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Best working glitches after patch in MWZ, And we have some new glitches in this article, and you will love this article, so don't forget to smash a like. And subscribe if you're new. The first glitch is going to be how to get behind this safe without the actual Easter egg, so you literally do not have to do any Easter egg whatsoever.

There are two ways. The first way is going to be with the Ether bike key, so if you want to grab yourself a key, then you will need a scorcher. Instantly unlock schematics for a cheap price. Check out silent services. We also offer bot lobbies where you can get Interstellar, camo, and hard camo unlock and nuke skin services.

We now have war zone and multiplayer rank play bot lobbies, so for season 3, you can fill up on those Max ranks all the way up to Brimson. You want to take the scorcher over to this part of the cave. Look in this corner and boost twice, and that will boost twice, and that will boost you onto the ceiling of the Cade.

At this point, you want to run all the way over to the rooms, then go on top of the safe. Now, before the update, you would just go prone and simply collect chests, but you can't do that anymore. You have to do these two things to get into the safe area. The first way is, like I said, with the key.


You want to go right ahead, stand in the middle of the safe, activate the key, go prone, and then enter the vehicle. At this point, it is going to enter the vehicle, and now when you exit the vehicle, you guys can simply unlock the locked doors, and you guys will have all of these items unlocked. Literally, without doing any of these, it takes 2 seconds to do that, and you will be able to get OP loot.

It's all RNG-based, but you guys can get the jug suit, you guys can get Wonder Weapons, and all that stuff like that. Now there is another way, which is with the scorcher, so if you don't have a key, you guys can take the scorcher, jump off, and then you want to fall right underneath. If you mess up with this glitch, do not worry because you will teleport back on top of the map and you won't die.

mw3 season 3 glitch

What you need to do next is just boost, and make sure that you aim it though you're right behind the door and you want to keep on boosting up, and you want to press the button to unlock the door and be behind the door while you're underneath the map, and that will unlock the door as you can see. I hit it right there now to make this even easier.

You guys can open all the chests in the safe and then go for the locked door, but you don't have to do that at all. You guys can use whichever two ways you want—the scorcher way or the key way—in order to get back into the map after unlocking the doors with a scorcher. You can just fall underneath the map or go over to this water, hold the jump button, move to your right, then go over here and mantel on here.

mw3 zombies

At this point, you'll be able to literally go right ahead and be in the safe without doing e-steg, and now I did put it up in a text little box, you know, earlier, but you do need to make sure that you have this score. Try at least pack-a-punched. Once you are bypassing. The locked doors, this way and you guys can get in the safe without doing the Easter egg that is the first glitch and the first one I showed you guys is the newest glitch the one that was found, the you know newest if that makes sense and yeah so definitely we do have a somewhat new glitch in this article now all founders of these glitches will of course be in the description so check them out and let's move on to the next glitch so normally after you use The Ether blade you have to wait for 2 days to use it again in a different game but there is a glitch that lets you bypass, that and use it every single game it's super easy and this has been thing for a while all you need to do is head into the game activate The Ether Blade then goes over to any of the acts for missions, and if you want to teleport, it is going to countdown.

You are going to then close the app at the blue-purple screen if you're on a console; if you're on a PC, you want to wait until your screen turns black. That's all you guys do once you're done with that. When you load back into the game, you will see the ether blade in your lethal, and you guys can load into your next game with the ether blade super easily.

mw3 zombies season 3 glitch

It's not a new glitch, but it's still working, and it is OP because you won't have to wait for any cooldowns for your ether knife schematic. All right, let's move on to the next glitch, which is going to be the Outlast XP glitch and the Xville XP glitch. Now stay inside the zone until it hits. 95%, then you want to cancel it.

It's definitely best to be solo while doing this because if you're a co-op, then you're going to have to time it with everybody you know canceling it at the same time, and that can be really annoying to do with randoms. Plus, solo, you'll just get more kills and more XP anyway, and once you cancel it at 95%, you will still see the crystals around you, and zombies will constantly spawn, like extremely quickly; it's crazy.

mw3 zombies tombstone glitch season 3

It's super, super OP. All you need is the scorcher, and it's recommended for you to pack Punch it, but you don't have to then when you're looking at the chopper, use a tier 2 one then you want to activate the xfill, chopper then wait until the chopper goes to you which depending which one you're at it depends on how long it takes some takes you know a lot some doesn't but basically once is where you're at you want to walk into the chopper to make it go away when the chopper starts to fly away when the chopper starts to fly away way itself.

Right there, that's when you guys want to do it. You guys can wait until you don't hear the chopper noise anymore. That way is just really annoying to do, and it's like there's not really too much of a purpose behind it. You want to fly away as far as possible, then you want to wait around 9 to 10 seconds.

mwz best loot glitch

You want to go 1 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. You want to kind of do that, and then once you do that, you want to fly back to the chopper. What you're trying to do is time it so that when you go back to the chopper. Green Smoke area you will see that green smoke come back to you know existing when you guys land just like you see here then activate the chopper and you want to do the same thing over and over and over timing may be a bit different if you don't have the Pack-A-Punch scorcher, but that's the main thing is you want to fly away when the chopper flies away then come back when the Green Smoke appears and you want to be right next to the green smoke when it appears that's how the glitch works and what's going to happen is this is going to glitch out the zombie spawns and make two X or three 3x amount of zombies spawn it may take around two to three tries of doing this but after two to three tries you will see zombies spawn in, rediculously.

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