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I used the secret new AR in Moder Warfare 3, and I snuck into the new maps meat grease. Rio and I even played gunfights. Here's how a few weeks ago, I was scrolling through my email when I got a notification from Activision. the Activision, asking if I'd be down to go visit Sledgehammer's offices and test play the new season one update, which includes the new maps and modes from earlier as well as ranked play, a snaking Nerf, an SMG buff, and a brand new AR.

which is what y'all are seeing right here, the Ram 7, and this gun made many of your favorite streamers, legitimately. rage at after I dropped an EMP and a swarm, which are the two new kill streaks we'll talk about later, and before I talk about that, let's talk about the season 1 update. So here are my top five changes I'm excited to share with y'all coming to season 1, and before those Yes, I got sick on the plane ride back home, and yes, I need to go outside more.

best ram7 class

On this channel, ranked play is my primary focus, so number five is, of course, ranked play, which drops midseason. We don't know exactly when, but our best guess is mid-January. Call of Duty's tweeted out the new ranked play operators, which I'll show on screen right here, and the next couple of points we're going to be talking about are directly related to ranked play as well as modare 3 as a whole, but before we talk about snaking, we need to talk about these new maps that yall are seeing on screen right here, so I absolutely love me.

But the meat I'm showing you is way too small, so there probably won't be any in ranked play. However, the two other maps, Greece and Rio, seemed very promising for 6v6. And one of the things the developers talked about while we were in the studios was how it's much easier to control the spawn system in the new maps than the older ones.

Something about the maps being ported over in their style from Modern Warfare 2 makes the spawns more stuck and more predetermined. rather than them being able to build the maps based on a proper spawn system, especially for modes like hardpoint and control that we'll be playing in ranked, which has me very hopeful.


The fact that they even addressed the spawn system and knew that it wasn't ideal for hardpoint, of course, makes me hopeful that we might see some new 6v6 maps in the rotation for ranked play and competitive. Also, the fact that we're already seeing three new 6v6 maps is a huge plus given that the game just came out a month ago, so I have my fingers crossed that the pros will be able to test out these new maps and really give them a chance for competitiveness.

I'll throw some grease on the screen right here. The one thing that makes me a little bit iffy is all the water routes, but if we played Hydro for an entire year, it's definitely possible that Rio is the one that seems a lot more likely to me in terms of 6v6 hardpoint or 4v4 hardpoint, so we'll see what that looks like in the future before we get into update number four.

What I need to talk about is that Call of Duty finally addressed skill-based matchmaking. The exact quote is that they know there is a lot of interest in matchmaking and experience, especially around how skill contributes to how lobbies and matches are put together. They mentioned that matchmaking combines latency search time and SK, along with many other factors, to find the best match experience.

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Essentially what they've done, they say they haven't spent the time to pull together all of our work to share, so they're looking to do that in the coming weeks after season 1 launches. In my opinion, I feel like it's great that they're addressing it, but there's definitely a possibility that they address skill-bit matchmaking.

say how it works for them, and then nothing has changed, so in terms of the Call of Duty community as a whole, I'm not sure how much of a w that will be from a public match standpoint. Of course, I hope that they tone it down a little bit, but I definitely see the relevance of skill-based matchmaking when it comes to protecting newer players from the sweats.

Update number four, which I'm most excited about with the season 1 changes, is actually a snaking patch. One thing that they mentioned to us is that they want to fix snaking as an exploit or a means of continuously looking over cover, but they don't want to make you feel like you're in mud. What that looks like in the recent update, as I'll show on screen right here, is that the first two pumps of your snake are just like they would be normally.

modern warfare 3 season 1

however on about the third to fourth one you'll see that I stay on the ground a little bit longer than I'm used to and the inputs are a little bit weird getting back into the form of snaking, in my opinion I feel like it's a good start in the right direction but when I was using this in game at Sledgehammer.

Studios I didn't really notice too much of a difference in snaking, if I had to choose one side of the spectrum I guess I would rather feel more fluid in my movement than feel like I'm stuck in mud but I hope they come back to this and address snaking as an exploit a little bit more it won't be as much of a problem since the pros already G8 it but when we're talking competitive there's no way to properly enforce a snake anyways so it's very possible people could just keep snaking and get away with it but like I said long story short it's a good change a good step in the right direction, but I have a feeling in terms of the statistics.

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On Sledgehammer, they will probably see the same amount of snaking that they saw before, with the same amount of benefit as there was before. Update number three that I'm super excited about for season one is the SMG buff and the AR nerf. One of the questions that I asked the developers when they brought this up was: how exactly would they tackle a buff to the SMGs in a Nerf to the ARs?

Because, in my opinion, as much as it pains me to say this, the SMGs are still strong; it's just the maps that benefit the ARs, so if they're adding a bunch of 6v6 maps, for example, that is a lot smaller in close quarters. If they buff the SMGs and nerf the ARs, it's super possible that on the smaller maps It will be an entire team of submachine guns just because they're that much more powerful.

mw3 ram 7

Their response to me, which I believe I can talk about, is that they were mainly looking at the shared damage ranges of the two kinds of ARS, which are supposed to be good at long range and not as good at close range, and SMGs, which are supposed to be good at close range and not so good at long range.

From what they said to me, it seemed like they were looking in the middle ground to see what kind of benefit they could give either side to make those mid-range gunfights a little more 50/50. Instead of AR-dominated, we'll see what that looks like on these smaller maps, but I'm going to be very interested to see how exactly they tackle this in the season one update.

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