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On your journey to improving in the war zone, you may have heard of a term called rotational imist. I will be actually showing you guys exactly the difference between having rotation imist and not having any at all, but basically the way rotation imist works in War Zone 3. Basically, think of it as the game trying to compensate for the fact that you are moving around on a controller, so if I were to stand still, there really isn't going to be any aim assist at all that really kicks in I mean you're going to get a little bit but most of you guys are kind of just standing still most of the time and shooting, whatever you know player you see especially if you guys are at range you know close with SMG you might move around and that's might be why you guys experience more success in close- range gunfights with SMGs, but if you guys are further back I see a lot of players just stand entirely still while sniping or using an lmg or an AR and that right there is not what you want to do in war zone or Modern Warfare 3 this goes for basically any game in Call of Duty right now rotation empasis has been around for a minute and this is one of the most broken things you can abuse in war zone moving around is what you want you want to move your left stick as much as you can, while shooting other players and this goes for long range and close-range gunfights you never want to be standing still for a number of reasons number one no rotational emesis number two.

You're a completely still target, and someone can easily just fry you because if they are moving around, you're going to be a much easier target for their rotation assist, so that's how rotation assist works. You want to be moving around your stick, and any input will actually make it stickier. You don't have to move too much; you don't have to be like moving crazy from left to right; you want to just move a bit.

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You know, when you advertise, obviously, you're going to slow down. You're not going to be moving very fast unless you have an SMG or something with a lot of movement speed or an intact stance. But for the most part, if you want to just move a bit, you can even move forward and backward; you don't have to strafe left or right necessarily.

But I would recommend you guys strafe to left or right because it just makes you a hard target if you're moving back and forth; you're a bit easier to hit, and keep in mind that this also works for drop shotting, so if you are moving around while drop shotting, you will get more rotation even though you're not moving that much.

Keep in mind that it doesn't really matter how much you're moving; your character is moving more, so it matters the input on your controller, even though I'm not moving much while you're prone. I'm still giving quite a bit of input to the controller, so therefore rotational emesis will still kick in very strongly, so that's how it works.


I'm going to demonstrate to you guys in the firing range and against some bots how exactly you guys should be fighting your close-range and long-range gunfights. By using this, so here I am in the fire range right now I'm going to demonstrate to you guys exactly how this works so I'm going to ads at this you know dummy right here as I approach it it's going to move, and I'm not going to move my left stick so I'm not going to apply any a assist I'm just going to let the game do its thing while I'm standing still you guys will see if I do this nothing's going to really happen if the or I'm go this side the dumy goes in front of me nothing happens that's how most of you guys are experiencing your gunfights you're not really getting any sort of pull on them you can see this is how most players are experiencing, which is why a lot of people like these sweaty players you know are hacking or cheating or streamers because there's no way they're getting that much imist.


I don't see aist well this is why you're most likely only standing still, and then you have to basically rely on all of your analog sticks just to track players. Now I'm going to do the exact same thing, but I'm going to move around slightly. I'm not going to move that much, but watch if I were to, you know, aim down sight at this dummy and not move my right stick.

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Keep in mind that I'm not aiming like this; I'm going to keep my stick completely still and only move around with my left stick. Happens you see that it pulls onto the dummy if I do it again boom it's pulling I'm not moving my left stick at all it's doing it all by itself once again I'm going to move in front of it okay it went the other way and keep in mind it also goes for forward and backwards I'm not doing anything you see that it's pulling, this like little wall you can see kind of broke the emesis it kind of like Snapped off when I went in front of there but if I like if I aim downside right there and don't move my right stick and only move my left stick, it's going to pull with it you see that it's just it happens every time now in this situation it's not pulling too much because you have some other dummies back here that are getting in the way so my m is kind of like going to left and then it's going to track on to that one and then try to track on to that one that's why it kind of stops during the middle but if those dummies weren't there if this was just a player, it would pull probably like halfway across this black.

Little railing right here that's how strong imis is in the war zone, and it's been like this for a while now, so once again, no rotation, emis just standing there; nothing happens while I'm moving. Super, that's just crazy. I went from here all the way to there without doing anything to my right stick, so that's how streamers do it.

That's the secret to rotation emesis. It's not hard; any player can apply it. I'm going to show you guys exactly how you should apply it in every single gunfight, at close range and long range. So if you were in a close-range area with, like, an SMG, or, you know, a pistol, or something of that nature, it's pretty simple.

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Let's just say there's a player right behind here, or you were just ready to challenge a player in this, you know, general vicinity. Technically, yes, you could just walk straight in front of them like this, or you could even walk backwards, and that would activate rotation, but the fact that you're not moving left to right makes it a little bit harder to track them if they do strafe.

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