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Mw3 multiplayer season 1 reloaded content overview

Mw3 multiplayer season 1 reloaded content overview

Welcome back! We got the official season 1 reloaded blog post, so that's what we're covering here on the channel. I will have a second upload going up later today, and I will cover the new update that we received with the patch. So expect two articles today, but let's go ahead and let's get into it.

This is the artwork that they have for season 1 reloaded, and here's what they said. The battle expands in season 1 reloaded and arrives in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, with the mid-season update bringing an all-new multiplayer map, a new mode introduction, ranked play, the Champions Quest, a new gulock public event, and more.

And then here's just some more photos that they ended up showcasing. And then we have the new 6v6 map, which is Rio. They show different angles of what this map will look like, so here's a photo of what that looks like. The first one is going to be a team gunfight, which is going to be a gunfight at a larger scale, so now it's going to be 6v6.

And that will have the same exact rules that gunfights usually have: loadout changes and everything throughout the match, and the rules pretty much stay the same, just it's not 6 vs. 6 the second thing that we have a new photo of is headquarters. This is going to be securing the headquarters objective and holding the position as long as possible.

We saw this in past Call of Duty titles; if you played this before, you probably already know about it, and then we also have infected. It says to begin the match with one player randomly assigned as the starting infected, and the infected player's goal is to eliminate and transform all the other players. I'm not entirely sure why they announced that, like, that's new, which we've already had that before, but I guess they took off the Holiday version and brought in the regular one, and then we have the boys event that they have now officially announced.

Mw3 the boys event season 1 reloaded overview

Mw3 the boys event season 1 reloaded overview

It says the boys LTM and event challenges.

So compete in the souped-up version of Kill confirmed, inspired by the hit TV series The Boys in the Swist on the classic Mode Fallen operators drop doses of temperature V and give temporary power boosts like heat vision to those who swoop in to collect them, and here's some more detail on that: Got soup Siege prove that you belong to the soups by completing six challenges in the boys mode, and it says get one operator heat vision elimination in the boys mode and you'll get a calling card.

The active activates 20 pieces of equipment using a You get an emblem and four operator eliminations. Using the MTZ 762, battle pass tier skip Get two operator eliminations in a single life with the overkill vest equipped, and five times reward a large decal. The next challenge is going to be to get 15 operator akimbo eliminations.

You get a weapon charm. The next one is to get seven operator eliminations using lethal equipment, and you will get a double XP token. There is a master reward for this. Complete all six challenges to earn the boy's special LMG weapon blueprint, featuring four attachments equipped with a whopping 150 round drums and incendiary ammunition for aggressive super fire.

I believe that is for the tack eradicator, if I'm not mistaken, but it seems like they took away one of the challenges we had with the boys versus the seven, and it seems like. I guess, because there are no members of the boys, they're just doing the seven challenges, but these are the challenges and rewards.

Mw3 ranked play season 1 reloaded content

Mw3 ranked play season 1 reloaded content

That they've shown us so far, the next thing that we have is going to be multiplayer, ranked play, so they say Cutup season one reloaded introduces multiplayer rank play like the pros in a competitive 4v4 match using the same settings, maps, and modes as the CDL league, and then ring play becomes available after players reach level 55.

All unrestricted gameplay items are unlocked for use in ring play, regardless of how much you've previously unlocked. Some weapons, kill streaks, equipment, and gameplay content are restricted in rank play to match the CDL rules, and your rank will begin at rank one, so it doesn't carry from Modern Warfare 2; you'll have to start all over, and you will start at bronze one, and you'll have to advance through the eight skill ranks and divisions, which are the same exact rules and regulations that we saw with Modern Warfare 2's ranked play.

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And then for the rank play maps and modes, we have Search and Destroy, we have Hardpoint, and we have control, and in each of these modes, there's going to be specific maps that you can see in search of destroying high-rise invasions. Karachi skidded R and Terminal, and then it's different maps for each mode, but the next one that we have says ranks Play Rewards: The first challenge is Win five ranked matches to earn the Modern Warfare 3 season 1 competitor weapon sticker win.

10 ranked matches to earn the pro-Isue gutter knife weapon blueprint, win 20 ranked match matches to win the script writer weapon charm with 30 ranked play matches to earn the bu built different large decal win 40 ranked matches to earn the Modern Warfare 3 rank play season 1 loading screen, and finally, at 50 ranked wins, you get yourself the MW3, rank one veteran camo.

These are different rewards than the operator skins, which are the skill divisional rewards, so bronze, silver, and gold Crimson iridescent. As you rank up through these, they've mentioned that you will get an animated emblem, a weapon charm, and an operator skin. So this time around there is not a camo for this, but I'll have a screenshot right here that showcases the different rewards for each rank, and then the top 250 will obviously get their own, and if you reach number one, you'll get a brand new calling card that tells the world that you are number one, but going on to the zombie side of things, it says zombies overview.

Zombies season 1 reloaded content update

Zombies season 1 reloaded content update

Take on a new warlord. A new warlord enters the exclusion zone in the form of a South Korean-born Doabe. If you can defeat her, you will get some high-tier loot, and this is the warlord. The photo that they show of her says to prepare for a new challenge in the form of South Korean-born Doabe. They say it again: a key lieutenant within terminous outcomes.

Doakab Be boasts a deep understanding of electronic warfare and access to a fleet of self-programmed, autonomous drones ready to attack deadbolt operators on site. Operators who find Daab Be's Fortress, which will be at the top of a skyscraper in Zerovan City, a new technological savath the warlord uses drone turrets, and a Wilson as their main line of defense squads skilled enough to get past your initial deterrent will find an elusive opponent equally capable.

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