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This is DK Dynamite, and it's been a pretty quiet end to the week, and it's probably going to be quiet for the next few days until we get some marketing for season 3 we loaded, but today on Saturday we're going to be talking about our first look at some season 3 Reloaded operators, surprise content, plus even more.

Last chance to play this map

Last chance to play this map

And the good news is that for those out there that missed out on the Get High Parkour Map, which was only available for a good 4 hours and 20 minutes on like two different days, they had it for 24 hours for those that missed out on those three opportunities. The map is now available for the next day and a half.

I believe they set the map to be playable for a total of 48 hours, and that began almost a full day ago. Take advantage of this while you guys can. I agree with you guys; it should have just had this map playable for an entire week, or at least keep it playable permanently over in private matches, but enjoy a nice first place.

Win Here in the background, we also got plenty of brand new article coverage going up over on detonated dcom for those that want to read up a little bit more on multiplayer war zone and zombies CDL-ranked loadouts war zone mobile, plus even Black Ops 2024. We also got plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated.

They're finally fixing this!

Twitter, some other good news in regards to cosmetics is that for those out there that do own the Beast glove or at least should own the Beast Club if you bought the entire Titan collection, that melee weapon should be rolling out to those out there who, for some reason, didn't have access to it after buying all four bundles.

For those out there who spent the $80. On Godzilla. Kong Scaring, and even Shimo, you should now have that bonus melee weapon, but without going off on a tangent, like we mentioned on the recent podcast, it wasn't that you spend $80 on a weapon; it's that you spend $80 on four different bundles featuring tons of different cosmetics, but people could choose to spend their money however they want to now.

cam support still isn't fixed for this weapon. I'm sure that'll end up being ironed out by the time reloaded does roll around, but there are some new release dates for upcoming bundles according to reality in the UK.

Release dates for more bundles

Release dates for more bundles

A leaker over on Twitter said that supposedly tomorrow. April 21st, the dinosaur theme bundle should be coming out, whereas on April 23rd, we should be seeing the serial creep pack as a part of the Party Collection.

Then, 3 days later, on the 26th, we should be getting the porcelain bundle, which is also a part of that party collection. If you run any of the bundles from that collection of packs, you will end up getting an XP bonus with your friends for running bundles in that same collection. As I always say, don't trust the release dates for bundles for certain since they are being leaked out from Wars with Mobile, and sometimes that game doesn't release the mainline Cod bundles on the same day as MW3.

2 new operators found.

In the war zone will receive them sometimes they're sometimes a day or two delayed , but according to leakers, there are two new operators that were discovered, which I believe are going to be for season 4, but hey, you never know when they're going to drop these.

Upcoming robot byline skin

Upcoming robot byline skin

But there is a skin that I brought up briefly at the end of a previous article of mine, and that's this very specific line skin, this really robotic-looking outfit that, as of now, isn't tied to any bundle that we know is dropping in season 3. But since it did get found with the launch of the season and it was dat of mind, we can all assume this is probably a midseason bundle that we're not going to learn too much about until the patch does roll out for reload, in which the data miners out there will end up posting all the images and contents of every upcoming bundle.

Winter 141 skins coming soon

We do have the season 3 cinematic cut scene, which I wish would have been a very serious narrative-driven cut scene that really tells the story, but I know it's a big advertisement for all the cosmetics from the Battle Pass black cell bundles. And wherever else but in that cinematic Cuts scene we do see the winter 141 skins from the campaign; now these are really badass outfits that I'm surprised weren't already released in the form of bundles, and all honesty aside.

I think both MW2 and 3 have been flawed where we just haven't seen a ton of the awesome-looking campaign operator skins either through events or through bundles. It's been kind of rare to see some classic and serious-looking outfits for some of these fan favorite characters, but luckily the winter 141 skins are on the way.

We should be seeing ones for Price Far Ghost, and I'm sure they'll all be part of a winter collection of sorts. If you go ahead and buy all the bundles from that winter one for one collection, you might get a free skin offer. After having done that, that's probably how they're going to do it, unless we end up getting an event of some sort that releases one of these skins for free.

I highly doubt that, but these skins should be released in the second half of season 3, which is reloaded since they were teased in this cut scene, but speaking of that cinematic.

Creepy rabbit & bat skins

Creepy rabbit & bat skins

There's also these really creepy-looking rabbits and bat-looking skins that I believe were also seen in some of the season 3 blog post images; these also, as of right now, like the winter skins, aren't tied to any bundles that we know are releasing before May 1st, so that means these bundles are likely tied to packs that are being saved for the second half of the season, after May 1st, so obviously Easter already passed, but I know Greek Easter is just around the corner, but I doubt these bundles are tied to any holiday at all, but it's cool that we're still getting some more animal theme bundles.

I thought the wolf was just very fitting for his character, so I don't mind some animal-themed skins here and there, but obviously, when you get too many of those, too much of anything is annoying or frustrating for some parts of the community. But yeah, we should be seeing some bundles for the rabbit and the bat at some point, and they're likely also part of a collection, if I had to guess now.

modern warfare 3 season 2

Devin booker nba crossover

Something that's all book-confirmed at this point is another collaboration with the NBA, so we ended up seeing Devin Booker in the live action. In the lobby trailer for Modern Warfare 3 last year, in Modern Warfare 2, we got a Kevin Durant bundle, which I think was flawed in the sense that his operator outfit.

FIRST LOOK Season 3 Reloaded Operators Skins | Winter 141, Bats Devin Booker - Modern Warfare 3.
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