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blaze up event rewards

Back in at it with a brand new Modern Warfare 3 article. Here, guys, I hope you're enjoying season 3, but we have a brand new event that came in today. It's called Blaze Up. The event ends in 13 days and 21 hours, which says how high your ER is. warning event may cause the munchies, so we have a bunch of challenges down here guys and also change the categories, and it puts it all in one pretty much so it wouldn't confuse us, and we're pretty much going to break down all these challenges to all these rewards, and to also unlock the new day's Mastery reward, we're going to break these down first, then we're going to break down the brand new Mastery reward.

Multiplayer says. Get 25 operator-clean kills with the Akimo attachment equipped for MWZ, says Get 50 hellhound kills with shotguns. For War Zone, it says open 20 loot catches in a single Resurgence match on rebirth, and that's for a double XP token, pretty much the next reward for the hot out of the oven weapon.

Slicker for the multiplayer challenges says get 10 operator quick swap kills with the stalker boots perk equipped it the mwz challenge Get 80 critical kills with snipers, marksman rifles, or battle rifles. War Zone activates the bat horn near the F Factory on rebirth for the weedon kill streak guys, which is actually hilarious for multiplayer challenges.

cod mw3 rewards

Get 20 operator direct impact launcher kills for MWZ; it says get 50 brain-rot zombie kills for War Zone. It says collect 50 gummies and high-trip Resurgence, which is going to be the new mode for War Zone for the highest duck charm guys. For the multiplayer challenges, it says to hit 20 operators with tiar gas with the task mask perk equipped.

It also says to complete four contracts. Wars Z says to complete five spy drone contracts. Now for the seeing sound weapon sticker multiplayer, use the stem or bad r h tacticals. 15 times for MWZ to destroy four vehicles in the war zone during infill or redeploy and land on the gondola using the parachute on Rebirth Island.

For the utterly inspiring emblem, don't kill me, BR; this emblem's hilarious. For multiplayer, it's got four operator kills within 20 seconds and one life twice. For MWZ, it's got 400 kills with the wall by weapon. One challenge is to eliminate eight enemies while having an active Power Up Gummy and high-trip resurgence.

Now for the brother out of this world, calling card, my God High aliens don't kill me for multiplayer. Get 10 operator-stuck grenade kills with the demolition vest equipped for MWZ. Destroy three Harvester orbs and all four High Trip Resurgences. Power up gummies active at once for the double weapon.

cod rewards

XP token guys multiplayer, says get 20 operator kills while smoke with the Jack purifier attachment equipped it for MWZ, get 200 kills shortly after reloading with speed cola active for war zone Use Squad Rage on all your squads made at once for the next reward every second and hour. Large-decal multiplayer deploys an inflatable de-field upgrade.

15 times with the engineer vest equipped, it would get 30 mercenary critical kills and war zone buy four players back in Resurgence using a bu station Next reward for the battle pass tier skip for multiplayer: get 25 operator kills with cooked frag and Thermo bar grenade for MWZ: get 250 kills with stamina up active, and for war zone Reduce the Resurgence timer for a total of 100 seconds now for your double battle pass.


XP token reward multiplayer says Get 40 operator kills with the dragon's breath attachment equipped while sliding or crouching; kill three Abominations; single-match trade two cards from the biometric scanners at a buy station. I got the final reward. You have to complete all 11 event challenges to unlock this new Damir's animated blueprint.

Remember, guys, it's the animated blueprint. Let's review this blueprint right now and see what it is. Holy, let's go. Even if you change the clip, it's not even going to change that much on the gun, but damn, you got the slot on. Yeah, we got to zoom in on this one; that's a fact. Be free to smoke weed.

Yo, it doesn't say that, my God, yo, I'm weak. This new blueprint is actually hilarious, guys. Be free to smoke weed on the grip. This is actually hilarious. It has a sloth symbol on it too. It's actually a joke. So pretty much to unlock this new damir's blueprint, you pretty much got to complete one of these categories, so if you play multiplayer, you complete the multiplayer side; if you play MWZ, you complete the MWZ side; and if you play war zone, you complete the war zone side.

daymares animated blueprint

Once you complete all 11 challenges for each of those 11 rewards, you can fully unlock this new mastery reward. It's on the new blaze-up event that came out for Modern Warfare 3. Remember, you have 13 days and 21 hours to complete this event. We break down every single thing for Modern Warfare 3 season 3.

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