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Weaver X: Today I'm going to be showing you a super easy duplication glitch right here in Modern Warfare 3: Zombie. There are a few prerequisites that we need to have in order to do this glitch, and I'm going to go over those with you right now. So we need to have a large rug sack. We're actually going to need two in total to fix this glitch.

We're going to need a tombstone perk, whether you buy it on the map for 2, 000 points or you have the schematic in order to load in with it, and then we're also going to need to have done act one up to the point of the last mission having the extraction where we can go ahead and deploy to Dr. Johnson's coordinates, and that's going to be a special xfill a special xfill location that we're going to be utilizing for the glitch.

Okay, guys, so if you already have your large rug sack, Go ahead and load it up with everything that you want. Besides one slot, leave the last slot open as we're going to need to buy another large Ru sack for 10, 000 points in the game, as that's what we're going to be using to duplicate whatever we have.

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And guys, if you don't have your large rug sack already, what you need to do is go ahead and load into a game of zombies. Grab some Bounty contracts; it's going to be the fastest way to get money. Just grab them in tier one rinse and repeat till you get 10K, and once you get to 10K, head over to the tier three zone where the shopping center is, where you want to load in some decoy grenades.

The Ether shroud as well will help a lot, as you want to go ahead and just hit this shopping center as fast as you can. Grab the large rug sack for 10K, and then come back, and then now you'll be here, where you have your large rug sack. Load it up with what you want, and then we're going to go ahead and load into the game.

From there, you do not have to have the Act One Jansen xfill. Mission selected: You don't need that; you can just have whatever you have. Confirm it and make sure you have your decoys and ether shroud, because we do need those. It's going to make this very easy in order to grab our large rug sack from the shopping center in Tier 3, so we're going to go ahead and grab whatever delivers the caros and bounties we can find here in Tier 1, to go ahead and get our 12, 000 points.

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If you already have the tombstone schematic that you loaded in with, that'll save you some time, as you're only going to need 10, 000 points instead of 12, which costs 2, 000 for Tombstone. 10, 000 for the large Ru sack All right guys, now that we have enough points to grab our large Ru sack, we are going to head to the shopping center, which is going to be right here in TI 3.

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All right, we are pulling up here to the shopping center, so this is where having the decoy grenades or the Ether Shroud ability is going to really help out because these zombies here are very, very cracked out, so you can go ahead and throw your decoy here, by, and then right here. 10, 000, as you see we have our large rug sack now, let's go ahead and get out of here, and then from here guys what I like to do, is come down right here under the dark ether Rift to this gas station here there's going to be a boat there as well it's the marine gas station, and the reason I like coming right here to this is because there is a boat here that's going to spawn every game and we can take that boat straight over to our xville, it's going to make that a lot easier for us, all right then once we arrive here to the stock what we want to do is we want to make sure we don't have any self- revived equip because this will up the Strat so if you do have a self reses go ahead and drop it, and then this is where the Strat is going to take place so this was the whole setup process and then once we once we get to this point we are no longer going to have to go and buy our large Ru sack we are good to go to do the glitch so right here we want to go ahead and go.

Down, and then go ahead and give. Up, and then you'll have the plea for help. Just ignore that; don't ask for help; you don't want to be relieved or anything like that. That's why I recommend going in and doing this and not filling. When you go to do this, just go in solo. You don't want to have teammates or anything.

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Now that we're back in the lobby, we want to go ahead and start the game. We're going to load in with nothing, as you confirm, just telling you that you're going to load in with no weapons. All right now that we're loaded into the game, we're going to go collect our Tombstone stuff and be right there on the map.

Right now that we have all of our stuff, what's really nice is that we can take our boat over to where we need to go. There's also this rift here that looks like the boat didn't spawn in, so we're just going to take this rift here, marking extraction. Zone all, we're right here in Xville. You want to go ahead and hit that.

Again, you're just going to go to wherever the one is with the star on the map—the one that's Jansen Xville. Now we're just going to wait for her to get here, and we're going to. Fill all right, guys, and then this is where the glitch is going to take place, so we're going to hop on the plane, and then we're going to get a black screen.


Once it transitions to the black screen, you need to quit your application if you're on the PlayStation or Xbox. Go ahead and close the application as soon as you see the black screen. If you are on a PC like I am, we are going to hit alt f4, which is going to force close the game, and we're going to do that right when we get the black screen.

F4 let's going to close out of the, game, and then we're going to load up zombies and when we come in here you're going to see we're going to have everything in our rug sack that we just had, and we're going to be able to go ahead and unequipped it all and Stor it in our stash all right now that we have unequipped everything from our stash we're going to go ahead and load right back into the game, and now that we are loaded back in the game as you see our Tombstone is still going to be down here at the Docks so we're just going to head right over there we're going to collect everything and then we're going to head right back to the extraction point and since we equipped our large rug sack it's going to be there already for us to.

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Grab it, go ahead and grab it, grab everything out of here, and we're good to go. There's usually a portal here; on the side, it looks like somebody's already taken it, but there is that portal there in the boat that looks like someone's already beaten us to it, so we're not going to be able to use it.

We're going to have to go ahead and grab our vehicle and then head over to the extraction. Then we'll go ahead and get on the chopper, and we're going to do the exact same thing we did before: we're going to get the black screen. We need to close out the application on Xbox or PlayStation on PC (alt f4).

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