News - Warzone 2: The Season 2 Reloaded Update Changed A Ton Of Things. Warzone 2 Update 1. 40 Notes

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Just for the sake of mentioning everything, we're just going to breathe past all.

General, new content for modern warfare 3 in season 2 reloaded

General, new content for modern warfare 3 in season 2 reloaded

These are the new weapons of Thea Subverter as a weekly challenge reward, the Soul render as a battle pass sector reward, the maps we have DOS House remastered and airborne and skid grow coming later on, we have new modes of bounty and Jugger Mosh coming throughout the season, and the new aftermarket parts include the Hoger 556.

Jack backsaw, kit the bass B Jack Outlaw 277.

New gameplay changes for modern warfare 3 in season 2 reloaded

cod mw3

Kit and we'll have the new events of the Dune rule of Fate live now the Warhammer 40K for the emperor event upcoming, and the vortex decay's realm to wrap up season 2 in a couple of weeks but okay that's a lot let's take a look at some other changes though with other content and balancing passes for Modern Warfare 3 because there's still a lot there too one of the first things is something that's across both Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone the new Crosshair transition, fixes this is something that is just building upon what we saw with the season 2 launch updates for the crosshairs and how everything worked like that but it says upon aiming down sight the Crosshair will now transition directly to the center of the player screen, rather than easing into position again continuing the improvements from season 2's launch but then we also saw the new features of the added ability to filter attachments by subcategories.

In the gunsmith, optics can be filtered into hybrid four times thermal sniper scope 2.5, times Red Dot reflex, and hollow sights muzzles can be sorted into breachers, flashers, suppressors, comps, and brakes, and under barrels can be sorted into hand stops, unmounted weapons, bipods, vertical grips, and angled grips.

It also added the ability to track up to five challenges to view outside the challenge menu; track challenges can appear in the in-game pause menu and Lobby; and added the Mark all red button in the social notification center. Having recorded this before, the update's actually playable, and the changes are live here at this point.

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I'm very excited if that challenge tracking thing is something that actually does apply. I'm thinking it will be huge and very beneficial for things like camo challenges if it again applies to that, but that's just something that I'm really happy to see again if I'm understanding that properly. Anyway, some map changes.

We saw some stuff in regards to minor details, but the one that really stood out to me was the shipment. It's now strangely being entirely replaced by Shipus, the Christmas variation that snow covered variation from season 1 of shipment, so it's still the same layout and everything, but it's just thematically different.

Now that we're getting into spring and summer, why not throw a snow cover coverage shipment map into the rotation here at this point as the permanent selection? Anyway, kind of jokes aside, it is cool to see it thematically changed, but I honestly wasn't expecting them to replace the standard shipment.

It feels like it could have done well as the sort of one that comes up in the rotation every so often that both are in that rotation, so you have the opportunity to play both rather than just replacing one. But anyway, that's something to consider: balancing. We have a lot of weapons balancing up on the deck here, so let's jump into it on screen.

You'll see all the specific details, but just to sort of save some time here and not list off every detail, we're going to end up sort of just talking about these in generalities.

New weapon tuning in modern warfare 3 season 2 reloaded

New weapon tuning in modern warfare 3 season 2 reloaded

Along with a few other things, the MTZ 762. Had a mixed bag here at this where it decreased the horizontal recoil nice to see but also increase the vertical recoil and then also incompatible, under Barrel attachments, can no longer be equipped so again one of those things that doesn't really affect the weapon too much but more so it's just fixing something there that was problematic, the ram 9 SMG nothing was done at the base of the weapon but all three attachments that were adjusted saw Buffs and benefits here added to it the amr9, again the jacket and double barrel this again being one of those ones that's just like it kind of Alters the weapon but not anything that's too crazy or like detrimental or beneficial but the bullets on the jack at and double barrel now fire vertically instead of in a randomized spread the wsp 9 saw overall Buffs here and made it a little bit better as did the Rival 9 with a jack Head Hunter carbine conversion.


The PDSW just simply fixed some of the alignments of the default iron sight optic and the lockn sub sawbuffs across the board, as well as the shotguns of the Lockwood 680. The damage pet count now remains at six regardless of the ammo capacity, so again, that's one of those things that alters the weapon but may not be detrimental or beneficial.

The lmgs the pulm yacht had an increase the aim down sight idle sway so whenever you aim down sight and just simply watching that go it's going to be more powerful so a Nerf there and then the Jack Annihilator bullet pup saw it decrease that bullet velocity the bru MK9 here got a ton of love interested to jump in here and check this out in Modern Warfare 3 and both war zones because it did also have the same things reciprocated, over there so excited to see where that now Falls in the updated air quote meta the xrk stalker and the cat AMR snipers both saw Buffs to the aimd down sight speed while the SPX 80 saw a Nerf to it slightly. The handgun out of the core 45 had an increase to the bullet velocity on the conversion kit, and then the retti as well as the 9mm demon from Modern Warfare 2 just had some adjustments that don't really hurt or benefit the weapon too much, just fixes to underlying issues, and finally the Storm Ender saw EMP effects now properly applying to enemies in free-for-all modes, again one of those things that is a problem but doesn't change the weapon at its base.

Bug fixes for modern warfare 3 in season 2 reloaded

Bug fixes for modern warfare 3 in season 2 reloaded

Beyond that, in terms of multiplayer, the content bug fixes the top 250 rank camo will now preview as animated, which apparently was meant to be animated, but we didn't actually see that happen with the season 2 launch.

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