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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So the Jack Burnout Kit, aka the Rapid Fire Hoger 26, came out right when I was starting my brand new work schedule, where I'm working a lot more, getting up early, going to bed early, and I haven't had a chance to cover it. This thing is so freaking fun. It's an SMG assault rifle, all mixed into one extremely fast fire rate, pretty good recoil control with the right attachments, and of course the fire just makes it so aggressive that, man.

I don't even have to say anymore. It's definitely one you guys have to try out if you haven't yet; it's just a great option.

Best class setup

On the map, starting us off here with an optic with the Jack glassless optic, this is going to be a preference. Of course, you can go with the iron sights or another optic if you want, but I feel really good running the Jack glassless optic; it is kind of my new go-to optic overall.

best class mw3

For the stock, we have the Ascent Lord stock for aiming idle sway recoil control, gun kick control, and fire aiming stability, a 100% necessary attachment without the right attachments. The recoil is downright insane because of the fire rate. You need attachments just like this one. We got 17% for the gun kick and 7% for the vertical and horizontal recoil control.

For the rear grip, we have the M-20 grip for Flinch resistance. Aiming idle means even more gun kick control and recoil control. Obviously, the primary ones there are going to be the gun kick and recoil control, but Flinch resistance is a positive. In my opinion, getting shot at and flinching into the sky is no buo.

We got 14% for the gun kick and 10% for the vertical and horizontal recoil control. I always do this, but I always forget to cover the conversion kit, but that's what we're covering. Next, you throw in the convergence kit and the Jack burnout, and you can see the three ticks over towards the fire rate.

It's just a freaking Beast Man. 1, 000 rounds per minute—yeah, that's an LMG, by the way. I don't think I need to say anymore, and our final attachment is the Breu heavy support grip, giving you gun kick control, horizontal recil control, and aiming idle. Sway and fire aiming stability 10 I'm sorry, 11% there to the gun kick, 12% to the horizontal recoil control, and of course the fire aiming stability.

AKA that Vis visual recoil control, and as always, there's all of your attachments on the screen. If you guys needed to pause and copy those down, I definitely recommend you do. This thing is an absolute blast. LMGs aren't my style, but something like this is definitely a change of pace and super fun to use, and I can't speak highly of it enough.

I mean, most of these aftermarket parts of conversion kits are absolute buns. Let's be honest, they're stupid, they don't make sense, and they don't do anything. This one's an exception. It's an absolute blast, and as always, there's the rest of the load out. If you guys also wanted to copy that down, we're going to jump into a gameplay where you guys are going to see I'm having a ton of fun using this thing.

Holger 26 gameplay

Holger 26 gameplay

I guess let's use the rapid fire hogre 26. Normally, I would say you have to play slow with this thing, but that would be a lie in this situation. You don't have to play slow; it's got a 1, 000 round per minute freaking fire rate, and the recoil is not crazy. I mean, the thing is, when you hold the trigger, the wake wheel gets worse, but that shouldn't matter in close-range engagements.

Right, and it feels odd that with an LMG, you can do what I'm doing right now; it's basically an AR. I mean, to keep a long story short, that's how I kind of treat the thing, but with the 1, 000 rounds per minute, keep soaking that in; it is definitely capable of playing very aggressively. It's fun; it's a super-fun one.

best class setup mw3

Most of these aftermarket parts have been completely baloney, just like I don't know, and excuse them from adding new weapons. This is one of them that I think does a very good job. I did not see him. Am I blind? I think I'm blind. Well, he's got the Jack BFB. He shouldn't be hard to yeah shouldn't be hard to miss.

It doesn't matter. We're going to get this swarm, and we're going to teach him a lesson. I mean, look at that. How are you supposed to compete against that? You got to give him the smackdown good stuff, Teammate Okay, good shots out of the sour patch, kid. I think that's the guy who killed me the first time.

It has to be Jack BFB Musle Hosti. I saw him in the window, but this time I'm going to hit a different route. We're going to go all the way around. It hosti eliminated changing M hostile UAV in the Target area updated move to the dang it that could have been free and I choked it could have been free and I choked we got to go to the objective I mean I have 22 but no, contributions on the hill so we got to do our part, here there's that part loading, fresh it just pinged over here there he is teammate got him so they're going to be tunnel going be tunnel up top UAV one guy's up top one guy's in.

best holger 26 class

Kills—this wasn't a weapon that I like 100%. I needed a nuke. You know what I mean. It's more of a fun-type aftermarket part. I know I go for nukes, like meta weapons, which I really enjoy using. It's not that I don't enjoy using this; there's just better weapons and better time that can be used than going for nukes with this one.

They rotated to the next hill, and we only need like 20

the RAPID FIRE LMG in MW3! Best Holger 26 Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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