News - I Completed Grand Mastery Warzone 2

Intro - completing mw3 grand mastery, unlocking mw3 grand mastery weapon charm! (stream vod)

Intro - completing mw3 grand mastery, unlocking mw3 grand mastery weapon charm! (stream vod)

All right guys, so here with the start again of season 2. I have intentionally left so many weapons on this weapon charm list at 399. Kills, so what we're going to do is pop a double XP token here in just a minute, jump into a game, and get the rest of the weapon charms all done. What I'm also planning on doing is whenever we get into a high-rise game.

I have it specifically said that we're going to go for a trick shot here. To get Grand Mastery done, we're going to go for like another highrise shot or something like that, so it's going to be exciting, man. Yes, the planning, yeah, no, the planning that went into this, okay. I'm not going to lie.


I kind of messed it up a little bit a few times where I accidentally got like the 400 kills in one game and went one kill over too much, but you know it's fine. I accidentally messed that up, but it's okay a few times. yeah, we just got to get a few kills right, like there's the first one, see weapon challenge completed, complete all the MW3 masteries there we go.

Now keep in mind that this is like 10, 000 XP per time I complete these challenges. This is what I was waiting for. I was waiting for the new season to get started so I could go ahead and just do this. Me there's that there's the best B all done there we go just like that I know the side Winder is kind of booty cheeks in this game but this Northern Lights variant with the tracers is so pretty there we go there's that Stellar on this there's that that's all done going to get my one kill with this, that's all done Mike is in an unlock all Lobby confirmed I am we're throwing it back to 2010 here, guys there's a swarm done or the wsp 9 level 254 there we go there's that, done that's done there we go there's that done I like this map for a small map playlist this is a great new original map this is good Stash House is.

Drop there we go. I mean, not quite a high-rise suicide shot, but all 36 weapon masteries. There it is. Yes, it was a pretty cool shot. I mean, it's not all that for that.

Mw3 free to play + what's next!

Mw3 free to play + what's next!

Mike da, let me have my moment here, man, what's going on guys, it's rage, and once again welcome back to some more Modern Warfare 3 over this past weekend with the recent launch of season 2 Modern Warfare 3 here had a free trial weekend, and I'm so sorry I feel like I should have made some sort of announcement about that, but over the past couple of days, what I ended up finishing here is the grand mastery grind in this game at least over here on the multiplayer side of things because there are technically three grand mastery grinds to do.

We have the multiplayer Grand Mastery and then the two zombie ones for both Modern Warfare 3 and Modern Warfare 22.

No mastery reward currently

And I'm still kind of debating if I really want to do that I don't know if I'm cut out for that honestly I still kind of want to do it just for the sake of the flex, but there is one small downside to all of this right now small downside of it is right now there's no title card and emblem available for the grand Mastery, now I'm assuming there are title cards and emblems that are supposed to come with all of this they're just not in the game right now I'm assuming it's going to get patched in at some point in time I really hope it soon because I want to be a dork and flex it I've been talking about this a lot throughout the course of the year and for those of you guys that were around on the channel last year with modern warfare 22.

What's next

What I ended up doing was not only getting grandma in that game, but I still went ahead and did it for literally every single DLC gun that got added to the game throughout the course of the seasons, and now I'm kind of wondering if I still want to do the same thing here with Modern Warfare.

What's next + new bp50 (og mw2 f2000) gameplay!

What's next + new bp50 (og mw2 f2000) gameplay!

So here on the BP50, or more or less the F2000, that's what I'm going to call it because it's the F2000.

I think I'm at like 290 kills with it, so I'll probably go ahead and just finish this drum out here for this article, but I also wanted to talk about this gun because this thing is actually amazing. I'm trying to think back on it as to how this gun really was in the original Modern Warfare 2. Obviously, it was not the most popular choice.

I remember it being extremely weak, extremely weak, and extremely goofy-looking. Almost no one used it in the original MW2; you would only use it if you were just trolling with it, essentially, but here in the new Modern Warfare 3, this thing is actually insane. I'm genuinely surprised at how good it is now.

grand mastery

I also believe that in Call of Duty: Van Go, they called it the BP50. As well so I'm assuming they just kept the same weapon name didn't even really use it in Vanguard, honestly just because I wasn't really playing that game that much by the point in time that season 5 I think it was last stand it was around that time anyway like towards the end of the game's life cycle where I was making my Vanguard review and honestly just hadn't really used it much so I don't know how it was in Vanguard I don't know if it was this good in Vanguard, but I find it so ironic that one of the worst guns in the original Modern Warfare 2 is actually incredibly here in this game and I love it I'm really not complaining about it at all like it's actually a really cool AR it's also just another one of those things that's adding on top of the whole like Modern Warfare 2 remastered feel I'm going to keep talking about this all year it's just another one of those things that adds up on top of it like I really appreciate, having it in the game currently we're sitting at 305.

I completed MW3 Multiplayer by unlocking the Grand Mastery weapon charm.
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