News - Controllers Dominate Mnk Warzone 2 Thanks To Aim Assist


We're about to move into some graphs and data to show you exactly how much better controllers are than mice and keyboards right now, but before we do that. I wanted to give a shout out to a fan of mine who's doing his master's thesis in game design by the name of Nathan. Better than the top 100 keyboard and mouse players in terms of accuracy and the 50th percentile, or average players, the story is about the same.

This is just a different way to visualize the data, but it shows you just how strong of a performance the controller players are able to put out compared to the mouse and keyboard. Only the very tippy top, not even the top 50, but really like the top 10, like the best of the best here with some of these anomaly points, can compete.

With the controller players, and this skew is just way too much. In my opinion, I do not think it should be this out of balance. As a matter of fact, it's so out of balance that Apex Legends at the competitive level is almost all controller. Now here's a tweet. It's a couple months old, from Al Brer.

God, I can never abrielle. I can never say that name right, but I've watched this streamer, and I still can't say their name. They said I couldn't think of a reason for a competitor to stay on the mouse and keyboard for casual play. Mouse and key are fine, but to compete, I don't know, man. I think Roller is just better in every way.

aim assist

If you're capable of playing, you're probably going to hang up the keys and swap. In this two-mon off-seon that we've got, lo and lo and behold, I'm pretty sure he did. I know a lot of people did, which is sad to see people giving up an input that they previously preferred, and I think this is indicative of a bigger problem.

It's a very big problem in Call of Duty. In all the other games you know. I'm going to talk about more competitive games like Apex in a little bit, but in Call of Duty, the effect is even more noticeable because Modern Warfare 3 has a lot of RNG elements built into the aim. You can check it out, but the short TLDR version is that Modern Warfare 3 has an always-on sort of wobble to your aim.


I forget it's an idle sway, but it's always on so that when you aim down sights, you never snap to the target in the middle of the stream; you're just somewhere in the sway pattern, and they also made it so that the center of your crosshairs moves around the screen and does crazy stuff like this. Very frustrating RNG elements are mostly negated by the aim assist, but they still affect controller players on Call of Duty.

Controller players still have to battle this, but they are assisted very greatly by the aim assist, especially by the rotational aim assist. Which is a little bit much in my opinion, and at the end of the day, it just doesn't feel like I'm playing the same game as these consoles. Gamers, man, it just.

battle pass

Stuff, but the data indicates that we are getting obliterated. By controller gamers that's why the gameplay for this article isn't mouse and keyboard gameplay cuz that's just too hard to do it's too much to work with just go back to controller where it's easier and get the gameplay real quick and that type of imbalance, should not exist in games that like to Fashion themselves as being competitive, an ideal scenario is an outcome based scenario where whatever happens to a assist and whatever happens to keyboard and mouse the end result is that players on either are kind of equally accurate that a controller player is just as good as a PC player or maybe it's fine if controllers are still better it's fine if there's differences but they need to be the same ballpark and right now I don't think they are I think that controller players are almost an entire standard deviation ahead in performance, which means that the tools that were put in place aren't.

cod mw3

Working and it's kind of the best way to say it is kind of like almost like politics like you want to make a public policy to do something and you get the opposite result like the British had a problem with cobras in what was it Colonial India so they put out this bounty so much money per cobra head well instead of people killing all the cobras they just bred more cobras, which meant that there were even more cobras so even though the British didn't do anything wrong by putting out a bounty or trying to fix the problem, the end result made the problem worse and I kind of think that's what's going on here a assist is not wrong A rotational assist is not wrong.

I think that these features make the game possible to play and that it would be a miserable experience for console gamers without them; however, the assistance of these features also shouldn't make them superpowered; it shouldn't give you a standard deviation. Of bonus, you know, performance, and another good analogy now that I think of it is kind of like the par Olympics or yeah, the Special Olympics runner who was missing both legs and he got those crazy springy legs that he could run faster than a normal person on so much so he didn't want to compete in the par Olympics but rather wanted to compete in the regular Olympics, and they said the legs were too good and gave him too much advantage; they were afraid that he would dominate.


That's kind of what's going on here, and I've tried to do this whole commentary from a very reasonable perspective. I'm trying not to be mad because it's bad. I'm trying not to be competitive or just arbitrarily hate on people that are better than me, because overall, I'm quite happy to see that controllers are doing well.

I genuinely want them to be competitive, or at least as good as the mouse and keyboard. As a guy who plays both, I'm mostly mouse and keyboard now, but I do both and have done both for a long time. I want people to have options, but I can't shake this negative feeling when I get killed by a controller player who's doing something that would be close to impossible for me to do, and it's equally frustrating knowing that the game mechanics are also handicapped.

There are certain engagements that I just lose by default based on my input, and that just doesn't seem fair. It ultimately results in me not wanting to play the game anymore, so that's why recently I found myself playing a lot of the finals, a little bit of Apex, some Battlefield, and some other PC games.

controller vs mnk

And the reason why isn't actually that I dislike Modern Warfare 3 or hate War Zone, but rather that the input feels normal; it doesn't feel weird, even in newer games like Indie Games. I'll pick it up and just start shooting, and it feels sane. I don't have an RNG where the center of my crosshairs is; I don't have an idol sway pattern to fight with; I don't have people that can track me through the dark, so it feels a lot more normal, and that's where I've been recently, just because I find this frustrating.

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