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Best soa subverter class setup mw3

Best soa subverter class setup mw3

For the first class set, we are taking a look at the brand new SOA subverter. This battle rifle is part of the Modern Warfare 3 meta. These class STS are all going to help you get your first MGB nuke or, at the very least, improve your kading ratio. Now for the muzzle, we are going to be rocking the T51R.

best class mw3

Bued brake L this is fantastic, on this weapon it's going to be mitigating a lot of the Annoying recoil we're going to have increased vertical recoil as well as firing aiming stability which is going to be a huge plus here now we are going to run a barrel on the setup and I highly recommend you guys rocking the Dozer 90 long barrel this is a fantastic attachment on the S inverter, allowing us to increase that long range potential with improv both velocity and range fire aing stability gun kick control and recoil control we're going to need this so we can combat a lot of the bass spe users, now for the under Barrel we are going to be rocking the bruan heavy support grip this is a match made in heaven with the S further going ahead and smoing Out The Recoil pattern giving us a very easy to use high damage weapon we're going to have increased gun kick control aim Min way control ability horizontal recoil and fire ining stability, at our disposal overall a great attachment to run on any weapon here in Modern Warfare 3 that you intend to use at long range.

best class setup mw3

Now, because this gun only has 20 rounds, we have to run a magazine, and I highly recommend running the 50 rounds from this weapon. This way, you can take out both people at the same time and also kind of outshine them. The bass B and the ammo capacity Department there going to be a great attachment on this weapon and it's not going to handle you nearly as much as you would think and then finally because this gun is a precision, rifle we are going to run an optic and the Jack glass list is phenomenal for the setup here going ahead and bumping up that firing aiming stability giving us a clean optic picture and also removing a lot of the Annoying visual recal, which plagues a lot of modare 3 as well as modare 2 weapons once you jump into the firing range you're going to see here that this weapon is going to be nasty we have a respectable ads for a battle rifle and we're going to have very controllable recoil and a weapon that's going to have a very nice time to kill do not sleep on this gun if you have it unlocked get it leveled up so you guys can go ahead and terrorize a lot of the bass B users.

best class setups mw3

Now for the secondary, we are going to be going ahead and running the core 45 this actually received a buff this update and I run it on all of my class setups we are going to be rocking the conversion kit effectively transforming this into a submachine gun this specifically, received a buff making it a lot better at all ranges and it is very noticeable, you can arguably run around with this as like a primary weapon because exact effective now we also going to be running the 40 round drum on this class to give us more Amo cuz the fire is going to be drastically improved, we are going to be rocking Theo skeleton vertical d The Bu up that control as well as downside speed overall a great attachment, we have the C suppressor maxer.

More recoil control and obviously taking us off the radar, and because we have the conversion kit, we can rock the Precision stock, which is going to be bumping up gun kick and recoil control, a very nice attachment. For this pistol submachine gun, when you jump in the fire range, you're going to see that this is actually a very solid weapon because we're going to have respectable AES. And as you guys can see here it's literally going to be a fast firing, pistol SMG overall a great second a to have on any class that you can run around like this is a primary now we are going to rock Min box skyer gloves covert sneakers, home condu and headset to hear footsteps and gunfire a lot easier both to keep us off the radar and the comms vest which is very important here in respawn because every time you kill somebody and run over their body they're dropping a radar Beacon letting you know where everybody is in your vicinity and because the spawns on Moder Warfare 3 are literally terrible some of the worst I've ever seen this is going to keep you alive more often than not overall the S SOA subverter is a fantastic, weapon to use it's brand new so there's really no reason to go ahead and check up the meta with a new battle rifle that can compete against the bass B and other, assault rifle users now for class setup number two we're taking a look at the MCW, this is going to be a suppressed class so you guys can build up a quick and easy streak and potentially.

Best mcw class setup mw3

Best mcw class setup mw3

Drop your first nuke now for the muzzle. We are going to make a return to the DT7 Spirit Fire Suppressor. This is a fantastic attachment to the MCW. Not only is it taking us off the radar, which makes getting streaks a lot easier, but we are also going to be pumping up that L performance. With increased recoil control, full velocity, and must-damage range, this is a viable option.

Now we are going to run an underbarrel on this rifle. We are skipping over the barrels; these are not going to be helping us out. Unfortunately, after the Nerf this weapon received at the start of season 2, these are no longer a viable option. Now we are going to run an underbarrel on this build, and I recommend you guys go ahead and rock the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop on the MCW.

best gun after update mw3

To smooth out the recoil pattern as much as possible by giving us increased gun kick and vertical recoil control control, we are going to be going ahead and bumping up close range performance with increased sprint of fire speed and aim down sight speed. This weapon did receive a lot of strength outspeed nurse, so we're going to go ahead and correct that as much as possible with a couple of these attachments now because this gun is going to be a stealth build, but at the same time we are going to be running and gunning in their spawn.

I highly recommend running a magazine, and we are going to be utilizing the 60-round drum. There is going to be a nice attachment on the MCW. Allowing us to wipe out the entire team and keep on moving is definitely a great option with a low-recoil gun. Now we are going to be running a rear grip on this build as well, and I recommend running the AR call PSL.

This is a fantastic attachment, and you also have another RB attachment on this build, and we're going to have increased firing aiming stability, gun kick control, and recoil control. Definitely do not miss out on these benefits; it's going to be helping us out 10 fold, especially at those B ranges, and that's where the MCW is going to shine.

Modern Warfare 3 - MW3 Best Class Setups Best Class Setups MW3! These Best Class MW3 have NO RECOIL and INSANE DAMAGE in Modern Warfare 3! Hope you enjoy these Modern Warfare 3 Best Guns Modern Warfare 3 Best Class Setups and have a wonderful rest of your day.
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