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It's your boy, BR. In another YouTube article, in today's article, we're going to be going over all of the best loadouts after the weapon balancing and season one reloaded. We have all the best primaries, all the best secondaries, the best snipers, the best perks to use, and stuff like that. Just short and sweet today for the intro, and let's get into the classes, all right for.

Pulemyot 762

In the first class today, we have the pulat (762 lmg). Yes, this gun did receive a Nerf even with the aftermarket part, but it is still probably the best primary to be using. In the war zone right now, we have the spirit fire suppressor muzzle, the Jack Annihilator long barrel, the Brewin heavy support under the barrel, the Coro eagleee.

25, and the conversion kit. This gun might have received a little bit of damage from Nerf, but it still has zero damage drop-off from all ranges and is definitely still one of the absolute meta weapons in War Zone 3. For the next primary, we have the Ram 7 assault rifle.



This gun has absolutely no recoil, especially with this Jack BFB muzzle. It is the new muzzle you get from leveling up the HRM 9, and we will get into that gun in a second. That gun is also met, but for the ram 7E, we have the Jack BFB muzzle, the Brewing heavy support grip under the barrel, and the Cronin headwind-long barrel.

The 60-round drum and the HVS 3.4 pad make this gun an absolute beam. Has zero recoil—literally, just no recoil. One of the easiest guns in the game to use right now, and you definitely need to be using this class, Another primary we have is the MTZ 762 battle rifle.

Mtz 762

This gun did also receive a Nerf, but the Nerf was not significant enough, and it is still being used by all the pros in comp play.

I definitely enjoy using this gun; it's one of my favorite guns in the game. I hate that it got a little bit of Nerf; it does only have a 30-round mag, but it still fries absolutely insane guns. We have the Spe Fire suppressor large, the MTC Precision Black Thorn Barrel, the 30 round mag, the Coro eagleee optic, and the Close Quarters stock.

Definitely still a very reliable gun, the MTZ.



762, and shifting back into the meta a little bit, we have the bass B, which is now the one reason why the bass B is very insane. Again, because of this Jack BFB muzzle, they did add some recoil to this gun, but when you use this muzzle, as you can see, you get 60% recoil gun kick, 20% horizontal, 40% vertical, so it pretty much eliminates the recoil on the bass B and makes this gun insane.

So we have the Jack BFB muzzle, the Brewing heavy support under barrel, the Brewing Venom long barrel, the Coro Eagle Eye 2.5, and the 45-round mag. I am definitely glad Facebook is back in Meta. This gun is very fun to use.


And for the first SMG in The Meta, we have the new HRM 9 sub. And unfortunately.

I did level up my SMG on the first day, so I cannot have the 50-round drum attachment, but this is what you want to have in the class. We have the bruan pendulum muzzle and the Dr6 hand stop, the PCS 90 assault grip, the folding stock, and also, like I said, put on that round drum. This is the new absolute meta-SMG.

There is no sub in the game that is better than this one. I definitely want to be using this after the WSP Swarm got nerfed. Absolutely insane meta SMG, and if you guys don't like the iron sights, you can take off the rear grip and put on an optic of your choice like the Slate reflector or the Nar, Model.

Striker 9

Striker 9

The next best sub, in my opinion , is the striker 9, which hits very hard and has no sock, so you have good mobility. We are using the Jack BFB muzzle, so you will appear on the mini map a little bit more, but I feel like when you're playing pubs, it's not really a big factor, especially when you can sacrifice and get all that recoil control and one attachment.

We can really have some diversity with our builds, so we have the Jack BFB muzzle, the striker Elite long barrel, the 50 round drum, the Skin SZ grip, and the no stock stock. This is definitely one of the meta-subs in War Zone 3. Next, we have the updated WSP swarm build.

Wsp swarm

Yes, this gun did get a little bit of a Nerf, and it's not very good as range anymore, so if we put on the longer barrel, we do get the range back, but it's still not as good as the new sub HRM 9, but this is the class if you would like to use a 100-round swarm build still the L4R flash hider. The Reckless 90-long barrel, the Nidar model 2023, OpTic's Fortress heavy stock, and the 100-round, Drum The next SMG we have is the striker.



The SMG we have is the Sonic suppressor muzzle, the striker stubby, Barrel, the Kimura Sephar vertical grip, the 48-round mag, and no stock. This is the fastest movement SMG out of the meta sub, so if you guys want to be zooming around the map, you definitely want to give this one a try.

I like this gun a lot. I've been using it for a minute and did not receive any nerfs or buffs, but it was still just as good as the WSP Swarm, and the Swarm got nerfed, so definitely give this gun a try, and then we have.

Katt amr

The best one-hot sniper built the cat AMR sniper, an absolutely insane laser beam they did Nerf has a little bit, but this is the best class for bullet velocity and definitely the best one-shot sniper in the game, so we have the Sonic suppressor XL, the Zang 34 barrel, the Spire Point ammunition rounds for the bullet velocity, and the Singer LR grip for that aiming.

Idol, Sway, and Flinch: There is a lot of flinching in this game, so you definitely have to be one to use this rear grip and the quick bolt to shoot. Faster, and we'll.

Best perks

Best perks

Just go over a quick rundown of the perks I'm using. I've been running Mountaineer a lot. Definitely, Mountaineer is the best for Vond and the big map. I just don't know how I could use any perk besides Mountaineer Double Time. You have got to be fast with this slot; you can either use tempered or quick fix, and this slot is pretty much up to you, man.

I like using Resolute because when I get shot at, I like to move around fast, and it's very fun to use, but High Alert's good bird's eye is good combat. Scout's good Flex is good for the better audio. The ghost is good. All great options in this last perk slot. The only one I wouldn't ever use is Shrouded, but I definitely prefer it depending on the game mode you play.

Bird's Eye is very good for quads, same with high alert, but I just prefer Resolute.


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