News - Warzone Season 2 Modded Nuke Lobbies. 100% Win Glitches (new Rewards)

camo glitch mw3

The rewards are really all the same; the only thing that changed is the camo, so instead of the assic royal camo, there is a new one, which is the new melty camo unlocking. In this article, I'm going to be showing you guys some methods on how you guys can get wins and get these nukes as fast as possible in War Zone as you guys see the camos and the rewards changes.

This camo I'm holding right now is already rare since you can no longer get it, so it's going to be the same thing with melted camo in this skin, so let's make sure you guys get it ASAP. You can already get a nuke by easily winning five games in a row or winning 30 games in one season, and for those 30 games you have 50 days; it's about over 50 days per season, and then after you get those wins you will get a Champions Quest contract you'll need to get out of the gunship spawn gunship.


And then land on that contract make sure it's the first and only contract that you pick up and then from there you go ahead and pick up the elements all around the map do the missions and then you arm and defend the nuke and then once you blow it up on time you'll kill the whole Lobby, you'll escape the whole Lobby when it's nuked and you win the Champions Quest doing that will get you all the nuke rewards we're going over now that's the normal way of doing this there's also some extra faster ways of getting this nuke skin as well all the nuke rewards, so I'm going to be showing you these methods right now let's get it now the first and number one fastest way to get a nuke in war zone at the moment is by using, hacks now unfortunately.

It is how people are doing it; they're using something called a booter. It does have to be remembered as the first contract you have to sign. So, remember, you just need to make your way and complete all the. Objectives: This is a modded lobby; you guys see the lobby is now lagging, and you guys see people are starting to time out, and we're actually on a different server; it's a different VPN server as well, and we're also going to be going over VPN later on in this article.


But you guys see, the amount of people going down the lobby is getting laggy, my ping is super high, and you guys see, I'm glitching just trying to loot up, and I'm just glitching right now. Unfortunately, for some reason, the booter did not work this game; it only ended up kicking around 5 to 10 players, but it's originally supposed to kick out most people in the lobby and leave about 30 to 20 players left.

It works exactly the same. You guys are still getting the modded nukes exactly the same. It works exactly the same for this game. For example, here, it only kicked out a few people. The rest of the game is just using hacks and just using Advantage because it's the number one game at the moment, and like I said in policy, you guys don't want to end up getting your accounts banned to get you to something like that.

So, just to show you guys on how the method on how people are actually getting this faster, and there's of course a lot more other faster ways and a lot more better ways you can get the nuke as well. This is just one of them, all right, and we already have an element acquired, so once all elements are acquired, just wait for the bomb.

glitch mw3

So, now that the nuke is getting armed, the nuke spot has been located, so after you arm the nuke, you have to defend for the time limit that's above. We got about 2 minutes or a minute and a half to defend, but the whole Lobby gets to see where this nuke is and everybody's about to start pushing, so especially how we didn't really get the most of this Lobby off still got an advantage, so it is starting to get really chaotic since about the whole Lobby is here now.

I did go down, but there's 30 seconds. Hopefully, the bomb stays good. Hopefully nobody gets to diffuse, because every time I'm telling you, the whole lobby pushes when you see that, so it's not letting me spectate. Spectate, it's taking too long; the low is 13 seconds. GG, but definitely using a boo, you guys, and then using hacks for the rest of the game is the quickest method; unfortunately, people are doing it like that.


I'm just letting you guys know how it's being done. So here's what you get: Remember, you get Meltdown 2/4, skin, and the rest of the rewards. Now the rewards are all the same as last season, but you guys see there's a new one, a weapon camo called the melty camo, and the way you find this camo is if you go over to your camos and then go to special camos.

The melty camo is there. Here's the new camo. Here's how it looks now. It isn't an animated camo either, like the last one, but it does still look good. This is the one that says Champion all on it, and with the nukes, everything looks like a glow-in-the-dark. The same is true with the skin; this camo now matches more of the skin theme.

And remember, this camo goes on all your weapons, including your Mon Warfare 2 weapons as well, so even on the other guns that's not even from Modern Warfare 3, you can still put the special camo on as well with a large decal. There are a lot more rewards you do get for getting a nuke, and then for the operator skin, which is located on the Corso-based operator, and then you get the Meltdown.


This skin also gives a kill effect every time you get a kill; it flares up and heats up just like the last, which is the modded lobby paid way, so anyone out there who actually pays for the mod knows that is the most instant and fastest way possible to get nukes at the moment, and I will also be leaving a link to the modded lobby.

Let's get it; you can't do the new contract with this, but you can get the wins and get the end game guarantee every time, and the next way is to do it under map glitches. Now, under the map glitches, it easily gets you to in-game, and you can also get out of the map, which can provide you with protection.

You can pause the game, use it as a pause, or use it to go AFK. Use it to just have an advantage and be able to get to the wins in the end game way faster. Now first. I'm just going to show you guys where the spot is because the last spot did get patched from the old update, so if you're using the one from the last article that doesn't work anymore, this would work, so you just have to keep walking to this rail over here.

modern warefare 3

Just keep walking; it is going to parachute you off the map. You guys see, I'm parachuting down, and I just parachut it down right out of the map, just like that. Now you could go around in all parts of the water all around the map; you can stay hidden; you don't really even have to kill anybody, so you don't have to use it as like a god mode.

You can, though, but you can just use this to get to the end of the game. Or you can also use it to get all the way from the beginning to the actual end of the game. In this part, I'm about to show you guys how you can actually use this glitch to your advantage and how to actually get wins with it.

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