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Today I have a little bit of something different for you. I'm going to give you my top five favorite weapons to use inside of MWZ. Now, keep in mind that your mileage may vary. These are by no means the top five absolute best meta guns that you can use inside zombies. These are the top five guns that I personally enjoy using the most, so without further ado, we're going to get into it.

Let's kick it off with number five, the x13 Auto. Kicking off this countdown with the x133 Auto, the build is up on screen that we used during this game play. This is an MW2 pistol that was originally recommended to me by one of the viewers on the channel, so we hopped in and got it legendary Rarity, and right now you're watching footage of it at Pack-A-Punch 2.

That is how well this gun just shreds through zombies, and it's a major part of the reason why I had so much fun using this weapon once you get this gun to Pack-A-Punch 3. Just watch this; these zombies just get deleted, and it can do the same to the bosses. Look at the incredible damage we are doing to this mangler.

We do not even have Napal Burst on; we have the Brain Rot Ammo mod right now, but we are still just deleting through this mangler, and when it comes to giant hordes of zombies, just watch this gun in Action. We are just completely annihilating. Every single one of these zombies can't even get close to us.


This gun is so much fun to use inside of MWZ, and I would highly recommend this MW2, Pistol, Mega Abominations, There is no match for this pistol. Look at the chunks of damage taken away. This gun is so much fun, and that is why it is in my top five. Number four coming in at number four on my list is the mx9.

The build is on screen for you. I had so much fun using this; it's an MW2, SMG, and we are watching it right now. Shred through zombies at Pack-a-Punch 2. If you want to get the most out of this gun, you are going to want to run it with mags of holding, as it has a very small magazine size, so it's almost essential to run this gun with mags of holding, and of course, once you get it to Pack-A-Punch 3, and with Deadshot Dakir, it's almost like the zombies don't even exist.


You take them out, so incredibly fast B zombies, Hellhounds armored zombies, all of which are just instant deleted with this mx9. What makes this gun so much fun to use inside of MWZ? I wouldn't call it OP, but it's awful, awful close; it delivers cargo like nobody's business, but where this gun really shines is in its bounty damage inside of zombies.

Let's watch this mx9 take out this mega abomination in three. 2.1 goodbye, That fast, it is that good. That's why it's in the top five, number three. Next up on the countdown, we have ISO 45 coming in at number three; it's another MW2. SMG, I originally discovered this weapon off of a wall and just had to take it in, get it legendary, and use it for myself with my own build, which I had up on screen for you.

I hope you caught it, but just watch it rip through these zombies. This is why it is number three on the countdown. Hit that sub button and turn on those notifications. If you'd like the opportunity to play with me in the future on live streams or whatnot, go ahead and join the Discord below; that's where you'll find information on how to do that.


One of the reasons I enjoy this gun as much as I do is that it's got a fast fire rate, but it's not too fast, so ammunition is never really a problem as you watch us just take out this Mega Abomination. It's never really too much of a fight when you're fighting the bosses and you're fighting the hordes of zombies, and that's why it made number three on my list, but we're going to move on.

We have two more weapons to showcase for you today. I made a whole dedicated article on the number two gun on this list, which is the BP50. It's an MW2 assault rifle, and at the time it was my favorite weapon to use inside of MWZ, but it has been replaced by a newcomer, which you will see coming up next in the article.

This is a little bit of Pack-a-Punch 2 action with the BP50. You can see it still shreds at Pack 2, but it's going to get even better once we get Deadshot Dakir and once we get it to Pack-A-Punch 3. Let's take a look. This mangler thinks he can take us out, but he can't mimic a little bit of the action; he ain't going to get any of it; we're just going to delete them.

We're going to delete the zombies like they never even existed. This gun was always my favorite to use before it was replaced by the number one gun on this list. You will absolutely rip shreds through bounties, including this Mega Abomination, and this gun is even better if you can run it with mags of holding so you don't have to constantly reload with the weapon.

So just keep that in mind if you're running this gun, try to run it with mags of holding number one, and that brings us to my number one most favorite gun to use inside of MWZ, the brand new SMG with season 3. The fjx horus, this SMG is absolutely incredible inside of this game. It deletes everything.

I'm going to throw up the buildup on the screen that I used. It changes from time to time. I haven't really settled on a build just yet for this FJX, but just watch it. Just absolutely annihilate this disciple as we start off this game. Absolutely incredible gun. Definitely my number one favorite gun inside of MWZ.

Mega-abominations are where this gun truly shines. Just look at the incredible damage that gets dealt to this bounty with this gun. I have taken out Mega Abominations in this game, and under 30 seconds with this SMG, its damage output is so incredible. High, let's see if we can get one more laser attack here, and we'll just finish this guy off.

Maybe come on and do it for us. No, come on, let's go do it. I need to show the people the gun come on buddy, the people want to see the people want to see let's go, yes look at that look at that yes you can defeat strongholds, with absolute ease with this gun it shreds just everything so incredibly fast just throwing on a couple of plates here while we just Deni at this entire horde while we're backed into a corner look at this go yes you if you haven't tried this weapon yet you need to give this gun a shot I got a giant horde of zombies in a sports control contract; it's not an issue with this gun.

All in all, what else can I say? I'll let that gun just speak for itself, and while we watch this gun take out this bounty mimic, I think that's where we're going to go ahead and wrap up this episode. This has been my top five favorite guns to use inside of MWZ. As I said at the start, they may not be the five most overpowered things that you can use, but they are my favorite weapons to use for one reason or another.

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Featured in this video are my TOP 5 favorite weapons to rock inside of MWZ. Thank you for watching.
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