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It's rage, and once again, welcome back to some more Modern Warfare 3. So in the recent article, if you guys haven't already seen it. I did go over how to unlock the iron site here for the xrk stalker, which basically turns it into the ballista, and it turns out that I was right, or at least partially right, with the way that the factory iron sight is supposed to unlock for the xrk stalker.

It is supposed to be an armory unlock, and you can queue it in here; however, in the meantime, I got absolutely Fried. On the Twitter timeline for this. I'll go ahead and read the tweet for you guys if you haven't already seen it from Sledgehammer Games. So Sledgehammer Games responded to my article tweet the other day, saying it looks like you've completed all the other standard armory unlocks in Modern Warfare 3 because of the factory ironide challenge, and you unlocked it after winning a few matches.

We're working to get this fixed as soon as possible so everyone else, including those who touch grass, can manually activate the armory unlock challenge and get it too. Basically, they implied I don't touch grass. I mean, you're not wrong, but you didn't need to fry my [__] for it. I'm really not going to lie, though that response made my day.

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I was crying and laughing at the stream. You did not need to do the sledgehammer, and y'all violated him. I can't believe you got cooked by the sledgehammer. So naturally, what I did in response was post a reply article of me going outside and touching grass. The only sensible thing I could think of to do in that moment I'm sorry for not touching grass, Sledgehammer. I just enjoy playing your game.

If my dedication wasn't obvious enough, I'll tell you, though, if anyone from Sledgehammer is watching this article. I have a trade offer to make you: I'll go outside and touch grass a little bit more often if, in return. Even if you don't select something naturally, whether it be a new attachment, decal, or just anything in the game that falls under an armory unlock, of course you can do the daily challenges here, and that counts towards the armory unlocks.

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Other than that, once you complete all the daily challenges, it just falls to wins now, just to go ahead and show you guys my stats. For example, obviously, it doesn't take 1300 or 100 wins to unlock everything in the game, but that's what it kind of falls to once you finish all of your daily challenges, so naturally, the more you play, the more you're going to unlock everything in the game.

That's just kind of how that goes, so that's how it worked for me, but again. Sledgehammer stated they are working on a fix for that, so if you still don't have the iron site, don't worry, it's coming soon now. Besides the ironide dilemma With the season 2 reloaded update, there was actually a little bit of it that I did miss out on that I meant to mention in the last article anyway, but we had some adjustments with some sniper rifles here; not really a whole lot has changed the XRK stalker and the cad AMR, surprisingly.

I did get some small ads for buffs, which is really nice now that these times reflect just the base weapons themselves with no attachments on them, so the XRK stalker got a nice little buff from 610 milliseconds to 580 milliseconds, and the cad AMR now goes from 760 to 720. It turns out they did Nerf the SPX a little bit further, going from 545 to 570.

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Now I don't know if this was at the start of season 2. I know it was in a recent update, but they had also nerfed the SPX ads recently as well. I think it was something like 515 milliseconds to now 545. Now again, it's 545 to 570 from the looks of it. They're making the SPX fall in line a little bit more with the XRK stalker, which honestly.

I feel like kind of makes sense because, at least to me, it seems like the most popular sniper in the game from Modern Warfare 22 anyway is the SPX. At least that's something that I've personally noticed when it comes to just the Call of Duty sniping scene on Twitter. No one goes for the spawn shot anymore makes me so sad, but noticing that, as a common trend, a lot of people in this game just do not a lot of people actually run towards the real spawn.

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Snipes, you go prone at the perfect time. Thanks, brother my hands are so cold right now. I am not going to lie to you guys; right now, I am freezing. My hands are freezing, so if I do badly in this article, that's my excuse all right. So again, though, like I was saying, all the nerfs and buffs are again applied to just the base speed of the weapon.

Obviously, depending on your build, it'll either be slower or faster. However, you have it. That's actually what I'll go ahead and do once we're back in the pregame. Lobby, I'll have a look at exactly how fast all of my builds are—are any fourths really quick? Did I miss it? the duck, I feel like this lobster's got some decent potential.

I need to lock in and figure it out, try hitting something, and stop missing. Easy Shot is exactly what I'm talking about, man. I absolutely stink with iron sights. You know, he's got the duck skin on. I didn't realize this guy had duck in his name, and in the clan tag, this man is dedicated. Something that I've been thinking about recently and honestly wish that they would do in this game is add iron sights to more of the snipers.

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Now, it's ironic. No, I don't want to talk about it. It's ironic that I want that kind of thing, even though I am really not the best with iron sight sniping, and I know that, but I really do think it would be really interesting to try if I could have the iron sides on something like the intervention or the cad AMR.

Back in Black Ops 2, I mean basically again using the iron sight ballista here, but back in Black Ops 2, there was an iron sight on the DSR. But I think it was the Pack-A-Punch thing that you would get for it in Zombies. If you guys have been around on the channel for a little bit or at least have seen the Cod 4 articles that I made on the custom Christmas server, the custom Christmas sniper Lobby that we usually do every single year.

I'm pretty sure they have the ironsight and DSR on that, and that's where I remember it from. I honestly didn't even know it came from Black Ops 2 zombies until someone told me, which I know sounds really bad, but at the same time, I just never really played a lot of Black Ops 2 zombies. BO2 Zombie was kind of where I lost my interest in zombies for a little while.

Sledgehammer engaging in a mild amounts of tomfoolery LOL we got an explanation on the XRK Factory Iron Sight for the stalker! Little update on Season 2 reloaded as well, hope you all enjoy the video! NOW LIVE ON TWITCH.
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