News - Massive Cod Warzone 2 S1 Reloaded Update. The Boys Crossover, New Weapons & More


The season 1 load update for Monare 3 and War Zone 3 has officially been revealed, and it includes new weapons, new events, and plenty more. First of all, let's start off with the most important thing, which is the release date of the season 1 load update. This update will officially launch on January 17th at 9:00 a.m.

Pacific time, which of course means just one week remaining, and that is super awesome with the release. Out of the way, as usual, let's start off with the multiplayer side of things. First, the Mon Ware 3 season 1 load update will see the addition of a brand new 6v6 map, and there is none other than Rio.

Of course, it will take place in Brazil. The map will include a central indoor mall surrounded by Main Street, a tram station, a market, a plaza, a cafe, and residential spaces. I'm not going to lie to you guys; I do think the map is a bit too big just by looking at the map layout. However, from the images, it looks very awesome, so all the new maps in season 1 were absolutely amazing, and I hope this map will also be amazing.


Moving on from the new map, next up we have the weapons. Of course, in the season 1 load update, we'll see the addition of two brand new weapons. The first of the two is the HRM 9 SMG, whose description reads: high fire rate, excellent handling, and mobility. The HMR 9 is the perfect fit for aggressive run-and-gun play styles.

In order to unlock this new SMG, you will have to complete an armory unlock challenge, which, as you guys already know. I'm not the biggest fan of armory unlock challenges, but unfortunately, it is the only way to unlock this SMG, and the second and final new weapon in the season one load update is going to be the TCH evolve version.

I mean, how many variations of the tack weapon class are we going to get in this game? Are you serious? I mean, you've already got the T Eradicator in the preseason of Mod Warfare 3. We already had an attack weapon as a launch weapon, but anyway, the description reads an advanced multi-calibur LMG capable of firing 7.62 or 5.56 with minimal adjustments to the weapon.

cod mw3

Okay, I just hope this weapon is not going to be overpowered and is going to be the absolute new face of mod Warfare 3, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Continuing with multiplay, we'll begin the return of three modes in Warfare 3. First of all, we have Team Gunfight. This is actually a brand new game mode, not a return game mode, but as the name suggests, it's simply your normal gunfight, but instead of two V2, it's going to be six V6.

And that's it, and the second return mode in Mona 3 is going to be headquarters. And finally, we'll be getting the return of the infected. Of course, infected returned with the Christmas update, and now here it is: infected will be permanently added in mod Warfare 3. Next up, we have a very, very big addition to the Monare 3 multiplayer, and that is none other than ranked play.


Yes, that's right, ranked play will be returned in Mon Warfare 3 with the season one load update. Mon Warfare 3's rank play will work the same exact way as it did in Mon Warfare 2 last year. You, of course, start off as level one, and as you win matches, you earn skill ratings and increase that skill rating by doing well in games by winning games, and then, of course, you climb up divisions; you have bronze and Silva; you have gold through Crimson; you have iridiscent; and finally, you have the top 250.

So, like I said, mod Warfare 3 is rank play; it's going to work the same exact way as it did in mod Warfare 2 and the B You guys, the addition of rank play is definitely very welcome. To finish off the multiplay side of things, we'll be getting a brand new crossover with the boys. Yes, we saw a crossover with the boys last year in Mon Warfare 2.

This is going to be a bit different; it's going to add new characters to the game. The first of the two boy operators that'll begin in Mona 3 is going to be a train; he'll be arriving with his own Tracer and pack operator bundle, and the second operator from the Boss TV show that'll be making her way into the game is going to be none other than Firecracker.

massive cod modern warfare 3 s1 reloaded update

She will also have her own Tracer Pack operator bundle, and alongside the two new operators, she will also be getting a new limited-time boys event called the Boys Soup. Siege We will have six challenges to complete. Each challenge will come with its own reward, and for completing all six challenges, you will be rewarded with the new LMG the Boys special blueprint.

The six challenges are as follows: Get one to operate on heat vision elimination in boy mode. Deactivate 20 pieces of equipment using the Dos field upgrade. Get four operated eliminations using the MTZ 762, Get two operator eliminations in a single life or simply double kills with the overkill vest equipped five times.

Get 15 operator-akimbo eliminations, and finally, get seven operator-operated eliminations using lethal equipment. When it comes to the multiplayer side of things that we do with that, everything arriving in multiplayer season one loaded update. Now let's move on to zombies, and quite frankly, zombies are quite disappointing.

massive cod modern warfare 3 s1 reloaded update the boys crossover new weapons more

There isn't much apart from just one thing, okay, just one single thing, and that is the addition of the new warlord, Dobi. And that's it. Next up, we move on to the war zone side of things, and there are a couple new additions in terms of the war zone. First of all, we'll be seeing the return of the Champions Quest in Arakan.

Or simply, the nuk contract will be returned in War Zone 3, and the description for the Champions quest in War Zone 3 reads the following: The first step is to win 30 games total within a season or five consecutive matches, okay, so unlike on Monday 2 last year, where in order to activate the new contract, you have to win five consecutive matches.

No, this time around you can win 30 matches in one season; it will also activate the new contract, and then they say complete that, and the next steps will fall into place. I'm not going to let you guys down. I'm excited to see who will complete this first, but yeah, the addition of the new contract will definitely be interesting.

massive update mw3

Next up, we have the brand new addition of the Night Vision G-like public event at night. Gak was first introduced at the Call of Duty Next event, then was also shown in the season 1 update, and now it will finally be making its way into the season 1 load update. I'm super excited to see how this changes the gags.

This will definitely make gags even more interesting, and moving on from that, we'll have for the first time ever the addition of the weapon cases in the war zone Battle Royale. They have simply taken this feature from DMZ and put it for the first time ever in the war zone, and it's going to work the same way as it did in the war zone.

Massive COD Modern Warfare 3 S1 Reloaded Update! The Boys Crossover, New Weapons More. In this video we go over the new massive COD Modern Warfare 3 S1 Reloaded update which includes The Boys crossover, new Weapons and more. Massive COD Modern Warfare 3 S1 Reloaded update.
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