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Well, we have the numbers for you. We ran another 100 contracts inside of the Tier 3 Zone, and we have the data for this new season. We can compare that with our results from the last season and see what kind of changes have been made in the background. You're going to be seeing some gameplay on the So4.

I recorded this live over on stream if you want to check us out. We are live every Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. And we do throw in a couple extra streams here and there, so be sure to check that out. Let's go ahead and get started with the data. So for this article, we're going to be primarily working off of this information right here, so if you need to stop, take a screenshot.

I am working on some dark ether rewards. As well, those are going to take a lot more time to compile that data is you can only do three contracts each time and I kind of want to do a comparison between the regular elder, or not the regular Elder the regular Cil and the older sigil so that is going to take some time to get all of that data compiled, so when we start discussing what changes were possibly made from season 2 to season 3 the first thing I want to look at is how many Rewards did we get in total so for season 2 out of the 100 contracts we got a total of 296.


rewards, so it comes out to about three rewards per contract. On average, when we did this for season 3, we got 296, so we matched exactly the same number of rewards that we got in season 2 when we did this here in season 3, so we are still about the same three rewards per contract now. I did see a couple of signs: differences.

Between season 2 and season 3 now, whether this is completely relevant or I just had a bad 100 contracts in season 3 this time around, that's for kind of you all to decide. You can use your own kind of personal experience there, but I did notice a reduction. A noticeable reduction in Epic ether tools I only got epic ether tools in 20 of the 100 contracts that I completed in season 3.


When you compare that with season 2, we got epic ether tools in 27 of the contracts in season 2, so that is a 7% reduction in season 3 versus what we've seen in season 2. It could have just been some bad luck, but that is a rather significant number compared to what we saw last season. Another significant change that I saw was in the Pack-a-Punch One crystals.

In season 3, we only got seven Pack-a-Punch One crystals over our 100 contracts, while in season 2, we got 19 Pack-a-Punch One crystals over our 100 contracts in season 2, so that is 12%. Reduction. In the raw ethereum crystals, the Pack-A-Punch crystals, so that is certainly Not an insignificant number is going to go ahead, and I'm going to leave this table up on screen while we talk about these, so those were the two.

The biggest changes were in the raw crystals, and the epic ether tools were two of the biggest changes. Another large change that we saw was an 8% reduction in the number of rare ether tools. During the season 3 versus what we had in season 2, so then some of the other changes are that we did get three tacticals like monkey bombs.


Casmir; in season 3, when we did not get any in season 2, we got a legendary tool and a Flawless Crystal, one of each during the season 3 testing versus zero in season two; now we did see a 3% reduction in Wonder Weapons; we only got three of those versus six in season 2; now that percentage is. Based off of total percentages in contracts, there's 3% less contracts that had Wonder Weapons, even though that's actually a 50% reduction versus what we got in season 2, but to simplify it, we're just going based off the percentage out of 100 that we got; we saw a 4% increase in perks.

A 3% increase in ammo mods 5% increase in kill streaks 1% increase in sigils, 6% increase in self-revivals, 4% increase in three-plate vests, 2% decrease in medium rucksacks Two-plate vests stayed at the same 1%: a decrease in large rucksacks, a 1% increase in refined crystals, and a 2% decrease in schematics, so you kind of take all of that data combined and you just kind of look at it, and yeah, there are some differences.

There are a couple of standouts. The ones that we really talked about were the rare ether tools, the Epic ether tools, and the Pack-A-Punch One crystals, so those are the three that stand out. These numbers are pretty significantly different from season 3 to season 2, but overall, I do not truly believe that there was a contract buff or a contract.

Nerf, when it comes to season 3, everything does appear to be on the same track that we had during the testing of season 2, and if you kind of put all these numbers together, everything's just going to kind of balance out over time. 100 contracts is a pretty small sample size. Overall, whenever you're looking at something like an RNG type thing like this, you just have to kind of think of it like a slot machine, but yeah, everything is just kind of staying the same; I don't really see, a whole lot different.

We will compare all of these two data points to season 3 Reloaded, which is where zombies really get their changes, during the reloaded updates, so there may very well be some significant changes to the rewards when it comes to season 3 Reloaded, and I will be looking forward to finding that out now.

One thing to note is that shortly after I finished compiling all of this data for this article, we did the 100 contracts, and I got it all compiled and I got it all ready to go to make this. I was playing on stream this Saturday, and we played four games live on stream, and during those games I was able to get legendary ether tools in every single.

Contrary to every single contract, excuse me. In every single game that we played that night, I got a legendary tool and flawless crystals in three out of those four games. So that was also coming. You know, with season 3, it didn't make it into this data because I had already collected the 100 contracts for it, but maybe there is something to say about that.

Maybe overall, there was a little bit of buff, but I really don't think that is the case. Either way, I think that's going to wrap it up. There haven't really been any changes to season 3. Join our Discord if you want to find some people to play with or just stay up to date with information that we have coming out on the channel, but yeah.

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