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There is now a way to make the Wonder Weapons more powerful than they've ever been. That's right, you can now go from Pack-a-Punch 3 really to Pack-a-Punch 4, meaning your Wonder Weapons will literally be four times stronger than they can ever be without this glitch. This is season 3 of Modern Warfare Zombie, and let me show you how to do it.

Check it out. All you need to do to fix this glitch is bring in two weapons. I just brought in your insured weapon, and one other is that you won't actually lose your guns if you do this Molotov cocktail, which I'll explain later. Whatever wonder weapon you want, I'm bringing the scorcher because it absolutely fries, but you could also bring in the vr11 if you want to take down Elites, the redworm, or the wonderf.

It's fantastic at all. Even the ray gun gets pretty good with this glitch, but the other three are ridiculous and, lastly, a legendary ether tool. I'll explain why you need all these in just a minute. Let's get into it. So I actually forgot to get mov cocktail and got super lucky. Streamer Loot found the molotov right away.

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Now you're going to look for a weapon stash contract. Mark that and head on over. Also, make sure you load up on molotov. In case you mess up, you can try again and just keep reloading those molotovs. So get that, contract. I have your weapon stash, so head on over to the safe. Now, once you're there, I recommend bringing a dog bone, as it's easier.

You can also have a teammate rescue you or even use a celf revive, but a dog's nice because it keeps going over and over again. But first, let's get a quick word from our sponsors. If you don't have the time to unlock everything and need assistance in your favorite games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto 5, and more, then our sponsor Dam Mods is the place for you.

They offer all camo unlocks, zombie schematics, bot lobbies, and more. Dam Mods has a five-star rating with thousands of reviews. So what you need to do is throw the molotov at the ground by the drill safe, and then right before you die. You want to activate the safe; you want your operator's hands to be going down as you die; you don't actually want to put the drill on, so let's try this.

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I want to show you two examples where I mess up first so you can understand what's going on. In the first one, I press it too late, and you'll see that nothing happens when I die, then my dog reses me, and we start again. On the second one,. I actually pressed it a little bit too early, and the way you can tell that is that the drill actually goes on the safe.

As you can see up there, it didn't activate the contract, but that was too early. So then this last one after I refilled from the Ammo Depot. Right there, you see starting to put the hands down; that's exactly what you want, so once the dog resesses you, you can see where the magic begins. Happen, boom, just like that, okay, so now you can see we have our dual kasas, we have our wsp sting, which is amazing by the way, and we have a third slot, so now we have just activated the me kick perk to have three weapons, so that's the first step.


We now have an activated meal kick. Now, what we want to do is equip a third weapon. You can put any weapon you want in that third slot. I'm going to do the scorcher, and I'm going to do that for a very specific reason, so you can pull out the scorcher. Right, don't touch anything on the scorcher; you could do this with the vr11.

You could do this with the Wonder WF. You could do this with all these others. You now have your primary weapon, your secondary weapon, which for me is the dual commas, but it could be any gun you want, and then I also equipped the scorcher, so what you're going to do is take whatever your secondary weapon is, in this case the dual commas, and we're going to put a legendary ether tool This is important.

This is the second half of the legendary glitch ether tool. Got it so now you have a legendary ether tool on your secondary weapon, not your primary weapon. Now you have your primary weapon, you have your secondary weapon, which is a legendary tool, and you have your scorcher, but notice the scorcher down here.


It's gray, and y'all know what that means, right? Check this out. Take out a juggernaut, throw the juggernaut, and make sure you have your scorcher or whatever wonder weapon you want. Go, and now look what we have notice, this is not the normal wonder weapon color this is a legendary ether tool color that means our base wonder weapon just got four times stronger and that multiplies, with good old Pack-a-Punch now you're going to notice a few things one, we still have our wsp Stingers, but notice our second gun is now gone so we did just get Pack-a-Punch 4 but we lost our second gun it took the place of it so let me go to tier three to show you how to Pack-A-Punch it and show you how ridiculously powerful it is all right so remember this say zero Pack-A-Punch on it right now you can see there's only 10 rounds in the bottom, but it's already frying them all right now watch what happens you can now do a Flawless ethereum Crystal to it, now this gun has the eight times that Pack-a-Punch has plus it's getting the four times Boost from having a legendary ether tool AKA Pack-a-Punch four so now we should be able to just melt anybody here My boy's down again.

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He's having a tough day, man. He's having a tough day. Bo there, you go look at that damage, and he's done. Get out of here, dog. Tombstone, drink it. Yeah, and so as you can see, even though that dual comma disappeared when we were using it, it still remains in your inventory, so I don't know where it goes; you can't access it, but you actually don't lose it, which I think is really interesting, and there may be some more glitches that we can exploit down the road using this.

Just frying Tier 3 with my Pack-a-Punch. Lit, so here's the beauty: now you can pretty much two-tap any high-value target minus the mega-abominations, but even high-value target mega-abominations you can still kill extremely easily. I've killed like four or five of them, even high-value targets. See, look, this is a mangare, right?

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There's one shot, there's two shots, and that's a high-value target. Target Mangler two taps with the scorcher, which is more of a mobility weapon anyway, so you're pretty set. Once you get this setup and can do it with the vr11, you can do it with the Wonder Wolf, and with the ray gun, the Wonder WF is fantastic, and the vr11 is incredible for Elites or the Red Worm, especially if you're Pack-a-Punch 4.

Everything else works; great look here; there's two mimics here.

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