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Since these are the weapons that require you to get bullet penetration kills in order to get your camos unlocked, today we're going to be covering that topic, and I'm going to be sharing what the best ammo type is to use for bullet penetration kills and some general gameplay tips that may help you get these a little more effectively just while playing essentially normally. As well as some of the best maps and spots to look out for to get these bullet penetration kills as easy as possible , And diving right into it Let's talk about AMMO types.

Best ammo for bullet penetration

Best ammo for bullet penetration

A little bit, a lot of people have been asking me which is the best ammo type if you're trying to get these wallbang kills, because for many of the guns, at least you're going to be having like two to three different ammo types that all state that they help you with bullet penetration, but there's no stated value as to which ones are going to help you more when shooting through surfaces.

And for LMGs, you're typically going to see armor-piercing ammo, round nose ammo, and mono ammo, and I hopped on and did some testing with these, and I was quite surprised to find they all do exactly the same thing with your bullet penetration. You will deal the exact same amount of damage through a given surface, regardless of which one of these ammo types you're using now.

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They all improve your bullet penetration, but they all improve it by the same amount, so I definitely recommend that if you're going for bang kills, just pick one of these ammo types that says that it improves your bullet penetration. But it really doesn't matter which one of these you pick, so that part was pretty simple—a lot more simple than I thought it would be.

I thought there would be some variants here, but there simply aren't.

General wall bang tips

Next, let's get into some general gameplay tips when going for wall bangs. This is more so if you're trying to do it organically, like you're just trying to mix these wall bangs in while playing the game reasonably normally.

One big thing is that if you have an enemy that's in a window and they're shooting at you, just shoot the bottom edge of the window in order to get the kill on that player. Obviously, this does depend on the surface type surrounding the window, but most windows in this game are just going to be a wooden surface, which will have a medium penetration value, and therefore you should be able to shoot through that just fine and get yourself a kill on the people that are camping in a window.

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On the flip side of this, this is a great tip: line yourself up in a situation where there's a choke point in front of you or just a common power position where you know somebody is going to be coming to that position at some point, and they're going to be funneled nicely into a very specific spot.

Have your sights lined up on that spot. Start shooting when you see the enemy player, and as you're doing so, crouch or strafe behind cover. This can work if you have a very high piece of cover that you can shoot through. If you see Target coming to your sights, you start shooting the moment you also start crouching.

This will generally allow you to get them into a lower health state with direct shots, and it'll just be the last few rounds that finish them off through that piece of cover that's in front of you. Additionally, this can work great with various windows. For instance, you can just kind of hover along the edge of the window or even just use the bit of window frame that comes through the middle of the window, and then as you're doing that, you just strafe a little bit to ensure that your bullets are now traveling through that cover in front of you, and that's often great for finishing off a kill.

Additionally, when it comes to general tips, if you're really struggling with this challenge, I definitely recommend going into hardcore game modes. It's generally just going to be a lot easier for you to finish off a kill, because sometimes in core modes, some surfaces may seem like a thin surface, only for you to find out it takes you like 10+ shots with an LMG through that surface in order to get a kill when for the enemy it's only going to be taking them like five bullets to kill you, so that could potentially add a lot of difficulty in core game modes, so hardcore can make that a lot easier, but it's definitely not necessary by any means, and one final general tip I wanted to talk about here is snapshot grenades.

Are snapshots worth using?

Are snapshots worth using?

You would think that snapshots would be the obvious choice because they will show enemy players through walls if they get pinged by a snapshot. But the problem with this is that snapshots aren't that powerful in this game. At least in my opinion, they will only show that enemy glowing through a wall for about 1 second, and when you factor in the amount of time it takes for you to throw that snapshot and then for it to actually go off and mark that enemy, in my experience, by the time that snapshot even goes off, that guy has already come around the corner to challenge you, or he's in a completely different spot where you're not even in a position to shoot him through a wall.


As a result. I've actually found that snapshots can be a bit detrimental to this challenge because you spend too much time trying to get that perfect timing for throwing that snapshot, just when you could just be spraying and praying through a wall. Waiting till you get a hit marker, and then once you do, you just keep spraying in that spot, and that's pretty much it when it comes to the general gameplay tips.

Like I said, pretty straightforward for the most part, and I'm sure many of you guys have been playing Call of Duty for a long time and you already know these tips.

Best wallbang maps and spots

Finally, let's move into some of the best spots that I've got for getting wallbang kills in this game. Before we get into this, just a couple things to point out: First off, not all of these spots are going to work every single time.

Sometimes you get a wall bang in a spot, and then the next kill you get from that exact same position isn't a wall bang. There's definitely going to be some inconsistency here with many of these spots, and another thing I wanted to point out here is that you don't necessarily have to wait for the best maps for wall bangs to pop up, and you don't have to put yourself in these specific spots or anything.


I just wanted to show off the spots that I find are really good for farming these wall bangs, so if you really want to focus on getting these done efficiently, you may want to just work on other challenges until you see these specific maps pop up, and in my opinion, by far the best two maps for doing this challenge are going to be Scrapyard and Highrise.

Bullet Penetration Wall Bang kills are required to unlock Camos for all of the LMGs and the KATT AMR Sniper Rifle in Modern Warfare III and I get asked for tips with this challenge a lot so today, I wanted to share my best wallbang tips and spots to help you complete these challenges fast and easy.
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