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How to unlock them

Well, these are tied to the daily challenge system, so every daily challenge that you complete will count as a point and keep in mind we have access to three of those per day so that's three fairly easy points every single day, however thankfully we can get at least more than three points per day because after you complete all three of your daily challenges, it unlocks the bonus challenge, and it appears that this bonus challenge will always be just win a match and every time you win a match you will get another point toward these armory unlocks.

And as far as we can tell at this stage, this is infinite. You can win as many games as you want in a day, and every single time you win a match after completing your daily challenges, you will get one of these points toward an armory unlock.

How many total do you need?

How many total do you need?

However. I wanted to take this a step further and calculate exactly how many of these unlock tokens you're going to need in order to get every one of the class items in the game, and keep in mind that if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list, there are currently three challenges that are for cosmetic items that require a very large amount of these armory unlock tokens to get.

I'm not going to include those in the list because those aren't class items; those are just cosmetics on top of it, but just looking at the actual class items, so your guns, equipment, perks, and equipment and perks and all that kind of stuff, this requires a total of 235 of these armory unlocks. And that is a lot of wins and daily challenges just to get all of the gear available for your class setup, which again would normally be available the moment you hit Level 55.

What i like about armory unlocks

What i like about armory unlocks

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Initially when they first announced this system they weren't super clear in their description for how it worked and I thought this would just be an alternative method to unlock these items that you would normally unlock from Level 1 to 55, you could unlock them early if you wanted, that's not the case with these though this is the only way to unlock these and as of now I've got some mixed feelings toward this system when it comes to the good side of this I think it's refreshing to finally have a new method of unlocking our basic class items because this really hasn't changed over the years in Call of Duty they've changed the prestige system up but they haven't changed those standard level 1 to 55 once you hit that 55 or 7 any depending on the game you're playing, then you have all of the class items available to you ever since they got rid of the traditional Prestige system, the moment you hit that Max Base rank which for me is typically within the first week of launch for the rest of that game's life cycle you aren't working toward unlocking things that you use on your class setup you're only working toward cosmetics.

And then, with seasonal updates, you get to work toward things like the new guns and stuff, whereas for the older Prestige system, if you wanted to, you could keep progressing, and for months and months on end, you could always be working toward unlocking actual class items, and for many people, we enjoy that, so on the pros side.

I do think this is an interesting and unique take, and it's nice to see they're finally trying something different here. I also like the fact that it allows you to pick your own path, so for me, I really want covert sneakers. And therefore, obviously, the moment I hit Level 25. I activated that, and I'm going to get those covert sneakers right away, whereas in the standard leveling, if these covert sneakers were level 54 in the unlocks.

I would have to wait quite a bit longer before I could get those covert sneakers, so for the items that you really want, you could potentially end up using them significantly sooner than if it were just levels 1 through 55. Additionally, when it comes to the pros of this system, I think it's good to have that little extra encouragement and reward for playing to win the game.

Potential issues with armory unlocks

Potential issues with armory unlocks

However, this also comes with downsides when we're talking about Call of Duty public matches, and this is where we're going to get into the cons of the armory unlock system that I've noticed.

When it comes to encouraging wins, regardless of how much you try to incentivize it, this is Call of Duty, and players generally play for their own selfish goals, so they're working on their own camo challenges, or they're working on grinding through a weapon that probably isn't going to be ideal for the current objective that's being played, or they're working on a kill streak, and therefore they could play The Objective and help the team, but they want to get their kill streak instead, so they just camp for their kill streak, and that's just kind of how Call of Duty is and always has been.

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It's not really the type of game that puts heavy emphasis on winning, and while it's nice to have that extra encouragement, it's still not going to be enough to encourage everyone, and that's likely to lead to a lot of frustration, especially for solo players out there. Additionally, skill-based matchmaking combined with team balancing makes it incredibly frustrating to try to grind for this as a solo player who has well above-average stats.

And the reason behind this is that over the years we've noticed that if you do have well above average stats and you play solo like this, on average, your lobbies are going to be much more difficult than the average player out there. There's still going to be some mix of players in that lobby, and when the team balancing algorithm kicks in and sees that your hidden MMR is much higher than anyone else in the lobby, well, it needs to put all of the bottom MMR players on your team in order to make the team, quote, unquote, balanced.

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And what this means is that if you are one of those players and you play solo, the win is almost entirely on your shoulders if you don't try your absolute hardest. You often won't even have a shot at getting close to winning the game, and when you do try your absolute hardest, this is where it's more like 50/50, like you may end up getting a win, but you have to be the one that's carrying that, and it really just comes down to you because your team is just going to be dragging you down, and so with this challenge, it's kind of counterintuitive.

Modern Warfare III has introduced a brand new method of unlocking many of the class items including certain perks, streaks, equipment, weapons, and more and this is called Armory Unlocks. Today, I wanted to explain exactly how this works as well as my initial thoughts on this system.
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