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In this article, I'll be showing you guys the quick and easy way, or you guys can set up a Tombstone glitch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 zombies. Now, this is relatively easy, and everybody should be able to do it. So this method is for season 2 after the patch, and if you didn't know that, 99% of the old ways that we used to do Tombstone will no longer be working.

So you cannot go to the bad signal port and use it as an xfill method anymore, or any of the other Story Mission xfill methods. This is the only way that you guys can possibly set up your tombstone and actually get to keep it. But before we get into the article, a quick word from today's sponsor, u4g, is that they provide the best Call of Duty service.

50% off Cod points and a cheap card redemption code; they have new service and schematics; consumers unlock; they are trusted by thousands; and they trust pilots. Piney for 5% off Let's get into the article. The first thing you want to do is go ahead and get yourself a strike team, as usual. So for this method, I'll be using the small backpack.

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You can actually add items that you want to have on your tombstone. I have some items here in my acquisition stash that I'm going to use. These are all the items that I want to have set in my tombstone, and every time I enter it, these are the items I have available. If you have a lodge backpack, it can be more, but I don't have any, unfortunately.

So make sure that you guys equip any insured weapon that you have because we don't want to lose our weapon insurance slot. You can choose tactical or lethal. I'm actually doing this method solo. So let's go ahead and go into the game, all right? Now that we are in the game, let's bring up my map and just look around to see if we have any existing tombstones.

Unfortunately for me. I don't, so we still have all our items here, but we don't have any Essence, so from here we need to get ourselves some Essence, so we're going to try to find a delivery cargo contract, and we're going to do a few of those. There's one right here, okay? So we got the first contract, which is complete.

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Let's grab ours, Reward. Okay, I can't carry any of these contracts. Let's see what's in there. Okay, now we can go ahead and look around the map and see if we can find a tombstone. Machine Okay, so I find a tombstone machine, but it's all the way over. Here, this is a tombstone machine right here, so I need to go all the way over there, or I can go in the T-three zone, which is pretty risky, but I think I'm going to do the tier-three zone, and in this case, because that's just too far away, it's all the way across on the other side of the map up here, and I would highly suggest that you guys get the tombstone soda in the tier-one zone, where the risk is pretty low.

If you're going to go into the red zone, I would suggest that you take a vehicle so you can move a bit quicker and just immediately dip and buy it. Immediately, just like that, just immediately make your way straight out of the red zone because I don't have any perk and I don't have any plates, so it will be super easy for me to get down in this zone.

mw3 zombies guide

Yeah, you got to do this pretty quick, so this is the reason why I suggest that if you're a beginner, you should go in the Tier 1 zone for a Tombstone. So now is the time for us to actually go ahead and set up our tombstone. So let's go ahead and set up our tombstone. Now we are ready to set up our tombstone.

We got all of our items here, and I only got 4, 000. In essence, it's all right, and it all depends on whether you actually want to. You want to actually check and get more if you guys have a lot. You know, ideal, but for me. I'm not going to actually do that but probably going to do it in my next run, and the next thing, if you guys are doing this with a large backpack.

I would highly suggest that you guys put like one large backpack inside of your Tombstone. Or maybe two, because this method is going to be a process where you have to do it multiple times in order to save your tombstone. But at this point, we can go ahead and get ourselves down to zombies. So let's actually take the zombies down.

mw3 zombies tombstone glitch

There's a zombie over here now throwing. This is pretty new; they normally are at this part, but now they are right there, but let's actually let them down. We make sure that we don't have any self-references, as usual, and that we are not on a team. I think it's not relevant anymore if you are on a team or not; it will work to be safe on the safe side.

I would highly suggest that you are not on a team, as for me. I'm solo, but if you're on a team, just click on all on up and dad go to leave your team, leave Squad, and just leave, but from now on. I'm going to give. Up, boom, now let the games bleed out. So once you see that elimination, don't worry; your tombstone is set, so you can now leave the match.

Now you guys can see I will have lost all of my stuff in my backpack, and if you have any insurmountable weapon, it will be gone along with your decoy not going to carry any weapon in again like previously. I'm going to go in with just my bare fist so we can start the game. I'm going to show you guys how you can keep your tombstone and never have to lose it, and you're going to pretty much get to use all of your items as well and still have them in your next tombstone for the next match, so let's go straight into the game.

new season 2 after patch tombstone glitch duplication

In the next game, you should see your tombstone displayed on your screen. If you don't see it, just bring up your map and zoom all the way out, and you should see your tombstone anywhere that you actually planted it for me. It's right over here where I love to plant my tombstone on the dark ether roof, and it's easily accessible from there.

I can use a boat or I can drive, and pretty much it's in the middle, so it doesn't matter where I span; it's always right there in the middle, or let's make our way over to our tombstone, and I'm going to show you guys all you can actually do to prevent our tombstone from going away, and I'm going to show you guys all we can actually do to save our tombstone.

Now that we made it to our tombstone stash, let's dig in and just grab all of our items, and now you guys can see my tombstone as crambled. And now normally we would have just taken the bed signal port and duplicator stuff; it cannot work like that, and you will lose your tombstone in the next game.

season 2 mw3 zombie after patch

So from here, we want to keep on replanting our tombstone, and that's pretty much the method that we're going to use in order to keep our tombstone. So you can actually, if you have a tombstone perk, drink it down yourself, have somebody revive you, and then you can now use all of your weapons and all of your items in here, and then you can get them back in the next game.

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