News - Updated" Solo Tombstone Dupe Glitch After Patch Warzone 2 Zombies. Mwz Unlimited Money/rare Items

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Updated Tombstone duplication. Glitch: keep the money and duplicated items after you use them, and at the end of the match, get them back. The fastest way to do tombstone duplication Glitch all that cool stuff, and let's move on to how you guys do this new updated Tombstone glitch. Start off with this glitch if you want to do this completely solo.

Here is all you guys do: Go into your story missions, scroll over to Act 4, then go right ahead and select it, and then you want to craft your tombstone. With the recipes, if you guys do not have those, then just load into the game. Once you guys are in the game, you want to find a tombstone. Then go to the Cod glitch chat and try to get people there to drop you items.

We have admins and moderators that drop people items all the time, so check that out; it will be in the description. So once you get your items and once you have Tombstone on your character and Tombstone in your rug sack, you guys are all set. Of course, get a large rug sack to fit more items in your rug sack.

I only got a small one, so I can only fit this much, but after all that, you want to head to the ACT for Story Mission. Then here is all you guys do: Now you want to go over to the portal and activate the portal, then jump into the water and go underneath the water. Look at the left meter; it will go down.


At this point, you want to wait until it is. 25%, full, or you can just wait till the meter on the left turns red; whatever you choose is fine. I personally just wait until the meter hits this point, then I open up my map and hit yes to teleport. At this point, it is going to drown you and kill you, but you guys are also going to teleport at the same time.

At this point, there are a few things that you guys can do now. If you're on console, you want to close your application at the blue-purple screen, or if that doesn't work when you're doing this glitch, you can just disconnect your internet when it is at the blue-purple screen. After you disconnect your internet, you then want to close your application.

how to do tombstone glitch mw3

That should work if just regularly closing your application doesn't work, so you might be asking what I do if I'm on PC. Perk: Do you want to skip the grind and unlock schematics for a cheap price? checkout silent services We also offer bot lobbies where you can get Interstellar camo, as well as hard camo unlock and nuke skin services.

Here are the reviews; they absolutely love it at cheap prices. All right, you will lose your insured weapon while you do this glitch, so keep that in mind, and now you guys want to unequip the items and put the items into your stash. If you guys are wondering how I got past the stash limit, I will explain how to do that in just a few.

I'm going to get through explaining how to do the Tombstone glitch update now that you don't want to unequip the tombstone perk in your rug sack and you want to always have a tombstone perk on you. Then, when you're back in the game, you will see your tombstone perk at the graveyard. Go to the graveyard, pick up the items, and they will still be there even though you just exed with the items and you have successfully duplicated them.

mw3 after patch tombstone glitch

You guys can rinse and repeat this, but you need to make sure that you pop Tombstone every time. With this updated method, you will always have Tombstone. In your rug sack because it will be in your duped stash, this is the best way to do this glitch. It is the updated and most recent way of doing this glitch, but all we're going to be doing is simply heading back to the portal.

We're going to have that Tombstone activated on our character, then we're going to activate the portal, and at 25%, we're going to teleport. If you're on the PC, you want to close out of your game at the black green screen or just disconnect your internet and close your application, or if you're on the PC, you want to close out of your game at the black green screen, then when you go back into your game, the gear will be the gear that you had when you got eliminated.

mw3 tombstone

And your tombstone will still be in the match, and you will have your tombstone. Perk, on your rug sack, and you guys will be able to activate it every game, so that is the updated way, but there are a few things with this clip, number one being that you can't use the items in your tombstone. Then run off and do contracts, and then, you know, die with the ACT portal and get your stuff back once you use them with this glitch; they're gone.

This is only for duplicating, and that's it if you guys want to use the items that you guys duplicate but still keep the duplicated items, like the really, really old Tombstone. And with this, you'll also keep your cash. If you spend it all, then here is a way to do it. This will make it so you guys will never run out of items because you'll always have the stash with the items, even if you use them in the game.

You do need a friend for this glitch; it's really not solo. You guys can do it solo, which I will explain in a minute, but once you guys have either a friend or if you want to just go in the game and do it solo, it doesn't matter. You are going to be doing these few things now. We got cash; we got all the stuff we need now.

mw3 tombstone glitch

We do not drop mics in that Discord, but once you're done getting the items, you then want to get Tombstone. Which you can find out around the map or just craft it before you go into the game and pop it in the beginning, then you are going to be doing these few simple steps, and yes. I'm going to be showing you guys how to duplicate it and get unlimited items, so once you have that Tombstone, you then want to go to a place that you want to put your Tombstone and get downed by fall damage, whatever it is.

After that, you want to plead for help, then have your buddy revive. At this point, you guys are set with that step. Now, at this point, you guys can do two different things. Either duplicate it and give it unlimitedly to your friend or activate the items in the tombstone and use the money in the tombstone, but get all of those items back at the end of the game, so it's just like the old, old tombstone.

mw3 updated tombstone glitch

Activate it yourself and use it in the game to get schematic contracts and all that stuff like that. I'm first going to explain how to do this if you want to activate it in your game and use this glitch to just have a stash of items. So if you want to do that, simply activate everything, then go into Tier 3 and take out all of the enemies, or go into the dark ether.

But keep in mind that with the dark ether, you will 100% lose that tombstone, and you definitely will have to get another shamrock from somebody else. So the best thing to do is stay in Tier 3 and get those schematics. Then, after you get whatever you need to get from grinding tier three, you are going to have to xfill to collect the items, and you will lose the tombstone.

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