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Yes, sir, we've done it again. We have cracked the squad method for the tombstone duplication glitch in season 3 for zombies. That's right, you can now go in with your whole squad, all the way up to three people. Everyone keeps their Tombstone, everyone can run the new dark ether, everyone can successfully fill, and we're going to show you that right now and how to do it.

The first thing you're going to do is pull everything out of your tombstone, assuming you have one, which you should, and then make sure to get that blood burner out. I recommend that when you come back with your blood burner, pop that first, drink that Tombstone, equip everything, then go back to your Tombstone and get it all like this, making sure it crumbles.

That's Tombstone 101. You know that by now, at least you should if you're new. Welcome to the tombstone, Glitching. So now your buddy here is going to go to any out-of-bounds spot on the map. It actually doesn't matter where, but just pick a spot where, right when you walk one step forward, that out-of-bounds timer goes.

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At the same time, you're going to go all the way down to B7 at the very, very bottom right side of the map, or the southeast corner. That's where we're headed now. Huge thanks to my Discord community for all the hard work they've put in, and specifically, big fella and ducky Pleasants, for getting these clips right here and putting all the time in to confirm that it's working; they tested it relentlessly.

Along with myself and many, many others, thanks to all of you, as we're going on a little cruise here. There are a couple things I need to clarify: First. I'm going to show you the method of how to set up the bike and how to actually run it from the bike side; second. I'm going to show you if your buddy is on the bike.

How to do the out-of-bounds method when you're the one that's not on the bike and has to run out of bounds Manually, we'll show both today, so you'll have a really good grasp on how to do this, whether you're the person on the bike or off the bike. And let's get a quick word from this article sponsor: if you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty.

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Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor, damn mods, is the place for you. They offer all camo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a 5-star rating with thousands of reviews. We have now arrived at B7. You're going to go right up this little mountain here to look where the out-of-bounds spot is right there.

See that section. That's where you're going to want to shoot out, and I'll show you the timing and all that in just a second before you leave. I always recommend backing that bike up. Take your time on this and test it a couple times to make sure you've got the right place; otherwise, you will waste a lot of time.

So now we're right here, where we should be. I always recommend hopping off the bike and getting back on. You don't have to do this, but it just gives me a little reassurance that it is going to indeed spawn back at this location, so now let's test it before we actually go across the map. Pull the water off, hop off, and hop back on.


If you have a controller, make sure to turn on contextual. Tap, otherwise this gets really hard, and there you go, which is exactly what you want it to look like. Now feel free to test this a couple times if you're new to this glitch and want to get it right, but once you're ready, just pull onto the water and head over to the location I'm going to show you right here.

Huge thanks to my Discord for all the hard work that they put in to help me find these glitches more than find them to help me test these glitches, like when I put these articles up. I've tested them, and multiple people in our discords have tested them multiple times on Xbox. PC, and Playstation. So that we can give you accurate information when I make these articles, I try not to rush them out because I want all the information to be good.

I'm not always perfect at it, but my Discord community is a huge reason why we're able to be so accurate in producing these articles and having them work every single time. We also have a lot of War Zone players in there, so if you're on Rebirth Island, like I have been,. Come join and find a squad.


I'll make sure that link is fresh. Now that you arrive on the west side of the island, pull up on this little rock spot right here. Do not pull up on the grass because that will mess you up and reset your bike spawn location. This will keep that location down in that Southeast B7. Then you can run or just use your scorcher up here.

Boom, up to the top of the mountain. Of course, you need a sigil or an elder sigil for this to work. You can't go through this portal if you don't have one, but only one person in your squad needs that, so it makes it a lot easier, so once you keep going, we're going to go to the Elder Sign. You're going to look for that icon and then charge up your scorcher first, then press the F or the controller button as late as possible again.

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This works on PCs. This works on Xbox and PlayStation and in between we have tested it on all of them then head back to your bike here you should hit your bike around 14 to 16 seconds, but the timing's not super crucial because this method is so quick then just back up into the water here, and you're going to hop off the bike and hop back on and that's going to spawn you back to that B7 location you established sometimes if your map is off like that just stay on the bike you're okay one of your squadmates has already voted yes and then you'll do the last one on the bike now you want to get out of bounds, between, 5 and 7 Seconds somewhere kind of sandwiched in between that six there's a little bit of leniency on five a little bit of lenience on seven but just stay there and then your teammates are going to go out of the Bounds at the exact same time that 6ish.

Seconds, now I'm going to show you the other perspective if you're the one going out of bounds in just a second, but let me first confirm that this does indeed work. So now we are in the dark ether. We have our weapons. We have everything but our essence, which is saved in our tombstone, and our perks, which is how it actually sets, so now you're going to use that to go to the XFI.

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You can actually play anything you want. You can go collect schematics. Any of that stuff will work absolutely fine, but let's jump forward to where we're actually filling. Here we are. X filling now works for camos. This works for anything, and it's going to reset your tombstone. Now I'm going to show you, in just a second, the other perspective and the timing that it takes to actually go out of bounds.

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