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Now let's get into it, man. So first, I'm going to start by showing you my graphic settings as well. Why not they're very basic—nothing too crazy. I got my frame cap at. 185; I got this at 90; my vram at 90; and other than that, everything else is low and very low. You want to have you want to keep those low or very low, even if you have a very high-end computer, because you want to get the best performance that you can out of your computer.

And then, for view, of course, you want to have 120 feet of view. You have to have 120 feet of view. You want these off for sure, for sure, and.

Keybinds and gameplay settings

Keybinds and gameplay settings

For keybind, these are pretty much going to be very simple as well. There are a couple things that might be different, but I've been switching them up here and there. At first, I had my slide button on the Crouch SL slide, so that's why I kept dead sliding the whole time.

You have to pair a specific keybind to the slide if you want to slide effortlessly. Now I do that [__] with no problem—no more dead sliding. It's very nice, because that was terrible. I would just crawl instead of sliding, and it's been affecting me for the last year, and I didn't even know that this was an option.

So, that's another problem I was going through; other than that, not much has changed; see the reload. Switch the weapon with the side button weapon, inspect a lot is still on the same focus is V previous weapon right there. Switch the first weapon; that's how you do it fast. If you want to pair some buttons you want to pair a button, to any other key on your keyboard, do it very fast.


That's how you do it; it's fun to do sometimes. So if you ever see me doing a fast y, that's all I'm doing in vehicle settings. I'm not in vehicles very often, but I'll get in them here and there. Scoreboard all. This is kind of just to give you an overlay of what you can do; it might be able to do because it's not really you don't really want to copy anybody's key binds, you kind of want to find your own spot and like stay in that spot, you know what I mean.

Let's get into the game. Behavior: We got the hold on the crouch. I don't even have a Crouch keybind, so it's kind of like I got to find one. I haven't gotten to the point of finding one yet, so I'm going to get there in a second. To automatic tax Sprint, that's how you dive and get up fast, so you got to have a key to buying to tax.


Sprint if you want to be able to do that slide maintenance. Sprint Closing the backpack on Sprint I turned that off by single-taping Sprint Walk. Behavior: don't get anything on that; those are off; make sure you keep this on; be independent; you don't want that to be. You know, it's really up to you.

To be honest, at the end of the day, interaction behavior is just default. You don't want that on hold at all. You do not want to do that walk speed fast, like, not movement-based. I like that on a movemental basis. I like the free on there you want to Sprint and Bash through doors that's going to help you in the long run if you pling up running Sprint through the door you're going to bash it open and you going to be able to keep pushing you want that on aim down sight Behavior, hold—all of that's really the same.

I don't, really. I don't like mounting my weapon; it messes me up sometimes. Sometimes I'll accidentally click the right button on my keyboard, and it'll double-click and make me mount. And it messed me up more than it helped me, so I took that off. I don't, I don't mount anyway. My aim is too good to mount.

I don't need it now. Let me stop, but T-tax stance, man, I don't even get that. Still play supply all C4 one by one [__], that, up and switch around Sprint cancels the reload. I turned that off. Since you can sprint and reload, you really don't want that to cancel your reload; you want to be able to use sprinting while reloading to your advantage, so if you turn that on, you're not going to be able to sprint reload because it's going to cancel it every time you go to Sprint, but it might not cancel it if you're already sprinting and then you go to reload.

Freckle activation is always enabled; this is, more or less, just killing streaks and everything. I got a dedicated key, but when I ping with alt, it's always my pink key, delay, short, and I got that on hold. I don't really know what the [__] does anyway.

Audio settings

Audio settings

and I'm going to show you my audio settings too. Actually, even though audio is terrible in this game and there's not much going on. I keep switching back and forth between these two because I can't decide if it's actually anything better or not, but other than that. I got my master volume on a well; my master volume is on 100.

My effect volume is 100. My dialogue is on 20 because that's just like the little enemy UAV above and all that stuff. I got all this [__] down. You don't want to hear any music. You don't want to hear [__]. War tracks: you don't want to hear gameplay music; that's just all pointless. I usually get this at parties, but sometimes I don't like hearing other people talk.

My Mike's ass needs to get a new one, so I'm hoping this even sounds good, and then other than that, I got the classic hit markers on, and I like to have my game muted while it's minimized. Jugger that music off, you want to reduce this, you don't want to hear that concussion and that flashbang sound that Ding, you just sitting there, you can't hear anything, you can't hear where nothing's going, nobody's You want to reduce that sound.

If you made it this far, are you a real one? I hope this helps you out. I'm always going to respond. I'm always here if you need some help with anything trying to help the keyboard. Community out, man, that's all. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a good one. I'm out.



I like a bubble of green on it.

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