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So we're running into the holidays here, and for the most part, that means most—not all—but most of the developmental teams for War Zone and Modern Warfare 3 have now gone home for the holidays. Today we're taking a look at the gameplay changes you can likely expect within the first update or updates of 2024.

If you're part of that 60% of viewers who are not subscribed. I'd love to have you in the community, and finally, check out my friends over at Gamer Advantage for 35% off your entire order of the best BL-like glasses on the market with code espresso, but more on that a little later. For now, let's jump into the changes that you should know about in the next Moder Warfare 3 and War Zone updates as a disclaimer here first and foremost.

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Some of these may have been fixed in the last few days. I'm currently out for the holidays and will be back at my desk until the 26th, at the earliest. We'll see how we feeling after the holiday here see if I want to decompress a bit more but the articles you're seeing today through Christmas and up until then all are made in advance so as of recording this at least everything mentioned has been marked as for the next update but I doose is possible that maybe, one or two of these things may be fixed out in the meantime, apologies if that's the case but hopefully understand firstly on the Modern Warfare 3 side of things we have a couple of different technical things that need to be changed some bug fixes and stuff coming along with that such as the Jack Beholder rifle kit the week three weekly reward for the tier that does not progress and unlock even if you do complete the said five challenges from multiplayer.

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Zombies or Battle Royale, that's obviously something that you want to be able to use, so that should hopefully be a hot-fix issue that, if there's much of anything that I would say could happen first and foremost, that's probably one of those things here the no stock attachment for the xrk stalker sniper rifle also cannot be unlocked, that's a fix that should be coming in that next update again possibly sooner if they do have the ability to end up dropping that Jackall hold a rifle kit and they fixed that progression, wouldn't be surprised if you could end up seeing that happen with the no stock as well royalty tiger is brighter than intended in some conditions and will be adjusted here in the next update that camo that was a very limited run I honestly you think there's probably only a couple of hundred couple of thousand of them maybe, out there but that was something that honestly may not affect you in the slightest it's in that special category so if you don't have it it's not really a fix or change that you may be bothered by the Priceless camo challenge though for the stor Ender does not properly track as well and a fix for this will also then probably attack some of the progression updates across the board for camo challenges.

That's usually something that happens when one fix comes in; it usually targets and sees what may not have been tracking properly for even just a small subset of players; that should, in theory, also fix those as well, but on the off chance, sometimes it also causes new tracking issues, so be aware of that as well.


Also, that field of view bug in Modern Warfare 3 has persisted across the board for multiplayer. Zombies and also I think war zone as well but just talking more so on the Modern Warfare 3 side of things before we jump into war zone for zombies though the visual bug with the akimbo weapons should be fixed the bug where players are losing their contents of the acquisition stashes after xville, should be fixed out that's obviously a big one you don't want to lose even though it's only like 10 slots and I think there should be more slots available to store your items, anything that you come out of and have the ability to store shouldn't be lost obviously there's also the inability to complete the defeat zakaya act three story mission that should be fixed and then there should be a hopeful fix coming for the infinite floating bug where you're just stuck looking at zakhan after xville.

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That's one that's popped back up, as I've seen in reports from players, but it was also there in DMZ throughout Modern Warfare 2's year of support. So it seems like it's one of those issues that has popped back up because it is built on the same architecture as DMZ. That was fixed at one point but seems to now be back within Modern Warfare 3, but war zone, well, that's where we can talk about some of the big things coming in the next update that aren't necessarily so much technical aspects or bug fixes; actually, some are, but they're actual gamebreaking things.

But anyway, let's jump into it. First, the big ones are the likely reintroduction and balancing of the snake shot ammunition on the tier in the public playlist, as well as the Melstrom Dual trigger attachment on the Lockwood 300 shotgun. Both of these are still visible in the gunsmith, but they're disabled in the game, so you won't actually get any of the benefits that come along with them when you're playing, if I can say so before we move on to the other items of adjustment and changes in the next update for War Zone.

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Thank you i think this is how things should be dealt with when they're genuine problems, not in cases where, like, this weapon's performing slightly better than intended. Ed, it's the weapon that everybody's using right now, but there are still some alternatives. He just might be at a slight disadvantage.

I'm talking literally broken things. This is a textbook. I think you deal with community feedback and adjust accordingly. I get it if you like the shotgun or the snake shots. I did too; objectively, they were broken, and they were a lot of fun because of that, but you should not have a one-pop pistol like the Kimbo set that has a longer range than an SMG that takes 10 bullets to kill.

You should not have a shotgun that can one-shot down players from the range that it did at 300 HP. They were fun to play with when you were getting free kills. Hell i'll admit that I had a blast playing with them, but you absolutely cannot look at me with a straight face and say that those weren't broken; they were entirely broken.

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