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So I have stumbled onto something here accidentally. Now back to talking about how amazing I am and what the actual truth of the facts is about an assist and how it actually is extremely nefarious and extremely bad, and the reasons why aim assist is so strong will blow your mind, and it makes a total of 110%.

Because this is going to be like a nuclear explosion that is going to knock the very molecules right out of your being and just completely blow your mind all right here. You want to know why Aim Assistance is so strong. You want to know why assist with controller is such a debate right now because when I play and I use controller and I play keyboard and mouse as well.

I have both, and I'm pretty proficient at them. I will 110%. Say that when I have a controller and I'm playing an assist at this point in Call of Duty, it is stronger than it has ever been; it really is almost as if you are using Aimbot, which is ridiculous. There is very little skill involved when it comes to aiming with a controller nowadays, and I can fully say that it is exponential—better than it used to be.

cod mw3 2023 aim assist

I played old Call of Duty. Go back and try to play with the controller on the Xbox 360. You could watch the gameplay of old Call of Duty, and it looks like the aim does not stick like it does now. The difference is night and day between Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, actually ever since, and this is the whole thing.

This is where we're going to get down to here, and this is where and the reasons why. It all makes sense, and it all comes together to be disgusting. The pot of [__] that Activision is trying to keep this game afloat with this, and it all will just come together and make sense for you. Just give me a second and let me break it down for you.

The reason why the assy has been so strong since crossplay is because the game is so infested with cheaters using cronis zens and other mechanisms to give themselves an unfair advantage, and obviously cheat hacks aim boton, whatever you want to call it. If we had the old way of aiming, the old kind of aim would have assisted back in the old Call of Duties, where it wasn't so obvious and wasn't so sticky, right?

cod mw3 multiplayer gameplay

Now you would be able to pick out all the cheaters. Being able to discern the difference between people who are playing legit and not playing legit would be so much easier to see if the assist wasn't so strong for all of us, and then that would become a problem for Activision because it would be obvious to everybody who was cheating and it would be obvious to see that the game is infested.

With people cheating using Crona zens or other scripts or other ways and other mechanisms to give themselves no recoil to give themselves better aim, there has to be strong aim assist for everybody else to offset the fact that there are so many cheaters in this game, and it's very hard to tell the difference between them when someone and everybody has such a strong almost aim assist without cheating, because when crossplay came in, so many cheaters came out because it's much easier to cheat on PC, much easier to cheat and not get detected.

modern warfare 3 2023 aim assist

Even if you're using Chronis Zen on a controller or even on a PC, or whatever it is you're doing, and if they didn't make the aist stronger, you would see how dust this game is with cheaters, so many people using Aimbot aim assist and Konis Zen, and that is why aim assist is so strong and it will never be fixed, never be chained down, never be changed, because it would just obviously expose the game for having so many people cheating, and that my friend is the greatest thing I've ever thought of in the last 24 hours, you're welcome, it's a fact, put it together, aam's razor 2 plus two equals.

I'm the ghost of eight, and you're an amazing group of human beings. I hope you have a happy holiday. Merry Christmas, whatever. Take care of yourselves. I love you. I'll be back soon for another article. You know it. I keep it real packed that steel, and last but not least, and most importantly, stay black question authority and let the H cracker shape sh boot.

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