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I want to show you guys a useful glitch in Modern Warfare 3 zombies with season 2 reloaded. We got a new dark ether Rift portal that we have to go into and do contracts to collect new schematics. We all went in and did it as a team and figured out the strategy for this. The steps are really easy to do; there's just a small amount of timing involved, and what's going to happen is that you're going to have your whole team at the North End of the map ready to go out of bounds, and then you're going to have one player at the dark ether Rift portal in Tier 3.

This is the new portal with Season 2, and the player at the portal needs to have a sigil or Elder sigil and then also a scorcher. That's at least pack-a-punched one time that player will place that sigil and then Scorch her over to his teammates that are on the boundary. And as soon as the timing's right, all three of you will walk out of bounds.

This will eliminate the full squad, setting all of y'all's tombstones, and then also teleporting you into the dark ether to be able to play in there alive for the players waiting near the out-of-bounds area. You need to know where that line is and where to cross it, and if you see that rock right there, if you go to the right, that will be out of bounds, so you can stand kind of in line with this.


All players have to cross that line right at 6 seconds, so it's good to be standing there waiting on that barrier. So me and BBK are waiting at the out-of-bounds line to tag. He is going to be the one triggering the portal and then scoring for us. I'll show you Tag's perspective first, and this is his footage.


We've got the regular sigil, so he's going to have to stand on this side of the portal, and what he does is hold the trigger for the scorcher. And at the same time, he places the sigil into the portal, and he does two full blasts with the scorcher. And then after the second blast he goes into the parachute for just a couple of seconds from here he's going to keep the scorcher held out and just do 50%, blast he's watching that meter and he's just pulsing the scorcher to keep himself up in the air and moving quickly he'll continue this until he sees some railroad tracks and then he's going to pull his parachute and start lowering himself to the ground and what he's trying to do is hit that marker and be out of the map at 6 seconds right there at this point we are all running out of bounds and we're waiting to see that teleportation screen and then also squat eliminated, and then it's going to take us into the dark ether again the method we used is that you do a full scorcher Boost while putting in one of the sigils and then immediately do a second full Boost then pull parachute for a couple of seconds and then go right back into the scorcher, and just do 50%.


Pulse boost, until you see the ra road tracks at the railroad tracks you pull your shoot and start lowering yourself towards the out of bounds, this is the part that's probably the trickiest for the person that's flying because You' got to time that out of bounds just right at 6 seconds you don't want to be too fast or too slow here's the perspective of the players at the out of- bounds area you want to get right up against it make sure you're right next to it and then watch the timer on the left you guys can do the voting you only need two out of three votes one player can vote immediately, and then the other player needs to watch that timer on the left to get to 2 seconds and then vote, yes and then wait for that player to land 6 seconds all of yall back out through the barrier so right there tag is landed he is out of the boundary 6 seconds we're all going to teleport.

And then we're all going to see the squad eliminated on screen, and then it's going to say up at the top left that we're being taken into the dark ether. When you spawn into the dark ether, you're going to notice that you have no perks because it killed you off, and the way to get perks is to use a scorcher to get to the Wonder Fizz machine, or you can take a portal Rift that's on the map; there's this building here in the i7.

Coordinate, that has blue paint at the bottom; you can see it on the bottom right of the screen. So it seems like the rift is always in this location, and then you can jump over to the Wonder Fizz machine that is now floating in the air, and it's in the G7 coordinate. If you have your containment levels up and you get a discount on perks, know that discount does not apply in the dark ether.


There's still 2,000 perk. Also, this Wonder F machine in the air is a god-mode spot. As long as you're not shooting at the zombies, they will not throw meat at you. Here, you're free to do all the contracts. Collect all the schematics and items that you want. You can also drink Tombstone, and then you can just leave through the portal regularly.

You don't have to close the app, disconnect your ethernet you don't have to get down, you don't have to leave Squad. You can't leave Squad anyway, but yes, you will keep everything. When you leave through the portal, there's also a method to keep all of your containment levels, keep all of your perks every game, and save your Tombstone.

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And that is a full strategy article, and I'll have that posted pretty quickly after this one, which you can see right here. I kept everything in my backpack. I didn't really have any schematics because I had already unlocked those, but you will keep those if you bring them out, and then when you go back into the match, your tombstone will be at Orlov, and it will have everything in it that you had when you walked out of the barrier and left this match to go into the dark ether.

But yeah, look out for how to keep your containment levels, and your tombstone will be coming soon.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies Full Team Dark Aether Tombstone Method. Not only can you preserve your tombstone on the map, but you can also bring your entire squad into the Dark Aether realm without losing your schematics and the ability to exfil. Perfect for players looking to gain an edge in survival, this video tutorial will guide you through every step of the process.
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