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So if you power up your Playstation, Xbox, or PC, whatever you play Moder Warfare 3, you'll probably see or have already seen that Modern Warfare 3 had a new title update, 1.39. Today we're breaking down the changes and what you need to know about Moder Warfare 3's newest update. But if you'd like to say something to do with all things Moder Warfare 3 War Zone and anything FPS-related, we got you covered.

Finally, make sure to check out my friends over at G Fuel for up to 30% off your entire order. But for now, let's dive into the new update of 1.39, Modern Warfare 3, and everything that has changed. Let's start out with the bigger items. Here for this update on weapon tuning, we saw a handful of weapons get adjusted, but the most substantial came in the way of an SMG and an LMG.

New weapon tuning in modern warfare 3 update 1.39

New weapon tuning in modern warfare 3 update 1.39

The striker 9 and the tack evolvere had lots of changes to the weapon, but let's list them in pros and cons because in the patch notes, they're kind of back and forth, but with the buffs, we saw an increase to the enemy name plate reveal distance, increasing by 15%. They decreased the hip-fire spread.

The recoil gun kick increases the bullet velocity and increases the maximum damage. Increase that near-to-medium damage and increase the maximum damage range now on the Nerf side of things, where they made it a little worse by increasing the horizontal recoil, increasing the vertical recoil, and decreasing the minimum damage.

They decrease the mid-damage range and decrease the near-to-medium-damage range. Also, there's a neutral element here where they added the ability to aim down sight while sliding, which I never really thought of and is kind of strange that it wasn't there, but it's now there overall, but in terms of the overall consensus of this update for the striker 9, it's almost reconstructed.

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The entire recoil pattern, which should in theory make it easier to control when firing, made that hip fire spread tighter, also allowing for further visibility with that bullet velocity, and also offered up some base adjustments that can be a bit of a help with that bullet velocity and damage adjustments, but on paper, it seems like this was a slight improvement to the weapon, but I don't think this will make this the overall number one SMG at this point, but it does make a viable case in terms of using it, so it definitely did get a viable buff here in regards to the overall weapon, now the tack evolver.

We again saw Buffs and Nerfs in this one in kind of large quantities, but the Buffs increased the movement speed and the maximum damage, increased the maximum damage range, increased the medium damage range, and increased the head damage multiplier, along with the neck, upper torso, upper arm, and lower armage damage multipliers.

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Now, based on all of that, you consider that this is a massive buff. Well, there's still one factor that does kind of alter how good an update to this weapon is. This is because in the Nerf Department, it decreased the rate of fire from 706 RPM to 500 RPM, a 29% decrease, and increased Target Flinch by 60%.

So the weapon itself expends nearly 30%, or less rounds per minute, and that is a significant Nerf. Now, it's weird because this got significant buffs but significant Nerfs. It's really good now for mid-range, but it makes the builds for that a little awkward, so, in terms of practicality, some people may love it and some people may not enjoy it, but it is absolutely an adjustment to the weapon that is absolutely noteworthy, but the 762 wasn't the only thing that was adjusted with the attack of Volvie.

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Conversely, they buffed a lot of the 556, and the conversions for the ammunition belts got adjusted to the point where, in the Buffs category, you had an increase to the movement speed added 40% hit fire reduction increased the a down sight time increased the aim down sight movement added a rate of fire benefit of 857.

RPM and increased the head neck and upper torso damage multipliers, while nerfing slightly the maximum damage and the medium damage. Now they describe the logic behind this, as their primary goal for these changes is to better differentiate between the two ammo types in the stack of The Volver 762 is a slow yet accurate longrange competitor, while conversely, the 5.56 favors aggression and it's built for more run and gun play styles, so the 762 rewards accuracy, seeing that increase in the target Flinch, allowing it to compete with sniper rifles at range, while the 5.56 sports a significantly faster rate of fire, and it's both easier to handle and consistent with location damage multipliers.

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So in that sense. I understand what they were going for, but again, in regards to practical use for this mid-range, it's going to be something that's a monster, but it might just feel a little awkward with some of the builds, so I haven't had time to personally jump in and test it out to see just how great, or maybe not how great, it is, but right now, at least.

I know that it's at least worth investigating. Into some of your builds now, we also saw additional weapon tuning in the Jack Tyrant 762 kit for the Longbow, where that decreased the aimed on sight time, increased the aim down sight movement, and added 30% hitfire reduction, so Buffs to that as well, and the wsp Stinger saw Buffs and Nerf the handgun, where the Buffs decreased the horizontal recoil and increased the maximum damage.

increase the near-medium damage, increase the medium damage, and increase the minimum damage while nerfing. The recoil gun kick and vertical recoil, the no stock attachment overall, also had a removed hit-fire cross-air sway. From what was on offer, all weapons utilizing the no stock attachment will now see that applied to their in-game benefits, but that's the weapon tuning. Some interesting choices here with this, some stuff that is again smaller in scale but also still some that have larger implications.

The first time cod has ever done this.

The first time cod has ever done this.

Beyond weapon tuning, though, there were a handful of adjustments and fixes that went out that made for some interesting notes. The first one was one that, to my knowledge, has never been done before in the entire franchise history: the loadout drop field upgrade.

It's been permanently removed from multiplayer. Sledgehammer explained that it was due to its limited use and often being utilized to reach exploitable locations, that it's no longer available in multiplayer, and that it's not just a temporary thing again; this is permanently removed from multiplayer.

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