News - Is The Haymaker Jak Maglift Kit Overpowered Warzone 2. Full Breakdown & Setups

Rate of fire

Rate of fire

Rounds per minute and I couldn't get any higher than this and I don't think this is a trigger finger issue cuz I'm able to hit this rate of fire very consistently, as if I'm definitely hitting a cap so I believe there's some kind of minor delay mixed in there that slightly reduces this compared to the advanced stats but I mean at the end of the day 468 rounds per minute versus 500 rounds per minute doesn't really matter all that much this is still a very fast rate of fire for a shotgun .

Time to kill

Now what this means with this rate of fire is that with a two-shot kill, we're killing at 128, milliseconds, which is incredibly fast, and a three-shot kill is 256, milliseconds, which is still a highly competitive time to kill that's going to be beating most guns up close.

Ranges vs base haymaker

cod mwiii

Now let's have a look at our range values compared to the base Haymaker, and the first thing you'll probably notice is that there is no more one-shot kill potential even to the head at Point Blank Range; it won't be a one-shot kill.

However, we can get those two shots really close together, like I said, 128 m Seconds Apart, that's very fast, and there's actually two separate two-shot kill ranges I want to talk about here from 0 to 6 m. This is where we're capable of dealing 100 damage per shot fired assuming all the pellets hit and as a result I consider this to be the very consistent two- shot kill range where it's hard to not get a two-shot kill here whereas from 6 to 12 M this is where we still have a two-shot kill potential, but now we're dealing 76 damage per shot again assuming every single pellet hits and what this means is it's quite unforgiving giving with a two shot kill in this range and often times in this range you will end up with a three- shot kill rather than a twoot kill after that 12 M though until our maximum hit potential which is 22 1/2 M, this is where we are capable of still getting a three- shot kill even at the outer ranges of that if you're at 22 MERS you can still get a three shot kill but you do have to be hitting most of your pellets and as a result I just call this a three plus shot kill and overall while we don't get that one shot kill that the base haym maker has, outside of that we get significantly, better time to kill values within each given range .

Hipfire & ads spread

Hipfire & ads spread

As for the next thing that this kit changes this is actually our hipfire spread and it significantly, improves our hipfire spread both maximum and minimum, as you can see here I have the base Haymaker spreads just in these Circle Parts instead of the average like I would normally do on the gun guide and you can see our spread is very nicely tightened here just by using this one attachment, and you can take it much further in fact you can actually get a0, degre per second hip fire spread with just a few other attachments on there and that means all of your pellets will go in the same hole at least for the first shot that you fire, also just thought I'd throw in here our aim down sight spread is pretty tight but it doesn't tighten up nearly as much as our hip fire spread does compared to the base .

Tac stance spread

modern warfare 3

And let's dive a little deeper into that. Something I also noticed was that your stance spread. When you improve that with a couple attachments, even if that value is higher than the aim down sight spread value, it turns out we actually get a tighter spread while in tack stance compared to aiming down sight, so it doesn't actually align perfectly with the advanced stats there, and what this means is if you just put a few attachments on to tighten up your spread, even if you don't have a 0.0 degree per second spread for your tax stance.

Technically speaking, we can still get that 0 degree per second tax stance spread, meaning that at least with that first shot you fire, all of those pellets go in the same hole, but if you do release that trigger fairly quickly, by the time the second shot goes off, that spread has widened from the first shot, and therefore you'll see a little bit of inaccuracy at least with the second shot fired.

Now, in order to compensate for that, we can also just ensure that we're improving our hip fire spread Max so that we'll limit how much it's able to spread after you fire shot and how much it'll spread as you spam it. Of course, what you can do here is just pace your shots a little bit, don't spam it at the maximum fire rate, just hesitate a little bit, give it time to retighten, and then fire your second shot, and that second shot will be perfectly accurate again.

My thoughts (is it too good?)

My thoughts (is it too good?)

And there we go. That wraps it up for all of the important stats and things to know about this kit. In general, I think this is an overall improvement over the base haym maker, and I would definitely rather be using this kit than the base haym maker. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised at all if this ends up catching a Nerf at some point in the near future, largely because it can be very frustrating to play against.

It's hard to compete against this, especially in the Close Quarters Maps. This gun with this kit absolutely dominates, and I know they made some adjustments to it a couple days ago, literally the day it came out they made some adjustments. But those adjustments weren't just a straight-up Nerf or buff; they were kind of a mix of both, and if anything.

I think that made this kit a little bit more powerful than it was when it initially launched, so yeah.

Jak maglift - balanced setup

modern warfare iii

I do anticipate a Nerf at some point in the future, but I guess time will tell on that, and with that, let's now move into a couple attachment combinations I wanted to share with you guys with this Jack mag lift kit.

The first one is my nice Balan build while using this kit, and with this, we've got the crownbreaker choke and the Stoval Dr laser box since this is not a visible laser. Sure, you could get other lasers that give you a tighter spread, but you don't need a tighter spread, and I like not having a visible laser if possible.

We're using the no stock mod to help with handling and mobility stats, and the blitz tactical grip to help with sprint-out time as well as our attack stance spread. With this one, the big key here is our spread. Our minimum hit rate if we're just standing still is 0.1 degrees per second, which is within the ranges in which we're going to be using this shotgun.


That effectively means all of your pellets are going in the same spot, at least for that first shot that you fire, so you've got an incredibly accurate first shot, and the second shot won't be that bad because our maximum hit fire spread is still very tight with this, and that means you could actually just walk around the map hip-firing a ton if you wanted to.

This week in Modern Warfare III we got the brand new JAK Maglift Kit for the Haymaker shotgun which gives it binary fire and a 60 round drum mag. Today, I wanted to break down exactly how this works, my opinions on it, and a couple of solid attachment combinations to use.
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