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Huge mw3 content update today!

Huge mw3 content update today!

Welcome back to a brand new article! Today, we got a brand new content update. I covered all the details and everything that you need to know about it in this one article. If you find the article helpful or informative at any point, don't forget to like and subscribe. Just a reminder: I did double-up yesterday.

Feel free to check them out. We went over all the patch notes for the 2.2 gigabit update that went live yesterday. There were also a lot of issues that update brought in, which I covered, including false bands and other things like that. But let's go ahead and jump into the content that we have today.

The very first thing we received brand new piece of patchel.

Renetti carbine kit nerfed

420 mw3 event

This is actually one change and one change only, and that was for the renetti. As they told us, the Renetti was going to get nerfed. We thought it might have been with maybe next week's update, but they decided no, we're going to get that tomorrow, and here's what they did: The Jack Ferocity Carbine kit Max damage decreased to 28, down from 36.

Which is a massive decrease. The minimum amount of damage decreased to 24, down from 28. The maximum damage range decreased to 12.44. M, down from 17.52. The lower torso multiplier increased to 1.1 up from one arm, and the hand multiplier increased to 1.1. Up from one Jay God he went over, he tested this out, looked at the ttk, and just compared it to some of the other weapons, and the average ttk that he got was 635 milliseconds from close range and 770 milliseconds from far range.

Apparently, this is actually aligned with HRM. 9, so now they do the same exact type of ttk; the only difference is that the renetti actually is just much slower than what the HRM does. So it looks like we might be going back to the season 2 reloaded meta, where we have HRM 9 as that dominant SMG.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Horus compares to the Retti or the HR M9, based on all the Nerfs that they have already gotten. It does look like that SMG needs a little bit of a buff; it's still a decent weapon, and you can use it, but as of right now, it looks like the top three SMGs are going to be the redti, the HRM, 9, and the striker, 9, which is very close behind. I do cover meta loadouts over on the second channel, but I just wanted to let you guys know about this massive Retti Nerf.

Blaze up event challenges & rewards

Blaze up event challenges & rewards

Anyway, let's jump into the next thing that we have, which is the brand new content that is now live. The official blaze-up event has officially started. These are all the different challenges and rewards that you're able to get.

It's now available for you in the event tab. You're able to do this across multiplayer. War Zone and zombies, so whichever mode you prefer to play, you can do the challenges. Top of this event, which we covered already a couple of days ago.

New daily login rewards showcase

There is a brand new set of daily login rewards that you're able to get for five different consecutive days.

As you can see here, this menu will pop up when you first load into the game. If it doesn't appear, you can go over to your settings, and then the last tab is daily login, and click on that just to verify that you got the reward. Here's what the rewards are: The first one is called the slide guy emblem that you'll get on day one; on day two, you unlock the fumigation large decal.

On day three, you unlock the roll one out weapon sticker. On day four, you unlock a 1 hour, double battle pass XP token, and on the final day, you unlock an animated calling card called DET.

Get new bundles early & showcase

Get new bundles early & showcase

Tangled up at the moment, this event is only here for 10 days, so you need to log in for half of those days, which is , and then at the bottom they also showcase the brand new bundles that are available as of right now; they're only available through this tab. I went over into the store and couldn't find the Stony slot that way, so you'll have to go in through the daily login rewards.

In order to be able to see this bundle at this current time, there are also numerous players who have reported that they've gotten the Cheich and Chong bundles to also appear. In my case, I only have the Stony Sloth Tracer pack; other people are saying that it may have been removed. So if you logged in within the first 10 to 15 minutes, they accidentally had these bundles up, and you were able to get them right away.

blaze up event

As of right now, it doesn't look like that's the case anymore. If they do come back, it will be available here in this tab. Here's a quick showcase of both of those operator bundles. The first one is the stony sloth; it brings in the feeling sloth, and the operator skin costs $2,400. Cod points out that it will feature a skin for Captain Price, and then you get two different weapon blueprints.

One is going to be for the WSP Swarm, which is a kimbo. You also got Tracer effects and a death effect, and that's what they will look like. Following that, you get one more weapon blueprint, and that is going to be for the XR K stalker, and then the rest of the bundle will contain things like large decal sticker emblems and that usual stuff.

The Chichin Chong operator bundle, on the other hand, is going to cost you 3, 000 Cod points, bringing in two operators. We did talk about what these bundles are going to include already in the past, so I'll just roll the article so you guys can see that, but if you are interested in it and it's not available for you at the moment, you can expect that it will come in during the duration of this event, which is a total of 10 days, so you can expect it to be within those 10 days that you'll be able to see the rewards and unlock them at some point.

Blaze up event part 2 & new modes

Blaze up event part 2 & new modes

There's also something else to know : there's secretly a second part to this event that has not gone live as of right now. They're probably going to go live within the next couple of days, probably with next week's Wednesday update, but those are going to be the two brand new modes for multiplayer.

It's called the Get High Parkour Map, and this is the early footage that we got. Shout out to Bob Network for this. It's a parkour map that you'll be able to play. It's super bright and has those retro neon types of colors, and this is what it looks like. And then following that, there's also another mode, and that's for you guys who play on War Zone.

This one is called High Trip Resurgence. We did something about this before, but that mode will pretty much drop gummies, and they will give you super special abilities and give you these different powers. There's also hidden challenges that you're going to be able to do within this LTM, which we did talk about and discussed in the past articles.


New playlist update & triple 2xp event now live

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