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New upcoming events, warzone mobile launch & rewards!

New upcoming events, warzone mobile launch & rewards!

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we're going to talk about an upcoming massive event as well as a bunch of different free rewards that you'll be able to unlock, including free operators, weapon blueprints, and so much more. We're also going to talk about other things that you definitely need to know about that are currently going on in Call of Duty.

We also got a brand new blog post with more information in regards to war zone mobile pre-registration. Improvement: the last time I talked about Geara booster, I also saw a lot of positive comments with players getting their ping down as low as five. Geara Booster is also available on your phone with a very easy to ouse app.

I was able to lower my ping on COD Mobile by over 80%. And if you're on Conso, don't worry; they also have a gaming router called Hyper Rev that can do the same exact thing. Be sure to give the Gear Up booster a try.

Warzone mobile launch trailer & new blog post

Warzone mobile launch trailer & new blog post

In today's article, we ended up receiving a brand new trailer. This was one for War Zone Mobile, and they posted it over on YouTube a couple hours ago. I'll go ahead and showcase it here in case you haven't seen it yet, but they ended up dropping along with a blog post that pretty much covers all the details in regards to cross-progression.

How you'll be able to log in the different types of rewards that are available the benefits of playing on war zone mobile the events that are going to be available and so much more and I'm going to go ahead and explain that so they first start off saying that Call of Duty war zone mobile features a vast array of content and due to the robust shared progression system this game enables with MW3, and War Zone it's very important to understand which game elements including the weapons the store bundles and other content is going to be shared across which titles and which content is going to be exclusive only to war zone mobile they end up providing this photo right here that pretty much showcases a different set of icons for what is going to be available so some things come in from MW2.

How to pre register for warzone mobile & free rewards

How to pre register for warzone mobile & free rewards

You have first the ghost-condemned operator skin, which is going to be this green version that we have seen multiple times in the past, and then he has two different weapon blueprints. The first one is called the X12, Prince of Hell, which is a MW2 weapon blueprint for the pistol. The third reward is another weapon blueprint for the M4 called The Arc Fiend.

You also get access to a large decal, I believe, or their emblems. And then on top of that, there's like the other things that are going to be available for everyone, so these are the rewards that you simply get for pre-registering; there's also going to be rewards that you'll be able to get for daily login rewards; and another set of rewards you'll be able to get from the Operation Day Zero event, which I'll be talking about as well.


The first way that you can actually log into Call of Duty which is the completely wrong way I can't stress this enough do not do this or else you will not be able to share progression and you won't be able to get these rewards on your main account but they mention if you've never played Call of Duty before and you first log in and download war zone mobile, it's going to give you the opportunity, to play as a guest if you play as a guest this is going to make you a fresh account completely from scratch which you'll have to level up and work on all over again and if you end up doing that you will not be able to connect it to your Call of Duty Activision, account and you actually will need to uninstall.

Call of Duty: War Zone mobile entirely, and redownload it if you want to end up getting your COD account connected, and if you end up doing that, it may take away your pre-registration. So I highly recommend that you don't end up logging in as a guest. Here's how you properly do it: They said no if you already play on the Call of Duty Playstation, Xbox Live Net, or Steam.

cod mw3

You can access your Call of Duty ID by going to Call of Duty. When logging in, you have to use the same information that you log in to that website to log into War Zone Mobile, so it's not going to take your Steam information; it's not going to take your Xbox or PlayStation; it has to be your Call of Duty Activision.

Email and your Activision, password, and once you log in there the first time you access war zone mobile it's going to say that you want to either log in or you want to click the play now button these are the two options that you get do not click play now if you click that that's actually going to make you a guest click on the log in and log into your Activision, account and here once again they mention if you end up playing in as a guest you have to uninstall war zone mobile completely in order to actually redownload it and be able to log in again another thing they mentioned instruction for limited release iOS players for players on iOS devices who are playing the limited release, which means you're playing it before the game actually launched at worldwide launch on March 21st.

cod mw3 rewards

Make sure you download the worldwide release version, so it's going to be a completely separate version than the one you're currently playing on, and that's going to be available in the App Store. This worldwide release version is a completely separate application, and your progress will carry over from the limited release as long as you complete one of the following: use a Call of Duty Activision account ID as your primary login. Or upgrade your guest account to a Call of Duty account found VIA the upgrade account in menu for those only using guest accounts and not upgrading make sure you have logged in once on the most recent iOS version of the limited release build once before switching over to the new build if you're on Android and you got early access to it you're good because it automatically, will be updated to the worldwide version so you don't have to worry about switching or changing anything just make sure your build is updated and check back for the latest update on the road to worldwide launch now is where they mentioned the rewards the first thing is the game preparation, daily login rewards they provide us a photo right here as you can see there's a couple sets of different rewards that you're able to get there's things like stickers a 1H hour Double XP token a weapon blueprint.

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