News - First Look: Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded Content Update. Operators, Rewards, Warhammer 40k Event, More

Early season 2 reloaded content revealed!

Early season 2 reloaded content revealed!

Welcome back to a brand new article. So earlier today, Call of Duty gave us our first official piece of marketing for season 2 reloaded. Update: They have revealed there's going to be more than three different operators that are going to be coming in. We're going to go ahead and talk about these different operators, the events, and so much more.

We also have some other topics that you definitely need to know about, like some free rewards that are currently available right now for you to unlock, and I'll show you guys how to get them. A quick reminder: I did post a article yesterday going over the upcoming content. That season 2 reloaded is going to have zombies, so if you want to know about the Dark Eternity Rift location, the brand new contracts, the new story missions, the rewards, and all those details.

Free store gift pack in mw3

I have already covered them in yesterday's article. We got a brand new store update, and this brought in a free gift pack that you can unlock right now and that will give you three different rewards. The first one is called the rebuild barrier, which is a weapon sticker; the second reward is a large decal called the Pain of Death; and the third and final reward is a weapon charm called the Goal on the Go. I believe that was added with today's store update, so you have a couple days to redeem it before it gets rotated out and replaced with different rewards.

Free cod x dune calling card rewards & how to get them!

Free cod x dune calling card rewards & how to get them!

And speaking of rewards. Call of Duty tweeted out a promotion that they're doing with Dune right now that can get you two free calling cards, and it's actually very simple to do, and here's how you can do it.

they said which house will you rep team atres, or Harkin in to celebrate the Dune movie coming to theaters today we've partnered with Warner Bros pictures and legendary to give out free limited edition calling cards and here's how you get them if you're in the US, text Cod, or Cod to. I just put random letters for the first and last names.

You can pick any city in the world and just fill that out. The email doesn't have to be real, either. I put my real email because I thought it would email me something, but it actually doesn't, and then once you do that and you click accept, it will then send you another text message saying thanks for joining the Dune Community, your code shortly, and then they say message frequency will vary and then they give you your code shortly after.

What you want to do is go to Call of {575}, and I'll have a link down. Below in the description, for those of you guys, log into your Call of Duty account and claim the code, and it will say you have unlocked the Duke of Araxis calling card as well as the Champion of Cruelty calling card. As a disclaimer, they also let you know that you will not receive the calling cards until March 6, so I did redeem them today.

I checked Call of Duty. I didn't have it in my locker, but it will be added automatically. On the 6th, I'm not exactly sure why there is a delay with that, but these are free rewards nonetheless, and I would definitely take advantage of that because this is going to be going away. I believe the promotion is going to end if you don't redeem the codes anyway. Going on to.

First look cod x warhammer 40k event

First look cod x warhammer 40k event

The next topic is that today we received our first piece of marketing from Call of Duty, and they actually tweeted this out at the same time that they usually post the blog post, so around 10 a.m. Pacific Standard time, they said operators are only as strong as the oaths that they uphold, inspired by the Warhammer, 40K Universe, Space Marines sisters of battle, and Astro militum.

Sorry if I said that the wrong skins and more are coming to Call of Duty: War Zone and Modern Warfare 3, and then they ended up providing and showcasing this little gift. I tried to read some of it, but I couldn't read the very top. But in the middle, it says that with fire in our hearts, we refuse the foe in all quarters, and with the will of the emperor guiding our hands, we will never falter in his service.

The next paragraph is a little harder to read; it says by bolt and flame, by faith, wrath, and unrelenting, Something, do we brave something something? Humanity before us, and then it says there can be no bystanders in the battle for survival. Anyone who will not fight by our side is going to be our enemy, and we must crush them.

There is no peace. Among the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter and the laughter of a thirsting God, I'm going to be completely honest. I have no idea what this means.

New warhammer mode, event, & rewards!

New warhammer mode, event, & rewards!

It seems like this is something in regards to the story line, something in regards to like the war and all that's going on with that, but then when you take a look, it looks like a riot shield as well, that's showcased here, or at least a piece of armor, and then in the background, that looks to me like Fortune SK.

So not only where the leaks where we previously talked about how it is coming into multiplayer, we have a new Jugger MOS LTM, and that was going to have that new sword melee weapon available in it. The guess is that it's going to be the chain sword, and then the outfits that you're going to be able to use in that mode are going to be the ultramarines and the Space Marines because they are like 14 feet tall and it would be very difficult to turn them into operator skins, so my guess is they're actually going to be free for you to use and to play because they're going to be available through this LTM.


It wouldn't make sense for them to bring them into the store and try to sell you Juggernaut outfits. First off, it's not easy to get a Juggernaut every single game, and even when you get it, you're not going to be able to really see the outfit in normal modes. This mode is actually going to be in third person, so it will give you the opportunity to get to see that Space Marine outfit that you're going to be able to rock, and it's more than likely going to be a free-to-play cosmetic.

But on top of that, there were also other cosmetics that were leaked; for example, a riot shield blueprint. This might be among the rewards; we know that there's the blue steel camo that's also going to be a part of this event as a free reward that you'll be able to unlock as well, and also don't forget that there is that Servo Skull Warhammer finishing move.

I think that this will also be a free part of the event, for the reason that in the big holiday Christmas event we saw the elf secution make its way into the game, and it was actually a free reward, and you didn't need to purchase anything in order to get it. It would make sense that would also be a big reward. Also in the post, they did mention that there were going to be different types of skins coming in, so the first one they said was going to be the Space Marines.

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