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New mw3 & warzone update patch notes

New mw3 & warzone update patch notes

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over the brand new update that just went live in Call of Duty. We have brand new patch notes. We're also going to go over the final upcoming operator bundles before the reloaded update and all the other news topics that you need to know about.

I did post a article yesterday going over the free Blue Monster Energy operator bundle that's going to be coming in. Let's go ahead and jump into it. We got some brand new patch notes from Multi Player; it says right here. On Tuesday, April 23rd, which was today, global gameplay resolved an exploit involving rear grips on handguns, allowing players to gain an unfair advantage.

I never heard of this one, but apparently it was like some sort of issue going on and then for multiplayer progression. Challenges that require a quick scope kill are now more lenient in detection when using weapons that cannot one-shot kill. Hopefully, now that challenge will be easier to complete.

cod bundles

I see that they do it a lot for weekly challenges. The next one that we have are the map changes for six stars. They added a collision near the garden, which will prevent players from reaching exploitable areas. They also did an update to the growhouse, adding a collision near the container to prevent players from reaching exploitable areas, and then Tang did the same thing, adding a collision near the entrance to prevent players from reaching exploitable areas, and then for the modes.

In the Call of Duty League Sledgehammer Games, our team will discuss findings and share an update after the launch of season 3 Reloaded. Content restrictions update the weapons ARS, BP50, Hogre 556, MTZ 556, and the SMGs, the WSP Swarm, the HRM 9, and the RAM 9. They were previously released from the restriction, so you can play with them and use them for a limited time, but they are now restricted once again.

Unfortunately, that's it for the multiplayer side. No changes or announcements for zombies. The next thing is for War Zone. They only made three different changes, and they were all under Fixes says they fixed additional collision issues on Rebirth Island that allow players to exploit geography.

I believe that was fixed a couple of days ago, and then they fixed an issue preventing the gas mask animation from playing, leading it to function improperly. fixed an issue preventing players in a passenger seat from using UAVs. That's pretty much everything that you need to expect from the patch notes that we have received this week.

Another update tommorrow

Another update tommorrow

They usually do a patch note update on Tuesdays, and then Wednesdays is when they bring in the content, and as we've talked about, we have the virus Mainframe, an event that I've already made dedicated, articles, and a brand new operator bundle coming in that brings in the vortex and playlist, and if we're lucky enough, we're also going to get the season 3 Reloaded blog post and the road map until that happens.

All final operator bundles & pay to win pack

We have quite a couple of operator bundles that are going to be released in the store from now until that reloaded update goes live. Over 75% of viewers are not yet subscribed. Once you do hit that, I can guarantee you that you will never miss out on any Call of Duty news or updates ever again.

cod new update

Anyway, the first bundle that we have, which is actually available right now in the store, was just added with today's update. It's called The Killer serial creep party pack. This will feature an operator skin for Swagger called The Rave. It's going to cost you $1,600. Cod points out that along with that, you get two different weapon blueprints: one for the BP50 called the unmarked grave, and the second one for the lombo called the voices.

The blueprints aren't going to have any sort of tracer or effect on them, and that makes sense because the bundle is only 1,600. But there's something interesting about this bundle: a new feature called the party skin bonus killer. It says you receive an XP bonus when you and your party play using killer skins, get double XP, and get double weapon XP when you play together in parties of at least two players.

On top of this, you get an added double battle pass. XP, if you play in parties of three or more that have any of the killer series, now they do have the option to go into the alternate. Skins don't show them though because they're not currently released; they will be released throughout the rest of this week, but I got early footage of the rest of them, and here's what they are.

cod pay 2 win feature

This one is called The Bone Collector Party Pack, a part of the Killer series, so if you put on this operator skin as well, it will count towards that XP benefit. You also get the Nomad operator skin, which comes in for Raptor. There's two different weapon blueprints, and once again, they don't have any trace surroundings or effects.

You could probably expect this bundle to be $1,600, the same as the other one. The first blueprint will be for the SVA 545, called the marrow, while the second weapon blueprint will be coming in for the cat AMR, called the condlin. You also end up getting the rest of the items, which are like a large decal, a weapon sticker, and finally a weapon charm.

There's also a third bundle, and this one is called Killer Porcelain, which I know a lot of you guys are actually excited for. It brings in the marionette skin, which is for Alpine. This will probably cost the same as 1,600 cod points. The two weapon blueprints are going to be the first one called Play with Me for the 5.56 AR.

cod pay to win bundle

It looks like it does have a little effect with things like spider webs and things like that go on with it, and then the second weapon blueprint is called The Haunted Plastic, which will be for the Hore 26 LMG. It doesn't have those spider cobwebs, and following that, you also get the tragedy large decal, a new weapon sticker, and finally a weapon charm.

The last bundle part of the killer series is called the killer Tracer pack circus freak party pack, which because it is Tracer pack is going to be more expensive than the other ones. This will feature the brand new Happy Operator skin for Enigma, which is this pretty creepy-looking clown skin. The first weapon blueprint comes in for the HRM; it does have Tracer impacts called the Carney Carnage Tracers, and this is what they will look like.

cod season 3 reloaded

Following that, you also end up getting a second weapon blueprint for the MTZ Interceptor called the jokes on your same exact Trace Arounds, which doesn't have a death effect. I'm probably going to guess it's going to be around 2, 000 Cod points. You then get a large decal, then a weapon sticker, and finally a weapon charm.

Final Upcoming Operator Bundles, Pay To Win Pack, NEW Update Patch Notes MORE! Modern Warfare 3.
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