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aim assist nerf

Ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, Call of Duty is not shy about having controversial topics every single year, whether it is skill-based matchmaking or the cheating issues and the lack thereof of an anti-che. Whatever the case may be, there's always something spicy going on in the Cod Community, and lately the topic has shifted towards an assist.

Now, this isn't necessarily a new topic; it's been a hot topic in Cod for several years. You know, dating back to War Zone 1 in particular. There were a lot of big discussions about it then, but lately, in the past couple of weeks, this is a topic that has really skyrocketed. In terms of how much attention it is getting across, all forms of social media, and today I wanted to break down why it's such a hot topic but also, if it's actually going to change, do the developers have any interest in actually addressing this or updating this, and why it won't or will be updated in the future, so there are lots of interesting things to break down today as we get into it all.

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broken aim assist

We should Nerf it, we should add it to the keyboard and mouse, all sorts of different ideas as to what would make Cod a more welcoming space and how it would or could rather be navigated in a better way, and Charlie Intel ended up posting this tweet saying what Call of Duty needs is input-based matchmaking.

To avoid everyone cheating in aim assist issues, it's something we've told the developers for years, but the problem has been that there are not enough keyboard and mouse players to keep them in their own pool. Maybe there is now an ad, but admittedly, there is a lot of blowback to this tweet in particular.

If you were to go look at the replies, there are a lot of notable names saying, Yeah, not a good idea. This isn't it, but curiously enough, this was actually a planned thing for COD several years ago, and to this day we still have no idea what happens. But you may recall that back in Modern Warfare 2019, just before launch, obviously, the game was marketed like crazy.

broken aim assist 3

There was so much hype for revamping the Modern Warfare franchise and returning to that style of play, and obviously, the game did numbers, but pre-launch Joe Cott, the design director at the time for multiplayer, ended up talking specifically about this matchmaking; he did an interview with dual Shockers, and Charlie Intel's reported on this as well, and they say in this that it's also worth noting that the PC version of Modern Warfare will have full crossplay, and obviously that's something that's still active today.

PCs can play with the PlayStation. PCs can play with Xbox, PlayStations can play with Xbox, and vice versa. Every Which Way But PC will have full crossplay with PS4 and Xbox One, and multiplayer design director Joe Cott delved into how exactly that'll work with dual Shockers; we're going to be matchmaking by peripheral.

modern warfare 3

So if you're a keyboard player, you're only going to play with other keyboard players, but if you're a console player and you're playing on a Gamepad, you can actually opt in. We also don't let you change your controller or peripheral mid-match, so once you've chosen it, it's locked in. Now, modern warfare 2019 has dropped, and this did not exist; there was no input-based matchmaking.

modern warfare iii

if you played on controller you'd match up against keyboard Mouse if you played on controller on PC you'd match up against other controllers on PC and controllers on console and keyboard and mouse on both platforms and I there was no restrictions whatsoever the only restrictions is PlayStation being able to opt out of crossplay which is definitely nice for limiting the skill-based match making an effect there but even that doesn't always fully work it seems, but that just straight up didn't happen and to this day like I said we don't know why that was not implemented, the multiplayer design director Joe Cott specifically said it was going to be a thing now going back to Charlie Intel's tweet maybe it's because they initially wanted that but then they realized yeah there's just not enough keyboard and mouse players to do this consistently.

PC in and of itself being primarily keyboard and mouse, you know, native input, and the older versions of Cod that didn't have crossplay PC. Was not a thriving community. I mean, blackout, let's look at that for it; it was dead pretty successful on console, but there was like no PC community for it; it was dead pretty much on arrival, and while there have obviously been PC players on COD for decades now, it's never been the most active community, whatsoever, so maybe they just saw the data there and said okay, it's clearly not worth it to have input-based matchmaking, but in theory yes, that would be something that would directly attack these claims of a assist but let's focus a little bit more on this what is the deal with aist and why is it such a Hot Topic Well, the main thing here is that amosy is too strong, but right away, there's a little bit of confusion in that statement because amosy, inherently, is never going to go away.


It's been in COD for years; it's likely going to continue to be in COD for years, and it's something that controller players pretty much know the feel of and rely on for their gameplay in general, but aim assists that slight Target slowdown when you're trying to, you know. Trace somebody at any real distance is not mainly the issue here.

What people are confusing with just general aim assist is rotational aim assist, and this is a relatively new thing for COD. It really caught attention a lot in War Zone 1 in Modern Warfare 2019. This is the system of actively moving your character, whether it's forward, backwards, left, or right, and having aim assist applied at the same time.


This is where you get those crazy clips where it looks like players are just basically aimbotting onto others; they can track them at close range or even mid-range. Essentially, there is no problem there because of rotation. Aim assist picks up so much when your player is moving and the enemies fall into your aim assist bubble, let's call it, and that is really the system that's being abused so heavily by basically mediocre players and above, and this is why, for instance.

Huskers is one of the best keyboard and mouse players in gaming right now. It's kind of like a running bit, but he posted saying he just plugged in a controller and finally broke my PR on the new map. I mean, it kind of speaks for itself when you can have high-tier players plug in an input and immediately see success.

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