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Mw3 vi.rus event content update revealed

Mw3 vi.rus event content update revealed

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over the new virus Mainframe Vortex event. I have early gameplay footage of the brand new operator bundles, one of which is the Mainframe operator skin, which also got an early showcase. A huge shout out to Matt Sweding for becoming a brand new member of the channel.

New triple 2xp weekend event

Let's go ahead, Let's jump into it now. Before we talk about the main event itself, there is a smaller one that actually goes live today for those of you guys who are on PlayStation. Double XP is now live for the next 24 hours, but then for everyone else, so if you're on PC or Xbox, including Playstation, you'll have double XP for pretty much everything, weapon battle pass and regular, and that's going to be going live tomorrow at 10 a.

M pacific Standard Time lasts until the weekend, and I believe that usually ends around Monday at 10:00 a. M pacific Standard time Unfortunately, this is not going to help you with the virus Mainframe XP event. Regardless, this is a good event for the weekend if you want to level up your weapons or just get to that maximum level cap to unlock that free blueprint.

New weekly playlist update

New weekly playlist update

We also received a brand new playlist update today, and that brought in a high trip. Resurgence in quads rebirth rank play in trio plunder and quads of years ex Stand Battle Royale in solos Duos, trios, and quads, and revival in solos Duos and quads with trios in the map rotation—that's pretty much the only difference this week—is the trios map rotation, anyway.

Vortex vi.rus event playlist & arcade mode

Other than that, now we jump into the actual new content we're getting from this new Vortex LTM event, which will be going live on April 24th. This will bring in three brand new items. The first one is the virus Mainframe Operator Bundle, which I'll showcase early gameplay of later in the article. We also have a brand new XP event that will come with many rewards, including an animated Ammo.

binary morality animated camo

And then the last thing is a brand new playlist. They're doing it a little differently this time; it says the prenatural map variants Airborne Satan's Quarry. Skid. Grow Spard, and Tetanus. Return are on a special limited-time playlist coming later in season 3. The Familiar Vortex MH Pit will be available along with a new arcade mode with a number of redacted gameplay modifiers.

To add yet more variety to your game, my guess is they are probably going to end up adding things like the boy superpowers that we saw multiple times that were added. We also had that multiplayer version, which also had the High Trip Resurgence, which comes in with different effects where you have super-fast reloading.

No fall damage; those types of effects and superpowers are probably going to end up coming into the multiplayer version with this brand new playlist update, so not only do you get these maps, but there's also going to be more surprises. Just a reminder because this event is going to be coming this upcoming Wednesday, which means the high trip, the 420, and the blaze up rewards are all going to be going away.

It is your last chance this upcoming weekend to get everything that you are missing. If you need a guide, I already have one.

Horsemen vi.rus ultra skin tracer pack early gameplay

Horsemen vi.rus ultra skin tracer pack early gameplay

Anyways, let's talk about the brand new virus Mainframe operator skin that's going to be coming in with this event, known as the virus ultr skin Tracer pack. This is going to be coming in for a ghost called Basilis Operator. It is an ultra-animated skin. On top of that, this is going to cost $2,400.

Cod points out that it's expected to arrive around the event time, so around the 24th, it should be available in the store. Along with that, there's going to be two different weapon blueprints. The first one is called viral ignition, which is for the SVA 545. It has a tracer impact called the Trojan tracers and a death effect called the malware dismemberment, and here's early gameplay footage of what that weapon blueprint looks like.

Following that, you also get a second weapon blueprint, and this one is for the hogre 26 called the pathogen. It also comes with the same exact tracer and malware dismemberment. The rest of the bundle will contain a zombie acquisition, which is a flawless Ethereum crystal. You get a large decal called the death tally; there's also a brand new weapon sticker called the vile vile; and then you also get a weapon charm called the Infectious; and the last thing is a battle pass token tier. If you use this bundle and earn it during the event, you will get an extra XP boost.

Virus mainframe event rewards early showcase

Vi.rus mainframe event rewards early showcase

Anyway, let's go ahead and go over the different rewards and the early gameplay showcasing of them because this is an XP event. You simply need to play the multiplayer game War Zone or Zombies to generate XP, and you will get these rewards.

The first one is available for $9,500 and will unlock this new weapon sticker called Load Out. The next reward is going to be 21,500, and that will be a 1-hour double weapon. XP token The next reward is at. 36550 in XP, there will be a large decal called the point and click where the next reward is going to be.

XP called the going viral large decal, and following that, you have the hacked calling card, which is available at 147,00 XP. The next reward is going to be a battle pass token tier skip, which is going to be at 195,00 XP. You then have the block fly charm, which is unlocked at. 25 and 9 XP. We jump into the weapon sticker called Sneaking in at 332, 000 XP, and then we have this new error code calling card, which is going to be the second last reward unlocked at.

Free animated binary morality camo gameplay showcase

Free animated binary morality camo gameplay showcase

427, 000 xp, which actually looks pretty sick; it's not animated , unfortunately, and then the last reward that you unlock, which is at around $5,48,500. XP is the binary morality; the XP goal could potentially change, but for this event being around a week long, it should be around 550k. XP Mark, but this is the binary morality camo that you'll be able to unlock.

Upon completing this entire event, I feel like this is a really good camo reward. It's fully animated, and it actually looks pretty sick compared to some of the other camos that are available during season 3. Is this a camo that you plan on rocking?

Fastest way to complete vi.rus mainframe event

It will be universal for all MW2 and MW3 weapons and will be under the event tab when available.

binary morality camo

The only tip that I can give you guys in terms of finishing this challenge really fast is to play longer modes. If you play modes like War Zone Resurgence, where you can always respawn and come back to life, you'll last a little bit longer in the games with every loot of cash you open up and every elimination.

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