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Huge mw3 season 2 reloaded events early first look!

Huge mw3 season 2 reloaded events early first look!

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we're going to talk about the season 2 reloaded events, mainly the Warhammer event, the Dune Rule of Fate event, as well as the decay's real event. There's also going to be other minor ones, like St. Patrick's Day one got an early look at the details for these events, such as the camo rewards, the different weapon blueprints that are going to be available, and all the details that you need to know, so I got that covered here in today's article.

Let's go ahead and get into it.

Mw3 warhammer 40k season 2 reloaded event details & rewards

So the The first one that we have is going to be Warhammer. This one Call of Duty has been oddly silent about this; they haven't announced anything officially yet, but with the amount of leaks that we've seen, it all confirms that we are going to receive this Warhammer crossover.


Usually, when it comes to the official roadmap blog post that they dropped for us, like in season 2, when they did that already, they showcased all the different events that were going to be coming in season; they mentioned that there was going to be a d one; they mentioned there was going to be the decay's realm one; sadly, they never mentioned Warhammer.

At all, but based on all of the leaks that we have in the files, this is probably going to be the biggest event that we will receive this season. Now, they did give a small teaser about that; they talked about there being a new Jugger msh LTM, which I'll talk about in just a second, but at the very bottom, they mentioned that there was going to be an event to launch alongside this limited time mode.

It didn't name the exact event and sort of kept that quiet for some reason, so I'm expecting this upcoming Wednesday tomorrow or after tomorrow on Thursday. We will get a new road map, and I feel like there's going to be some new marketing photos. They're probably going to drop a huge teaser trailer for that Warhammer crossover.

cod mw3

If it does happen, we have seen them do this in the past. If the reloaded update is big enough, they will drop an entire new marketing road map. We saw that with season 4 reloaded of Modern Warfare 2 when they did the massive boys event that sort of brought in Homelander as the main character front and center.

I'm guessing it's going to be something like that, with like an ultramarine or a space marine, someone from Warhammer being the main focus of the road map. But yeah, this is like a little example that I made already a couple days ago. They're probably going to drop something very similar to this in the next few days, but let's talk about the content that you're actually going to be able to get to enjoy and play.

As I said, there's going to be a new Jugger MOS LTM. And because we talked about how in the files there was actually a Space Marine, a blue ultramarine, leaked as well as the blood angels that were also leaked, and these are going to be coming in as Juggernaut outfits, so this is just a little quick showcasing and recap.

cod mw3 season 2 reloaded

If you guys missed out on any of those articles, these are not going to be operator skins; they're going to be Juggernaut outfits. It makes complete sense if they made them. Multiplayer Mode variant called Jugger Mar, which means that you are going to be able to actually look at the operator skin that you put on, so if you put on these ultramarine blood Marine outfits, you're going to be able to actually see what they look like.

Remember, a lot of you guys wanted to see third person come back in Call of Duty, and this is actually a mode that's going to have that, but other than that, it says this is an all-juggernaut, combat all the time within matches of kill confirmed, domination, and hardpoint, and here are the details.

cod mw3 season 2 reloaded content update

Aside from the wanton Mayhem, this mode brings additional rules that add a tactical twist, maneuver your hulking armor to the middle of the map, and secure a powerful, one-hit-kill melee weapon. This melee weapon is more than likely going to be a variant of the Soul render melee weapon that is going to be introduced in the reloaded update.

This is definitely something that we've already seen finishing moves being added based on. This gives you a little bit more evidence that the Jugger Mar LTM is actually tied to Warhammer as well, and then it says it gives you tremendous close-range power at the expense of becoming the biggest threat on the battlefield, dropping an adversary, and inspecting the remains.

You can grab armor from fallen objects and bulk yourself up, which is one of the new features. I'm not entirely sure if that's something you're able to do in Warhammer, but then it says to also check the health bar above your enemy's head and ensure your head shots matter as this damage is increased.

cod warhammer 40k

Apart from the cranial weak spot, your armor is impressive enough to prevent any kind of fall damage; in fact, dropping from a tall enough structure creates a ground pound and area of effect stun only air support killstreaks are available. Along with weapon reloads for your juggernaut armaments, specific perks, and stronger melee damage even without the special weapon, this encourages a more combo-centric combat strategy where melee grenades and gun pairings are created depending on the engagement, based on the research and the things that I saw with Warhammer.

This is definitely a style that they use. I saw that in one hand they had guns, and in another hand they had chainswords, and it looks like this is the style that Call of Duty is trying to replicate and bring into this LTM anyway. They also mentioned that there was going to be an event taking place, so that means there's going to be some sort of challenge that you'll need to complete.

mw3 blue steel camo

I'm thinking it's going to be similar to, like, the crypted boot camp; it's going to be a too-long event. There will be challenges that you'll need to complete, and upon completing all those challenges, you'll be able to get different types of rewards. Among the rewards is the blue steel camo, which is apparently tied to the Warhammer event, so this will be a mastery camo that you'll be able to unlock.

There's also a first-ever riot shield weapon blueprint that is added for the first time in Modern Warfare 2 or 3, and we don't know if it's going to be a part of a bundle or if it's only going to be usable in that Jugger. But it looks to me like it might be a free reward based on this clip where you see they're putting on different types of camos and skins on it, and it definitely looks like it's a weapon blueprint, not something just usable in a mode, and then on top of that, there's also the finishing move.

HUGE MW3 Season 2 Reloaded Events EARLY SHOWCASE! Warhammer 40k, Decay Realm, St Patrick, MORE - Modern Warfare 3 Season 2 Reloaded Content Update Events.
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