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This is DK Dynamite, and this evening we're going to be talking about the next challenge event, some secret content you may have missed, plus even more. Drop a like. And as a reminder, earlier this morning I did post a article about the brand new War Zone Mobile season 3 update; it's the last challenge event that just went live in that game before the launch of season 3.

We loaded, and we also went ahead and streamed a brand new episode of The Bombshell, podcast episode 115. War Zone, and zombies ranked CDL. Loadouts war Zone Mobile, and we got plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated.

This event is extended until may 8th

This event is extended until may 8th

Twitter now, as you guys may have noticed as of a couple days ago with the start of the virus Mainframe challenge event, it was confirmed that event does last a total of 2 weeks, so even when reloaded does drop this Wednesday the 1st, that event will still be active all the way until May the 8th.

We'll talk about the next challenge event in just a minute, but yeah, you have a little bit of extra time to unlock the binary morality, animated camo. It's a really nice-looking camo for just about any weapon, probably the nicest animated camo we've gotten in a hot minute, but yeah. I think considering you only need about 500, 000.

Total XP to earn this—that's not very much considering how long the event lasts, for I'm really surprised they didn't extend the XP milestone to like 1.2 million, similar to the first Vortex event that we got back during season 1 , but in the recent blog post nobody's really mentioned this, but I believe for the very first time they did confirm what the new camos are going to be called for the upcoming DLC weapon.

4 new camo unlocks for the bal-27

We have the batt 27 assault rifle releasing, and with the classified battle pass sector that will be opening on May 1st with reloaded, you have four challenges you have to go ahead and do, which will give you different rewards like XP tokens, possibly an amp or even a camo, then the h PT will unlock, featuring a fifth challenge in which you can then unlock the Bal 27.

Upon getting the Bal, you will see that you will have four different camels that you can go ahead and unlock exclusively using that weapon, but you can use the camels on any weapon of your choice. The camels include sunset waves, simpler times, electrified torrents, and even Sunnyside. I'm not sure what those camels look like just yet. I know a number of different camels did already leak out for, I believe, reloaded and even season 4, but it's unclear if any of those lead camos are the ones I just mentioned for the batt 27.

Unannounced operator skins for reloaded!

Unannounced operator skins for reloaded!

I also made a article a few days ago talking about our first look at season 3 Reloaded bundles since the recent blog post for the M season update did go ahead and give us a glimpse of a lot of upcoming skins.

Now they didn't reveal all too many new skins that we didn't already know of, but thanks to the usual leakers over on Twitter, like Cod Warfare Forum, we do know the full list of upcoming bundles we're going to be seeing in Reloaded and in terms of which operators are going to receive new skins. Here's the list.

First off, we have Abrupter, so I guess we're going to get a new skin for a black cell character. I'm not sure how that would work. We then have a new skin for Alpine, Bantam, BBQ, Doc 2 for Doabe Enigma, Far Ghost Jabber Jet Macro, Pathfinder 2 for Price Valaria, and Ripper Riptide. Scorch, Soap scorch and even two for warrior; we'll talk about the warrior skin just a second as well, but in a season 3 trailer that we ended up getting.

All new color variant skins in s3 reloaded.

modern warfare 3 season 3

As well as the Cinematic Cuts scene, we do know that there are a number of different. I guess colored variants, of various operator skins that we're going to be seeing throughout the second half of season 3, so we know about the bat furry, the devil bunny-looking furry skin, and then the wasb, or the wo bees.

However, you say that the teletubby-looking skins have a number of different operator variants that should be dropping in the next couple of weeks or whatnot. It looks like we're going to be seeing at least three different colored bats, around four colored bees, and three colored rabbits. It's unclear if all of these skins will be in just one bundle, so for example, you see one bundle that features three different bat variants.

I'm not sure if that cost more than 2400 Cod points, but it looks like the wo bundle is definitely one peck. So I'm going to guess you're going to get all colored variants in one bundle alone, maybe with limited content for the rest of the bundle, such as maybe just one or two blueprint tops, and then not much else.

Who knows how much they're going to charge for these, but that's what we know so far for those other colored variants now.

Winter 141 operator skins confirmed for s3r??

Winter 141 operator skins confirmed for s3r??

Notice how I mentioned there's brand new skins coming for our one-on-one operators, like Price Ghost Far. I believe that's confirmation, and really our only official confirmation that we're going to be seeing those win-win 141 skins here in the second half of season 3. We got to see a very clear glimpse of them in the season 3 cinematic.

I highly doubt they'll save those for season 4. I mean, why do they also show them in the season 3 promo marketing? but then again they have been showing that campaign soap skin quite a bit in recent trailers and blog post images, so maybe that just confirms that the winter one for one skins drop at any time, but I'm going to guess because new skins were data mind for them, we're going to be seeing these in the next couple of weeks, but based on the list that did leak out, and if that is accurate, we should be seeing about 24 new operators skins throughout the duration of the last half of season 3.

mw3 bal 27 camos

I'll be covering all those new bundles that do leak out, and as they do release beginning next week after May 1st.

New warrior skin & challenge event revealed

I wanted to mention the warrior skin really quickly because this is an operator that was released exclusively with the Cod endowment bundle during the launch window of Modern Warfare 3.

A new skin for warrior is dropping with reloaded, and it is tied to an event, and we'll talk about that in about 30 seconds, but as you guys can see on screen right here in the recent blog post before reloaded, we could see what looks like the new warrior skin. Now this skin wasn't really marketed at all in the blog, and you could see a really cool eyepiece on the operator himself.

Warrior, I think his name is Ben, and it looks pretty damn cool. I think it's one of the nicer-looking skins that we can see in this blog post, but this is tied to the brand new UAV event. Now this is a Cod endowment event to celebrate military appreciation month, and this will last for May 8th to May 22nd, unfortunately.

FREE Operator Skins, NEW Challenge Event SNEAK PEEK Modern Warfare 3 - Season 3 Reloaded Update.
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