News - Warzone 2: How To Complete "santa's Slayground" Event. Free Rewards


Which is really nice; they're not convoluted or anything like that, and secondly, I do apologize. If I do sound a little bit weird, that's just because I'm getting over a cold. So without further ado, let's dive right into it, and all right. So the first thing that you'll want to know about the Santa Slay Ground event and as this particular event is going to be lasting for a little over 2 weeks as is going to be starting today, however is going to be running until January 3rd and overall there are seven different challenges that you can unlock so as long as you do one every 2 days you are going to be getting it done and you can also unlock these challenges in Modern Warfare 3 war zone as well as the Modern Warfare 3 zombies.

So let's start off right from the beginning and read the description, which states Undead. Santa has hijacked the train to toss deadly snowballs, capture trees, hunt zombie deer, and then battle for control of the Santa slay ride. The last team standing wins, and let's go ahead and start off with some of the challenges and how you can complete them.

The first one is, of course, going to be the Baker, who looks like he's going to ask you if you know who the muffin man is, but the challenge you have to complete to unlock this little guy State get 40 operating or melee kills with stalker boots equipped, so like I mentioned a little bit earlier in this article, this is one of those challenges that's pretty straightforward to do, and really the most effective way to complete this challenge is by using a melee weapon, having the stalker boots equipped, and then playing the brand new shipus.

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Map, which is of course the Christmas version of the shipment, and then of course you just need to get 40 kills, and then you are going to be unlocking him. The second challenge is just going to be a double XP token, and it's States get 40 operator kills with a weapon picked up from an enemy player.

Overall, this one is pretty straightforward, and the best way to complete this challenge is, of course, to play the new shipment map. The third challenge is that states get 100 operator kills with the DG50 LSW. This one's probably the most straightforward overall. I realized I said straightforward quite a few times in this article, but it is a pretty appropriate term because again, for this one, you just need to get 100 operator kills, and the reason why you have to use this weapon is because this is the weapon that the blueprint is for, so just get 100 operator kills, and then you'll be good to go.

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Now for the fourth challenge, you are going to be getting a delightful little charm, and how you get this particular one is that you have to get six operator snowball kills in a snowball gunfight, so we saw this back in Modern Warfare 2019. Please stay dead this year and then finally are going to be getting one of the better rewards out of this particular event and it is the operator finishing move which as you guys can see it's a little elf that's going to be performing it and then all you have to do to unlock it is get five operator kills while sliding or crouching and then of course once you complete all those challenges you are going to be getting the ugliest sweater blueprint, for the dg58.

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