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So, as you can see by the title of this article, I'm finally going to reveal exactly how I get easy lobbies in War Zone. The majority of the time, I catch you up if you're new to my channel. Basically, I've tested out multiple vpns to find the best one for easy lobbies in War Zone, and while testing them out, I somewhat accidentally found a method to get easy lobbies super consistently.

And I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to reveal this method, but let's not waste any more time and just get right into it to do this method. I use the VPN service Lago Fast, which I've been testing for the last 7 days, and if you haven't seen those articles yet. I highly suggest watching them to see the lobbies I've been getting into, as well as joining my live streams.

If you don't want to look at all my in-depth testing and stats that I'm about to show you guys and you just want to know exactly how to do the method, even though I think it's important to look at all the info I'm about to show you. I still understand if you're busy, so you can go ahead and skip to the time stamp on the screen right now to see how I use the method for the rest of you.


Let's go ahead and get into the stats for those matches. So right here on this left side are all my matches without any VPN running. If you've watched my other VPN testing articles, then you might notice that this looks a little bit different than my last non-VPN matches, which are right here. And the reason for this new one is because I went ahead and redid all my non-vpn matches on Rebirth Island since these ones were done on Asik Island and Bondell, so I wanted to make it as up-to-date as possible.

A lot of people have been saying Rebirth Island has felt way sweatier than the other maps, which I definitely felt as well, so I wanted to make this as fair as I could, so let's go ahead and get into the matches, and feel free to pause at any time if you want to see each individual match. Now, as you can see, I ended the week without any VPN running with a 2.27 KD.

The week started off ridiculously sweaty and eased up midweek, only to get sweaty again towards the end of the week. A lot of you can probably relate to this since that's just how Call of Duty works, which is super annoying because most of us just want to play a lot more relaxed and not have to try so hard in a non-ranked game mode.


Skill-based matchmaking just makes everything feel ranked. Now you can compare this 2.27 KD to my older vpns that I tested. Here's my KD with Swep. VPN, a 3.15, which is respectable; with Spmm off, it was a 2.76; and then here's No Lag VPN, with a 3.9, which was by far the best VPN to use prior to the Lago Fast method.

So now let's go ahead and look at what my KD ended up being while using the Lago Fast method. As you can see, it was ridiculous. 5.47—that's over a 140% increase in my KD, which is honestly mind-blowing. I mean, I always used to wonder how these streamers could have KDs as high as six or seven.


I know they're good, but with skill-based matchmaking and Call of Duty, there's no way they're getting that high of a KD without using a VPN method like this. So let's actually get into how to do this method so like I mentioned to do is download the Lago Fast software I've seen so far the first thing you're going to want to actually do is download the Lago fast software, and I actually got contact with Lago Fast to make sure you guys got the best deal.

To do that, you're just going to go into the Lago Fast software and then just go to the purchase plan. Section, and then right here, where it says discount, you're just going to click redeem. I already did it, so it's not going to let me do it again, but just click on redeem and type in Curry McFlurry when the prompt comes up, and then that's it.

You'll get 30% off now for your console players. Thankfully, CU, I know console players usually get screwed over by these types of things, so I'm glad Lago Fast actually has console players back. All right, so now once you've downloaded the software, you want to find the Modern Warfare 3 section, not the easy Lobby section; we'll get back to that later, and once you're in the Modern Warfare 3 section, go ahead and connect to the Texas geofence.


And then, when this timer starts, that's when you know it's turned on. Now you can just load up your game, and to know it's working in the game, you'll notice that your ping when searching for a match will lock into a small range of numbers, so like mine, it usually locks in between 70 and 90 pings because that's how far the Texas server is from me, and it won't go past that ping either since it's locked into that.

Location: Now the reason you want to be on the Texas server is because of its close proximity to Mexico. Mexico actually shares some servers with Texas, so you have this huge population of players that go into these servers. If you watch streamers and they constantly say we're in a bua mod Lobby when referring to a ball Lobby, it's because they're connected to the Mexico player base, which for whatever reason is just so much more casual.

I'm not 100% sure why that is, but it just happens to work that way. Now using this method, you might notice that on some days, especially at night around midnight, it can start getting sweaty, so that's when the second part of this method comes into play. When it starts getting sweaty, go ahead and disconnect from the geofence.


After you quit your game, it's very important that you don't do this while your game is running. First, quit the game and then disconnect from the geofence, and then once you're disconnected, go ahead and go into the easy lobby. Section: Now this section is going to work a lot more like a traditional Call of Duty VPN by still getting you easier lobbies and also getting you a better connection so it won't feel like bullets are falling you around walls, so from here you're going to want to connect to either Kazakhstan.

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India. Egypt, or Hawaii, and then once you're connected, you can go ahead and load into your game, and the lobby should be easier again. So far. I've told about 40 of my subscribers about this method, and only four people have said it doesn't seem to be working for them, which I'm in the middle of figuring out why that is, but everyone else has been loving it, and I actually want to shout out one of my subscribers who tracks his overall Lobby KD and showed me how it was working for him, which you can see by this screenshot.

He was getting insanely easy lobbies; unfortunately, he lives in Germany, so the Geo fencing portion of this method isn't that viable for him, but he still dropped 42 kills in one of his lobbies using the easy Lobby portion of Lago fast, so I really hope this helps a lot more of you break new PRS and have fun in war zone again.

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