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This is the series where I go into great detail with all the stats as well as some excellent attachment combinations for every gun in Modern Warfare 3. In today's episode, we're going to be moving on to the last of the launch SMGs, and this is Striker 9.

Damage & multipliers

Damage & multipliers

And starting it off as always, let's have a look at our damage profile, unfortunately. This gun stinks in the damage department; it's going to be a 6-shot kill if you're hitting them in the bonus zone, which includes the Torso and the arms, and in the first two damage ranges, you can shoot them anywhere in the body and still maintain a 6-shot kill additionally in that maximum damage range.

If you can mix just one head shot in with those torso shots, you can cut this down to a five-shot kill, so head shots are actually quite good to go for as long as you're up close and personal, but in general, this gun really stinks in the damage department.

Rate of fire & time to kill

As for a rate of fire, this is very solid for an SMG at 857 rounds per minute, and what this means is that with a six-shot kill, our time-to-kill potential is 350 milliseconds.

This is by far the slowest in the SMG category, and I had a look; this is actually slower than every single one of the assault rifles at Point Blank Range, and this is an SMG. That shouldn't be the case now. If we do manage to land that head shot up close combined with those body shots for a five-shot kill, you now have a time-to-kill potential of 280 milliseconds, which is a good time to kill for SMGs. However, many of the other SMGs will get this time to kill without having to land a head shot.

Ranges & velocity

Ranges & velocity

In either case, let's move on to our ranges. As we can see here, our maximum damage range is just a little bit over 10 m; however, our six-shot kill potential extends out to about 35 m, and in general, compared to the other SMGs, this is average to slightly below average for our range values.

However, we at least get a pretty solid bullet velocity of 540 m/s. As for hardcore game modes, you actually can't get an onot kill to the body with the striker 9, even at Point Blank Range. The only way you're getting an on-target kill is with a head shot, and that will only work out to 23 M.


But then let's have a look at our hit-fire, and this is actually identical to the AM-9. Our standing hit fire is just standard for SMGs, and our maximum hit fire spread is pretty close to standard at 6.1 de per second overall. When you also combine this with a rate of fire, this isn't bad at all at hip firing.


And now let's get into our recoil, and as you can see here, the striker 9 really likes to zigzag. It's a very consistent zigzag; it's always after the fourth or fifth shot that you fire that it will cut really hard to the left, and then it will correct itself, come back to the right, and then it just continues to zigzag upwards, so that zigzag is definitely something to be aware of, but on the positive side, at least it has a very consistent recoil pattern overall, and there isn't a lot of side-to-side bounce by any means; it does follow that recoil path very nicely almost every single time, so overall, not a horrible gun in the Recoil Department; you just have to be ready for that zigzag action.

Handling & reload add time

Handling & reload add time

Next, let's get into our handling stats. Our aim-down sight speed is quite solid at 205 milliseconds, and our sprint out time is also very good at 100 milliseconds for our standard sprint out time and about 200 milliseconds for our tactical sprint out time. Taking a look at our reload ad time, this is 1.44 seconds, which is right around average for SMGs.

It's not bad at all, but it's also not a standout by any means.


Lastly, for the base stats of this gun, let's have a look at our movement speeds. Across the board, these are all really solid, even for an SMG. With our base movement speed and our sprint speed, these are tied for being the best in the SMG category for Modern Warfare 3 SMGs, and our aim walking movement speed is also great at 3.3 m/s.

Striker 9 - accuracy build

modern warfare 3

And there we go. That's going to wrap it up for all of the base stats of the striker. Now let's get into some excellent attachment combinations, and we're going to start this off with my accuracy build. With this one, we're using the Striker Elite long barrel, the XRK Sandstorm muzzle, the FTAc MSP 98 hand stop, the Mar I reflector, and then finally the Lochman Recon series stock.

As we can see with the recoil here, while we still do get that zigzag, there's really nothing you can do about that hard cut to the left. We still significantly reduce all of our recoil values here, and you can see when we look at the recoil plots side by side, this is significantly more accurate than the base recoil, and with this, our aim-down sight speed is still respectable.

I would say at 24 5 milliseconds, a little bit slow for an SMG but not bad at all for a really accurate SMG build, our sprint out time is also a little bit slower than the base but still quite fast, especially if you were to put this up against an assault rifle, for instance, at 116 milliseconds. Our range values are boosted by 12%, and our bullet velocity is nicely boosted here up to 621 M/s. And overall, as far as Striker 9 setups go, this is quite a solid setup that allows you to stretch out your range a little bit and still hit your target quite accurately.

Striker 9 - stealth build

Striker 9 - stealth build

Next, let's get into my stealth build, and this build is actually very similar to the previous one. I've only swapped out a couple attachments, and that's simply because there are certain attachments on this gun that just really work well, and they're kind of the obvious choice, so with this, we're once again using the striker Elite long barrel, the ftac MSP 98 hand stop, and that Lockman Recon series stock.

But now we're using the shadow strike suppressor so we can stay off the radar with this, and I'm also using a 40-round mag. Now that we have a 40-round mag, depending on the map that we're on. I may swap that for an optic instead, so if I'm on a bit of a longer-range map. I might want to have a Mark II reflector instead, whereas on a smaller map.

modern warfare iii

I'd rather have that bigger magazine and just use the iron sights. So there is definitely some room to play around with this here, but with this, as you can see, we still have quite an accurate gun on our hands, not nearly as accurate as the previous build but still much more accurate than the base recoil.

Our aim-down sight speed is also quite solid at 218 milliseconds. If you drop that 40-round mag, it gets even better, and our sprint-out speed is the same as the previous build at 116 milliseconds. This is still great and shouldn't be a problem for you at all, and then once again, just like with the previous build, our range values are boosted by 12%, and our bullet velocity is boosted up to 621.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the Striker 9.
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