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Free operator bundle in mw3!

Free operator bundle in mw3!

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over the free operator bundle that you can now claim in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 as well as War Zone. I'll showcase that bundle for you. There's also another different bundle that you can get as well. I'll make it my job to make sure you never miss out on any Call of Duty news updates.

Also, I am posting over on my second channel. If you watch anything related to War Zone Loadout articles—that type of thing that I don't cover here—be sure to check it out over on the second channel. I always post on there, and we're getting close to 2, 000 subs, so I'll have that link.

New update patch notes & double xp event

We got a brand new update today that brought in the double XP weekend event.

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What this means is that you have double XP, double weapon XP, and double battle pass XP all live right now at the same exact time. This is going to go all the way up until around 10:00 a. M on Monday, so you'll be able to enjoy all these new holiday modes. You'll be able to level up your battle pass as well as your weapons.

Along with that, we got a couple of patch notes that went live; one of them and replaced them with snowballs have been disabled in the goach, mainly because this clip of Dr. Disrespect pretty much went viral he was in the goach he was about to start his match and a player started throwing snowballs at him and was actually able to eliminate him usually the stones that you throw at a player will only stun them it doesn't deal any type of damage and it definitely should not be able to eliminate players, but since they updated them and replaced them with snowballs.


And these are pretty powerful, taking around two to three shots to fully eliminate a player, and that's what people have been able to do in the game, so as soon as this clip surfaced, they automatically ended up disabling it from the game alongside; it took them a while, but they also disabled the dual mstom trigger, which was what was making the lock with 300 a one-shot weapon, so now you are able to use the lock with 300, but you're not able to put on that attachment, very similar to how it was with the snake-shot meta, where they removed the snake-shot attachment that was making it one-shot.

They will read these attachments back into the game after they come back from break and are able to fix them. They also made a couple of other updates. A fix was recently deployed to address issues players were experiencing while playing on servers in our Western European region, so if you are in those areas and you were lagging.

I guess it was a server issue. They also said we were investigating an issue preventing the Jack Beholder rifle kit from being equipped after completing the weekly challenge requirements, which is a brand new reward that you can get for doing your weekly challenges. They apparently can't even put it on for multiplayer.

They said they're investigating an issue preventing the Storm Ender Priceless Camo Challenge from tracking progress towards completion. Right now there's no fix for that; they're just tracking it, and I guess they know about the issue and they're working on a fix for it for the zombie side of things.

They did drop a small patch note; they said missions. Act One automated backup Mission progress will now also track regular turbine circuits and freezer burns. Mission progress has been adjusted to now give credit for cry-freeze kills. Firepower mission progress will now also track kills for Pack-a-Punch levels two and three, plus two more firepowers.

Mission progress will now also track kills for Pack-a-Punch level three. Mission details will be adjusted to reflect the above act one and act two missions in a future update, and then for the act four dead signal, adjust the gorin, boss fight difficulty, and dead signal to scale better for solo players, and for the gameplay, the dark ether Rift contract rewards have been tuned to provide better rewards.

Free hip hop hutch operator bundle showcase

Free hip hop hutch operator bundle showcase

Those are the new P notes that you need to know about. Let's talk about the free operator bundles that you can actually now claim in Modern Warfare 3. Which is going to be for the ISO 45 SMG; unfortunately, this is a modern warfare two weapon, not for MW3. This is what the weapon blueprint will look like; it doesn't have any trace surroundings or effects; it's just a standard weapon blueprint that you're able to get.

The next thing that you have is a brand new finishing move. This one is called the beat drop. We don't often get brand new finishing moves unless the operator is brand new, and since Hutch is just an existing operator we've already seen, this makes it a very rare item for us to get. These are the three variations of this finishing move: one while a player is standing default, the second one while they are prone, and then the third one when a player is not.

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Even if you're not a fan of the operator skin, you may like the finishing move instead, but other than that, you have the mint ride vehicle skin that's for the SUV, and you have the Hutch forever weapon charm. This is a quick photo of what this will look like, and then you also have the East Coast love sticker, and the last item that you get is going to be the check your 6 loading screen.

In order to unlock all this, you will need to go into Amazon Prime Gaming and get that. You will need to have Amazon Prime in order to get this, and you can simply start a free trial. If you don't have an Amazon account, make one and start that free trial. You can claim this bundle, and then after that, you can just cancel the extra tip that I can give you because this bundle is going to be going away on January 25th.

You can start the trial around, say, January 24th. Claim that the bundle doesn't cancel your trial. Wait a couple days until the next Prime gaming comes out because every month we get a new Prime gaming pack and then claim that second one, and then you can cancel it, and basically you got two different Amazon Prime gaming bundles.

For one trial, I forgot to mention, but you also do need to connect your Amazon Prime gaming account to your Call of Duty: Activision account. That's the way that you end up getting these bundles added to your COD account anyway, if you don't.

Free psn bundle combat pack

Free psn bundle combat pack

Care about this bundle? There is another one that you can get, and that is going to be the lockpick operator skin in Modern Warfare 3. This one is going to be the arsonist, which we have talked about in the past.

This is exclusive to the PlayStation. Some good news that I can give you is unlike the only operator skin that we saw in MW2. These you can actually see on different platforms, so on PC as well as Xbox. If you were to equip it on your PlayStation account and then get it on PC or Xbox, you are still able to use it and see it, so for those of you guys who don't play on the PlayStation.

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