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Spitfire suppressor: it gives you unattack the radar recil control full of velocity and damage range overall, making the gun have a lot. TK at further ranges with our gun having less recoil we have on the cyclon long barrel it gives you buet velocity and range aiming out of sway and firing aim and stability, overall this barrel helps you with recoil control and faster ttk with that bullet velocity bonus you have one the 40 round mag for this weapon the 40 round is the perfect mag size when it comes to the MCW.

We have the Slate reflector in this class right here, but you can use this one, the new Jack glassless, optic, or the MK3 reflector site as well if you want to use it on this MCWS. They're all good, and we have one, the A90 Venom stalk for the aim walking speed, movement speed, and Sprinter fire speed.

So all in all, this class right here has that perfect balance between zero recoil fast TK and ROM am of mobility to it. MCW is just a beam, and the ACR is just a classic weapon when it comes to Call of Duty. It's definitely a fan favorite gun in Moder 3 right now. So our next web is going to be the WSP Swarm, which is arguably the fastest-killing and fastest-firing SMG in Mod 3.

best class setup mw3

This is one of the best SMGs in this game. I think a lot of people use this gun a lot. If it's not, this one is going to be the Rival, but the Swarm to me is just the perfect SMG in my personal opinion. I just love the fire on this thing and it kills insanely quick, especially at close ranges, but for the first attachment put on the shadow strike suppressor, it really gives you unattacked the Bu by radar.

This is one of the best suppressors in the game because it has no cons to it. You have on the V wsp Reckless 90 long bearing bullet velocity and range helping with that ttk. Aiming idle sway gun kick control and recoil control making this gun the absolute beam, we have on the 50 round mag usually I run the 100 but the 50 is obviously a lighter mag than the 100 round drum so this is going to be a perfect size mag to run on this weapon without the mobility, being extremely hurt on this gun we have on the moror grip as well for that fire and aim and stability gun kick control and recoil control.

best class setups mw3

Basically just expains itself when if you put this on right here it eliminates any sort of little recoil that this weapon could have possibly had we have one the FSS Rampage tactical stalk gives you a sight speed aiming idle Sway and fire stability the boost his gun's mobility, and give us a little bit more recoil control as well this SW is one of the easiest SMGs in the game iron sight is very clean on this gun I don't think I never heard anybody say that they don't like the iron sight on this gun it's just a very clean sight it's lit the uzi from older Call of Duties but just a fast firing version to it our next gun is going to be the ram 9 SMG, this gun has made a huge wave when it came to being added in mod three and definitely is one of my favorite SMGs to use in this game and even in war zone as well I enjoy using it in war zone so multiplayer of course is even more broken in this multiplayer but for the first attach we put on the jack BFB muzzle.

best gun after update mw3

If you know this muzzle, you know this muzzle gives a gun absolutely zero recoil. You have on the high-grain rounds give you bullet velocity and damage range to help with the ttk at further ranges, and our bullets hit a lot faster with that bullet velocity bonus you have on the 50-round mag. To on the retort 0 grip for that fire and aim stability gun kick control and recoil control.


We have on the Hunker five stock path for that gun to control recoil control tack stance spread mainly this build is strictly to have no recoil with fast ttk obviously has no Barrel on it so you do move a lot faster with this gun and eyesight on this weapon is very clean, this gun right here when you are up close it's very hard to lose a gun fight with this weapon it's extremely good it kills insanely quick and the fire is just unbeatable on this Ram 9 you know I have to add this gun back on the list here going to be the bass B the bass B is the most consistent gun in my personal opinion in this game only Nerf that thing ever got was like Mobility Nerf but the damage output on this battle rifle is like mindblowing with how, quick it kills sometimes you get a kill you don't realize that you actually got the kills actually very surprising how good it's going to Ste is to be honest with you but we have on these shadow strike suppressor undetectable by radar you put on the bru vom Long Bar it literally Gives You Bullet velocity range recoil control aing Idol Sway and gun kick control.

We have on the MK3 reflector one of the best sites in the game. Like I said, you can use this one. This one right here is the NAT model site, which is more of a trolly one, or you can throw on the SL reflector, or you can use the new Jack glassless, Optic. One of those four are the best four sites in the entire game we have on the 30 round mag, which is the perfect size on this gun because the 45 is great and all but the 45 has like a weird delay to it whenever you reload it just has like a little delay before the bullets actually get into the gun, so, avoid that whole delay in his own put 30 round mag you'll be good to go and we have on the t, t grip for that SP 5 speed and Tack stance spread.

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Like I said, this is one of the most consistent guns in the entire game. I don't know if it's because it's a battle rifle that is so consistent, but it kills insanely quick. The fire rate is very good on this gun, and of course it has Z recoil to it as well, especially when you do control it. It has no recoil on this gun, and last but not least, a gun that I think R up to the encasing with MCW Diing Nerf is going to be the SVA, 545.

I love using this gun ever since the game fully came out I was like this might be the best gun in my personal opinion but the MCW did take over but like I said once MCW got Nerf I think that weapon just completely, just took the AR at spot in this game in my personal opinion honestly I just love using this gun it's overall just fun but for the first attachment you going to put on the vt7 Spitfire suppressor, it get you undetectable by radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range like I said this is the best suppressor in the game and this Shadow strike suppressor is the best suppressor in the game just two.


Those two are the only ones you should be using on any sort of gun. We have on the STV Precision Barrel your aiming idle sway bullet velocity and range gun kick control recoil control. This is the only barrel that you should run on this weapon, especially when it comes to recoil control and TTK bonuses.

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