News - Jak Tyrant & Jak Maglift Nerf Details & More. Warzone 2 March 13th Update

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With this, there were several bug fixes as well as a little bit of weapon balancing. We also saw some Nerf in the Jack Tyrant kit for the longbow, as well as the Jack mag lift kit for the haym maker, and in today's article I wanted to cover all of these changes in great detail, but before we get into that weapon balancing, let's go over some of the miscellaneous stuff, at least the important miscellaneous notes from this.

Miscellaneous changes

Miscellaneous changes

First off, apparently saving a custom mod in the gun Smith will no longer remove certain camos, and these certain camos tend to be the Mastery camos, so like Interstellar, for instance, up until now it's been impossible to save your custom setups with that. The interstellar camo would just come up with an error essentially and remove the camo so that one is finally fixed with this update.

Next, for the SOA subverter, the camo challenges were all messed up. I think I had gilded immediately when I first unlocked the gun, and then there was another challenge that just wasn't tracking properly, so apparently they've got that resolved and they should be tracking properly for you right now.

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Then we saw a notable spawn adjustment in skid row on Hardpoint. What they've done here is they've added additional spawn points to decrease the probability of an unfavorable flip and this one's definitely more for the competitive players out there to really get things under control although you may notice this adjustment in public matches as well additionally something that's quite nice to see at least for me because I'm in private matches a lot they've increased the maximum player and Bot count from 12 up to 24, in private matches so if you're somebody that likes to mess around in private matches and you want to have even more people or more bots in private matches we can now do that, then for a few attachments in the game they basically just adjusted the descriptions for these without actually changing the performance of them in order to better match their actual performance in games so like with the ascent Lord stock on the hoger 556 for instance they revised the description for that as well as with the fr556 the. FR Sprinter and Recon stock pads, they've adjusted the description on that because previously it said that they helped with Sprint speed when in reality they only helped with tactical Sprint speed, and then another interesting thing we see here is with the Rival 9, they added, or more accurately, just changed the name of one of the muzzles.

New smg muzzle

New smg muzzle

This was previously a second Jack BFB Muzzle. You guys may have noticed this on your SMGs: that there were two Jack BFB muzzles available, although one of them, at least for me, was always locked and the other one was available, like the proper one was available. What they've done with that second Jack B upb muzzle is they've now renamed it to the trebuchet break, and with this, we can see the stats on it.

It's going to reduce our ranges by 10%, and we're going to get a 25% increase to our recoil gun kick and a 15% increase to our horizontal and vertical recoil, which is excellent, and this only harms our aim-down sight speed by 5%. Now, interestingly, they mentioned that this was for the Rival 9, and yet when I look at the Rival 9, this is the only SMG where I can't find the trebuchet break.

All of the other Modern Warfare 3 SMGs have this on their muzzle list; however, at least for me at this point, it's currently locked as well, and it says that you can unlock it by leveling up the WSP Swarm, which I've already fully done, so it looks like we're probably going to have to wait for a fix to that so we can actually use this, but just looking at those stats, it looks like it's going to be quite a solid option in the muzzle category.

I'll be sure to break that down at some point in the future if it turns out to be as good as I think it will be, and there we go. Those are the primary sorts of miscellaneous changes that we saw with this update.

Haymaker jak maglift kit nerf

Haymaker jak maglift kit nerf

Now let's get into the weapon balancing that took place, and again, it was just a couple things. The first thing they did was nerf the Haymaker Jack mag lift kit, the one with the binary trigger, and with this, they didn't touch the damage or the range or anything, but what they did do was pretty significantly nerf our hipfire potential.

As we can see here, our minimum hipfire spread, like when we're standing still, is now wider than our maximum hipfire spread before this update, so that's a pretty notable nerf there, and then on top of that, our maximum spread while firing or moving has also been increased quite drastically. And this will just make this a lot less consistent, at least as you start stretching that range out a little bit if you're hip firing now on top of hip fire.

They also nerfed our stack and spread by a pretty noticeable margin. Pre-patch, our tax stand spread with this was 3°. Now it's 4.2 de, and that's actually almost as wide as our prepatch, maximum hip fire spread, so that's a pretty drastic Nerf to tack stance. But in general, I would say these Nerfs are appropriate for the Jackman lift.

It was a little ridiculous pre-patch, and I like the fact that they didn't touch the damage, the range, or anything, and instead they just targeted these spread values to make it a bit less consistent. If you're just running around hip-firing now after this update, you're probably going to want to get yourself aim-down sight if you're stretching your range out at all with this kit.

Longbow jak tyrant kit nerf

Longbow jak tyrant kit nerf

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Now let's get into the longbow with this they nerfed the Jack Tyrant kit so that iron tank kit that we've got on that and with this the first thing they did is they removed the 30% hip fire spread benefit that we used to have with this kit so now when using this kit we're going to have the same hipfire spread as the base version of the Longbow, which is very noticeably wider and honestly I think this is a great change to this because people were getting around the map especially in the small map playlists this was essentially the best shotgun in the game and yet it's a sniper rifle that has great potential when you're trying to stretch the range out as well a little bit and it opinion at least that did make this gun just a little too versatile and there weren't really enough downsides with this especially if you're playing on like the small map playlists, so I'm actually on board with this change it's not like it's destroying the Jack Tyrant kit in all situations, it's just making it less effective in those hipfire situations.

But that's not all. Another thing they did with the Jack Tyrant kit specifically was increase our aim-down sight time from 390 milliseconds pre-patch, which is very fast for sniper rifles. They increased that up to 470 milliseconds, so that's actually quite a drastic increase in our aim-down sight speed.

Today we got a small update in Modern Warfare III that came with some nerfs to the Longbow's JAK Tyrant Kit, the Haymaker's JAK Maglift Kit, and more.
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