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Okay so for this brand new Tombstone 2.0 glitch you're going to need yourself the burner bike and a bunch of items that you want to duplicate now the burner bike is very useful for this and so is the scorcher within your backpack as well and you'll see why soon but first you want to actually know how this bike works okay so the way it works is if you actually go into water, and when you go into the water and get off the bike and go back on it very quickly, what will happen is it will actually teleport you back to where you were on the land, before you actually left and went onto the water now if you're not far enough into the water it will not work so as you can see right here I'm in the water and I'm going to get off the bike get back on it and it's going to teleport us back to land and that will teleport you back to where you were, before you entered the water now as I said you will need the bloodb burner keys and you can get the schematic for this at my good friend Dam mods.

Com He can also do things like zombie schematics. The borealis and camo unlock the bone operator's skin. Mission boosting and also Max rank weapons in the game as well. Not only that, he does bot lobbies and a whole bunch of other multiplayer stuff. He also has tons of really good reviews, and he's really trusted on Trust Pilot.

He's quick; he's fast and reliable. Check him out. So for the new Tombstone 2.0 glitch, anyone can do this. Just go over to the ACT missions, go over to the end, and just go ahead and activate the countermeasures. Mission: Anyone can activate this, and it's very easy. Now that you've got all that done and you're in the game, you've got all the stuff you want to duplicate in your bag.

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Once you've got everything, you will need to follow this exact process—the path that I show you right here—so bring the bike over to the edge of the map at the top right-hand side next to the out-of-bounds. And you want to take the exact route I just showed you there on the map, towards the mission portal, so we're going to be taking our stop right here on the edge of Tier 3.

As you can see. I'm hovering over the area that's exactly where you want to go with this bike, so it's as simple as saying that you want to leave the starting line if it goes out of bounds at the start. Don't worry; just make sure you go back on the map like I did there. Make sure you stay away from the land on the left and right sides, just to keep yourself safe.

Just stay in the middle of the water, and you will see this bridge. Go underneath the bridge, and then you'll see another bridge. Go underneath that bridge; it's up to you. It makes it easier if you actually waypoint where you're actually going to be going, and when you get over here, this is where you want to do the glitch, so when you get over here, it's the pebbles.

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I've noticed it's the glitched-out part on the ground if you park the vehicle right there on the pebbles. Then you can run all the way up to this portal and activate it just like you would when you're doing the other Tombstone. Method, now this way you don't need to remember no code or anything like that just simply activate the portal and make your way back over to the bike now this is where you have to do the little thing that you practiced earlier with getting on and off the bike in the water once back at the bike get on it and reverse into the water don't go too far or this is not going to work now when you're in the water you want to click Square to get off the bike and click Square straight away to get back on it's going to teleport, you over to the out of bound areas, if it does put you under the map there it's fine just get off the bike it will teleport you back on top of the map then what you want to do is just do the Tombstone glitch the way you would normally, which is by clicking yes on the vote when it hits 3 to 2 seconds then going out of bounds and quitting your application when you get Squad eliminated and the portal screen when it goes onto the black screen that's when I like to quit my application so we've got eliminated.

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And then it gives you the portal screen as well, and once that gives you the black screen, you just quit your app and come back on. You'll get on the game, and you'll notice all the stuff will actually be in the lobby with you, and you'll also have a tombstone in the next game. Also, remember, don't be stupid.

Drink Tombstone before you do this glitch, but yeah, now I'm going to show you how you can do this really quickly. I modified it to make it a lot quicker. Now if you get the exact type of Tombstone that I've got and you get a sniper in your class with a zoom scope on it, make sure you activate that and go in with all the stuff that you took out of the game with you go in with that stuff.

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Okay, now this is how quick this glitch can actually be done. Once you're in the game, activate anything you like that you brought in with you. It does not matter; just use every single item to your advantage. To Scorchers, the main thing we're going to use here is to make sure you can pack a punch it as well, but what you want to do is keep your blood burner, keys for now.

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Do not use them just yet. Using the quick travel scorcher method, by going ahead and boosting it three times that's pack-a-punched and going right across the map really fast, you can go over at this crane at the bottom of the map and zoom into the teddy bear with your sniper. Can, this is what we're going to be needing, this is how you're going to get the tombstone every single game at the start you can now go up to the reward take your tombstone can out of the reward and go straight over to your tombstone that's at the graveyard, once you get over to your tombstone you can actually drop the tombstone can and the keys for the blood burner go to your tombstone and pick up all the items inside it and crumble it then you want to actually use the can itself, then you want to use the blood burner and spawn in the bike and boom would you look at that you can repeat this over and over again and that's how you do the tombstone, 2.0.

Method If you want to learn how to get a large backpack really quickly, then I'll show you that as well. It's simple: head into Tier 2 at the top of the map. You'll see this building right here. You want to go inside the building. Go through the door, run up the stairs, and there's a bunch of lockers.

In the lockers, you can find yourself a large bag; it literally spawns. Most of the time, that's how I get my large bags. You can also get yourself a free-play armor vest from here as well. If you're lucky, you will literally see it in this game. I get nothing in any of these lockers, but then I go to the starting ones that I should have gone to in the first place, and you'll see I got myself a large bag, and then not only that.

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