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Today I want to show you an alternate method on how to use the new dark ether for season 3 with your blood burner bike. This is a little faster way that I think is just a lot easier and a lot simpler, with a lot of refined methods to enable you both to go into the dark ether, successfully fill, and keep your Tombstone all of those things, especially if you still need to get those schematics.

Check it out. The first thing you do when you get in use of that scorcher is get the pack-a-punch on it; honestly, it doesn't matter what level of pack-a-punch you have, and then fly over to this area all the way in G1 on the north side. This is actually going to be where you're going to use your blood burner.

Let me show you what I mean. So when you get there, be careful not to cut this corner too close, like I did, and go out of bounds. You're going to land right on this little spot. Ignore the jerkiness. The servers have been really, really crazy lately. You'll be okay. You know, take out any zombies you need to here, and right here is where you're actually going to take your blood burner out.

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See, there's the out-of-bounds area. G1, all the way in the north. So pop your blood burner out, pop in, and learn where the outbounds are right on the tip of this rock right there. See, now you know where you're going. But before you do that, you're going to want to be on the grass. Hop off your blood burner and back on.

This sets the location of the blood burner where it's going to respawn if you drop it in the water, so now I'm going to back straight up. Don't turn it all because the blood burner gets really weird when you turn and go backwards. It's kind of weird overall, but it's definitely weird when you're going backwards, hop off, and hop back on again.

If you're on controller, make sure to turn on contextual; tap otherwise you have to hold it down and it sets everything off, but that'll spot you back just like that, which is what you want. Now that you've got it where you need it, you're going to head over and get your tombstone completely emptied.

So use whatever items you have first, then you can pull everything out and make sure to fully crumble your tombstone. You can now Scorch her back to the blood burner, but first a quick word from our sponsor: if you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty.

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Fortnite. Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor Dam Mods is the place for you; they offer all camo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. Remember, because I forget all the time, make sure to drink your Tombstone soda first, whether you have one in there or you need to go buy one drink your Tombstone first.

Now get back to your blood-burning bike here, at the same spot you're just going to hop on it. Back straight up, like this. Remember, don't turn until you get into the water, because it gets there. Squirly, now you're going to head towards the new season 2 reloaded Dark Ether Portal again. This is all for season 3, but you're going to do things a little different.


I found a somewhat easier and definitely faster method here of a new way to park your blood burner without it actually landing on the quote land, so it resets its respawn point, so go right up here. This little, tiny island just north of Tier 3 is where you're going to park, but specifically this big rock sticking up.

Take the rocks and just park your front tire directly on them like that. Perfect, all right now. Once you've got that all parked and ready to go, you're going to Scorch her up to the Act 2 portal. When you get to the new dark ether, rift here and find where to press it. Start charging your scorcher, and then hold down the button on the controller.

You could do it later than that too, but the beauty is that you don't really have to be too strict on the timing here. You're going to have a lot of extra time if you use my method here, so just go and fly right on back to that, Bike. Just land on it if you want, back it up, and just hop off and hop back on in the deep water.


Sometimes it'll flip you around like this—no big deal, so you just vote. Yes, wait for between seven and six right here. Go out, and that's it, so from this point you're going to die, and then it's going to jump to the portal animation. If you quit when it goes to the black loading screen, you'll still keep your Tombstone.

Keep everything, but if you let it go all the way through, you can go all the way through the dark, even successfully filling in any schematics or anything else you need to successfully fill. When you come back, your tombstone will be there.

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