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New playlist update & weekly challenges

New playlist update & weekly challenges

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over all the details that you need to know about today's brand new update. The patch notes the new content, the new changes, and everything else. If you find the article helpful or informative, don't forget to hit that sub button.

Be sure to check out yesterday's articles. I double-uploaded yesterday. We talked about the season 1 reloaded road map that they covered, as well as the new war zone content, the new quest, the weapon case, and all that. So this brand new update will require an app restart; there is no download that you need to do as soon as you load up the game; it'll say the app requires a restart; restart that, and you should be good to go.

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We have a brand new playlist update that brings in Rustman, which is going to be R and shipment together; unfortunately, there's no indication that we're going to be getting those MW2 maps again, for example. Farm, and those carry-forward maps; it doesn't seem like they're coming back. I don't know why they brought him in for a limited time and then took him out.

I thought the playlist would be permanent; for now, all we have is that rment mode as well as All or Nothing Meet 247, which is still here as well as the other playlist, and then for War Zone, we got Battle Royale and Yan, which is the regular, and Resurgence, which was community voted. If you want to vote yourself, you can head on over to their Twitter, which I believe Raven does, as well as Sledgehammer.

You go over to their Twitter and you can vote on which map you want to see next week, and that was Ora military base in quads as well as Vondo in quads, and then you have YIC stand POI rotation and Duos in quads, and then Vondo and Ashika in solos, and then lockdown is available in yours. We also have new weekly challenges that are now available for you to complete, as well as a war.

This was available yesterday, but the problem is that it was bugged out as well. If you completed it, you would not get the new aftermarket part. With today's brand new update, it actually makes it equipable, so now you can actually get it anyway. Now let's go over all the patch notes that we received for multiplayer zombies and War zone for multiplayer.

Mw3 multiplayer update patch notes

Mw3 multiplayer update patch notes

The UI says bug fixes have been adjusted in several attachment descriptions. To better reflect their true effects and resolve issues causing the players to unexpectedly Get kicked back to the multiplayer menu in multiple scenarios, viewing the after-action report for equipping a conversion kit on a blueprint, utilizing attachment filters, and addressing an issue causing the incorrect weapon model to appear while selecting a blueprint in the gunsmith for the game play.

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Weapon check animations will no longer play upon respawn in the small map playlist. This change was actually done on January 4th, and it was done because many players gave feedback; they said that they didn't like the fact that it would do the animation, and they get eliminated before the animation even finishes, especially in the small map playlist, so that way they updated that, and then for the practice session, they corrected the unlock requirements displayed for the throwing star equipment and corrected the unlock requirements displayed for multiple different attachments, for example, the Ravage 10 Stock and the Rival 9 compensator muzzle.

They resolved a spelling mistake in the King Slayer Kills Challenge; daily bonus challenge completions will no longer appear as a challenger name missing in the notification tray. They did a couple of map updates. Afghan added additional spawn points to increase the quality of spawn selection in Team Deathmatch and Domination.

Invasion in increased operator lighting to address poor visibility in certain areas adjusted spawns to prevent unnecessary spawn flips While the bus station capture point is active in the hard point for meat, they adjusted spawns to prevent players in the garage from killing enemies upon respawn, and rust increased the consistency of quality spawn selection.

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Spore yard players can no longer become stuck upon respawning in the storage; terminal-adjusted spawn points near security prevent unfavorable spawn conditions in team death matches as well as domination. Now for the modes that got an update gun game, they removed a placeholder image that was found in the stats tab of the scoreboard, and for operation Spearhead, which is the war mode.

The loadout drop field upgrade will no longer destroy the tank and cause a stalemate for the weapons and attachments. This is going to be for Modern Warfare 2 for the SMGs. Once the AM9 was unlocked, the Jack Eating Double Barrel Kit attachment can now finally be equipped with the WP9. Incompatible hybrid optic attachments can no longer be equipped for handguns.

The Ty y r once unlocked, the Jack Beholder rifle kit attachment can finally now be equipped, so they actually fixed that. Now for the equipment, the scatter mine tactical reduces explosive damage to one to prevent lethality in hardcore modes. This change does not apply to core modes for kill streaks.

Remote-turn repositioning the turet will no longer cause it to become more vulnerable to incoming damage than intended or for customization. Improve the white Ascent color coverage of the Atlanta phas 2024.

Mwz zombies update patch notes

Mwz zombies update patch notes

Camo for the weapons in zombies The Ether Blade address issue where players would lose their ether blade if it was thrown at and hit a harvester orb close a duplication exploit associated with ammo caches, gameplay weekly challenges Week number four addressed an issue that prevented the destruction of five vehicles with a recommended weapon challenge from tracking.

General addressed an issue where the maximum reserve ammo for some weapons was inconsistent between years exan and the dark ether Rift, and for the UI, weapons addressed an issue that prevented the gutter knife from appearing correctly in the weapon select menu, and for the progression, the camos MW2.

Completionist camo should out track, so they said to address an issue where some players were unable to progress through MW2 weapon camo challenges. After the season 1 update and stability, they added various crash and stability fixes to reduce your crashing and your lagging in the game.

Warzone update patch notes

Now let's jump into the war zone side of things.

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So here we go. We have the new bug fixes that fixed an issue preventing CDL team bundles from unlocking properly when purchased from the store. Fixed an issue causing event progress to not track properly on the front-end menu; fixed an issue preventing emblems from being awarded properly for prestige level progression; and fixed an issue causing some soap operator skins to not have appropriate menu imagery and text.

NEW MW3 CONTENT UPDATE! Patch Notes, Weapon Balance, New Content MORE - Modern Warfare 3 Update.
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