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This is the series where I go into great detail with all the stats as well as some excellent attachment combinations for every gun in Modern Warfare 3. In today's episode, we're going to be covering the brand new battle rifle, which is the SOA subverter.

Damage & multipliers

Damage & multipliers

And starting it off as always let's have a look at our damage profile and something interesting with this gun is unlike the other battle rifles at least currently, the fire mode doesn't affect our damage so if you go into semi-auto mode you're not gaining any damage out of this and it is going to be a four to five shot kill depending on your range and it is worth noting even though we have a bonus damage Zone to the upper torso and arms, it doesn't really matter in the maximum damage range it's a four shot kill anywhere in the body and in the minimum damage range it's going to be a five shot kill anywhere in the body then when it comes to head shots we deal 50 damage to the head up close which means if we can land all three head shot in a row we can actually get a three shot kill with this, and at the longer ranges all you have to do is mix one head shot in with that bonus Zone, in order to cut it back down to a four shot kill .

Rate of fire & time to kill

As for the rate of fire, this is the fastest in the battle rifle category at 697. rounds per minute, and what this means is that we actually have a very good time to kill potential; with a four-shot kill, we're killing in just 258 milliseconds.

Ranges & velocity

Ranges & velocity

And now let's get into hardcore game modes, and with this gun, it's always going to be a one-shot kill anywhere in the body at any range as long as you're not shooting through some form of cover.


Next, let's get into hipfire, and unfortunately, this does have the worst hipfire spread out of all of the Modern Warfare 3 Battle rifles, so hip firing is generally not recommended with this gun unless you're like Point Blank and in a desperate situation.


And then let's get into recoil. The recoil with this gun isn't terrible by any means, but one thing I want to point out is that there's a bit of a zigzag there, so you definitely want to be aware of that, and that can throw you off. Another thing that may be a little subtle at first is that the initial shots that you fire will kick upward pretty quickly before they settle in and the grouping tightens up a lot, so despite what the total magnitude of recoil may suggest, you definitely don't want to neglect vertical recoil control when creating setups with this gun.

Handling & reload add time

Handling & reload add time

After that, let's get into our handling stats, and unfortunately, our aim-down sight speed's a bit on the slower side at 278, milliseconds. And it's a similar story with our sprint to fire time; this is on the slower side at 256 m seconds, and that immediately rules this gun out as being like a highly aggressive sort of gun.

Generally speaking, you're going to have to play a bit more conservatively compared to a lot of things like assault rifles and obviously SMGs. And then, when it comes to our reload ad time, this is right around average for a battle rifle, so not amazing, not terrible. It's 1.62 seconds.


Now, finally, for the base stats of this gun, let's have a look at our mobility stats.

modern warfare 3

Across the board, we're just a little bit below average with all of our movement speeds compared to the other Modern Warfare 3 Battle rifles, and as a result, while this gun does have a ton of power potential, you can kill very quickly with it. There are a lot of small downsides that will stack up with this gun to keep it in check and ensure it doesn't become completely overpowered.

Soa subverter - accuracy build

And with that at least at the moment this gun doesn't have any interesting attachments that are worth breaking down and covering it's just got fairly basic attachments here so let's just Dive Right into some excellent attachment combinations I've got for you guys and the first one I wanted to share is my accuracy build now with this reason the T4 LR saber compensator to help a bunch with horizontal recoil, we're using the SL skeletal vertical under Barrel grip which is not only going to help our handling stats it's also going to help quite a bit with that initial vertical recoil that we experience, we're also using the Dozer 90 long barrel which is going to help with all of our recoil values as well as our ranges and bullet velocity.

Then we've got the Jack glassless optic, which gives us a bit of firing aim stability while just being a nice clean optic, and then finally we have the Motion V2 heavy stock, and with all of this combined, we have a very accurate gun on our hands with very little horizontal recoil. We have nicely taken care of that initial vertical recoil as well, and that makes us a very accurate and easy-to-control weapon.

However, all of this does come with some key tradeoffs. First off, our aim-down sight speed and our sprint-out time are quite slow, so you don't want to be rushing around with this; it's clearly designed to be hanging back, picking people off at range. Speaking of range, we have increased our range values by about 4 and a half%, and our bullet velocity is also very slightly increased at 86 M/s. And overall, this is quite a solid setup if you're just looking for peak accuracy without completely destroying your handling stats on the SOA subverter.

Soa subverter - stealth build

Soa subverter - stealth build

Now let's get into my second build, which I actually prefer using most of the time. This is my stealth build, and with this one we're using the shadow strike suppressor.

We're once again using that SL skeletal vertical underbarrel. This time we're using the 30-round magazine, so we don't have to reload quite as often. We've got the range rear grip, and then finally the ST88. Precision stock now you'll notice I'm not using an optic on this one and that's totally fine cuz the iron sights are really good with this gun, then when it comes to The Recoil with this particular setup it's obviously not nearly as accurate as my previous setup but it technically is a little bit more accurate than the base recoil of this gun although keep in mind I'm firing 30 rounds here rather than 20 so it might look like a higher magnitude overall but it actually isn't, at the end of the day we're trying to keep ourselves in the maximum damage range with this build anyway though and with this we're also slightly improving our aim down sight speed and our Sprint out time and we're keeping ourselves off the radar at the same time all of our range values are the same our bullet velocity is the same so with this one it's just a nice balanced overall build where I'm improving a bunch of stats Without really harming anything in any meaningful way, and like I said, this is my preferred way of using the SOA subverter in 6v6.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the SOA Subverter.
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