be able to play the New Year EX stand map for at least 48 hours in the beginning, and then they'll bring back Ashika and Vondo for those of you guys who like those maps as well.

We'll also be able to start your grind to unlock the MW3 weapons to level up your progression. Remember, all your stats are going to be fully reset, including your KD ratio and your level from MW2. Any stats that you have like that are going to be fully reset, and they are going to start counting as soon as that season 1 update goes live and you jump into your first match and enter the war zone.

I've already discussed so many different changes that are going to be happening: the new features, the New Year's extend map for the new MW3, mechanics that are going to be available for you to utilize, but all that is covered in past articles, so I don't want to waste your time talking about that once again, but that's going to also be available.

How to unlock 3 new dlc weapons

How to unlock 3 new dlc weapons

The The next thing that you have access to are going to be the three brand new weapons, so you have the XRK stalker, the Storm Ender launcher, as well as the Ram 7 AR, and there's three different ways that you'll be able to get them. The first way is that you can grind out the battle pass and unlock those sectors, and you'll be able to get them that way.

If you ended up getting the Vault Edition and you got those 50-tier skips, you'll be able to get almost all of them automatically. If you didn't, but you know a friend who did what you could do—jumper into zombies—he can drop you the weapon. All you need to do is pick it up in zombies, fill it with it, and you will automatically unlock it.

The third option is going to cost you money, and that is going to be getting one of the new weapon bundles that will be available in the new store update. So we did talk about all the upcoming bundles, but there's going to be two that contain new weapons. The first one is going to be the beach boomman.

cod mw3 season 1

This is going to contain the XRK, stalker, and sniper rifles. You'll be able to get that, and it'll automatically be unlocked, so if you do like this bundle and you end up getting it, that's a way that you can get the sniper rifle. The second way is that you can get the Alib Bri operator bundle; that one will also feature a new weapon, and that's going to be for the RAM 7.

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