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Call of Duty has tons of different settings that can be useful for graphics, audio, and gameplay, as well as some other settings that aren't quite as useful. The one section of settings that all players can agree is most important to your gameplay experience is the controller settings, except if you're playing on a mouse and keyboard.

If somebody came and changed your sensitivity and your aim assist type, you'd probably notice fairly quickly. Or is this another random setting that people claim is important but, in reality, has no effect on your aim in most controller settings?

Dynamic is the best?

However, there is some truth to the fact that one of these three options is much worse than the other two, so let me quickly and easily explain to you what this setting affects and how it works, and I won't even have to tell you which one you should be using; you'll know by the end of this article which one is the best.

Where are the streams and articles?

Where are the streams and articles?

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What do curve types do?

get in touch with you, but to everyone who's been asking for streams, that's what's been going on, but hopefully we have a solution for this soon.

aim assist

With that being said, let's figure out what's going on with this aim response curve type setting for starters. The easiest thing we can do is look at the description of each of the aim response curve types, so Standard says it's ideal for newer players. It has a slow starting movement that speeds up over the aiming rate, so let me make all of these easier to understand.

So for standard, when you start to move your right stick when you're aiming, it's going to be slower at the very start, and then it's going to speed up the more you turn your stick, so if you're trying to look left to right, at the very beginning of looking left, it's going to be slow, and at the very beginning of looking right, it's going to be slower.

best aim assist

Then, when you try to look further right, it's going to speed up quicker. Linear is ideal for players who have mastered the tweaking. Of the aiming settings, the aiming stick maps directly to the aiming rate, so basically, think of a mouse, and keyboard player on the mouse; no matter what, it's always going to have the same sensitivity at all times, and while that sounds great, we'll get into it a little bit more here in just a moment, but for dynamic.

Ideal for more experienced players, it has fast starting movement that slows down to the aiming rate, so it's just the opposite of standard. Really, once you start to aim left and start to aim right, it's a lot snappier; it's a lot quicker than standard or linear, and then it begins to plateau and kind of balance out just like the others do to your normal sensitivity.

best aim assist mw3

These numbers aren't perfect, but based on their descriptions, this is basically how it will go if you're on linear and you play on 88 sensitivity; no matter what, at all times, your sensitivity will be 88, but if you play on standard with 88 sensitivity, at the beginning of looking left or right, your sensitivity is going to be at about a 6 or a 7, and then as you turn more, it's going to go back up to the eight that it belongs at, whereas in dynamic If you're on 88 sensitivity, you might begin looking left or right at 10 sensitivity, but then the more you look, it's going to slow back down to the eight that you want it to be at, so why does this make Dynamics so good?

Why does this make linear so bad or so good for some people? It's basically right in the description; it's for certain types of players. Standards are great for a new player because of their snappy movements and adjustments when they're aiming at someone; if it's too fast, they're going to struggle because they're just not used to aiming with the right stick on a controller, whereas for dynamic, if you're really good at micro adjustments, that very quick speed at the start of looking left or right is going to help you snap onto targets quickly.

This is why most professionals play between four sensitivity and eight sensitivity, with some of the higher uses being around the 10 sensitivity mark. You can still easily snap on to someone when you're using Dynamic because you get that faster speed to your adjustments, and this is why Dynamic is broken in the hands of the best players in the world.

However, the question is: is dynamic broken in the usual day-to-day Call of Duty player who just loaded up after work, just hopped on right after school, or is just playing over spring break? Is dynamic really what you should be using? The answer is, in all likelihood, no. Dynamic is.

Which curve type is the worst?

Which curve type is the worst?

best for the best players Absolutely. If I switched to standard or linear, I would probably get a little bit worse for a couple weeks until I got used to it. I'm not saying I'm one of the best players in the world, but I know I'm pretty good, so I'm just using me as an example here.

If you only play a couple of hours per week, you should not be on Dynamic; you probably shouldn't be on linear, either, because if you ask me if you couldn't tell by now, the one I was talking about earlier is clearly the worst of the three: linear on the controller. You don't want it to always be the exact same; it's just that it sounds good.

best aim assist settings mw3

I know I get it on paper. Why would you ever want your aim to have a variable rate to it? But that's why I'm explaining it. Just trust me; if you want to try linear, be my guest, but it's the only one that I struggle with. Just like standard says, it is ideal for new players, but it's not only ideal for new players; it's also ideal for casual players, in my opinion, or if you're on dynamic, because every article you've ever seen tells you to use dynamic, try switching to standard.

I'm here to be the guy who tells you don't have to trust everyone and says, Okay, I have to use Dynamic. If you don't, you can switch to standard. It has its own pros and cons. The pros for standard would be that if someone's far away, it's going to start out slower when you're aiming, so you're going to be able to fix your micro adjustments quicker on an enemy who's farther away now.

CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS! Best Aim Assist and Sensitivity TIED to Aim Response Curve Type! Warzone MW3.
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